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Warnings: Supernatural themes, mild-to-light bad language

Author's notes: Having never actually had much prior knowledge of this fandom, this is certainly going to be…interesting. On the other hand, big AU writer here, so lots and lots and lots of space for interpretation. It's all good!

Good grief, yet another fusion. Yet another psychic panorama. What can I say? At least I'm consistent. This is a fusion with the movie Push, in which I've borrowed (okay, downright stole) quite a few familiar plot points. But fear not; no actual knowledge of Push is required here, and not much of the Detective Conan canon is either; it's only referenced mildly.

Much, much, much kudos and appreciation to me beta reader, Kudostalker for giving up precious time to ferret out all my various mistakes. Thanks heaps! One major mistake with a key character name is now a thing of history. You're the best! Mistakes and mischaracterizations are all mine.

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Prologue: Basement Steps

Saguru swept the rain drenched hair out of his eyes and clenched his teeth, bitter taste filling his mouth as he was cornered, wordlessly snarling at his assailants as he chose to defy and fight right to the end. He could hear bullets coming from the scaffolding, rattles rather than blasts. Automatics…he hoped Hattori and Conan were both alright. He couldn't believe he'd gotten them mixed up in this. He couldn't believe they had come…willingly. Even now, at the edge, it was hard to imagine anyone really caring.

"You will give that to me," she said, her catlike face almost amused.

Out of the corner of his eye, Saguru saw a familiar figure dancing and leaping from rooftop to scaffold to gutter to rooftop with inhuman grace of a demon in the flesh, moving with all speed and no concern for safety, defying death with every step, every breath. As Kaitou spun briefly in profile, Saguru could see the familiar shape of the card gun ready in his hands.

Saguru turned back to them, and answered her smirk with one of his own. "My apologies, madam. I cannot acquiesce to your charming request."

Saguru took no little joy in the pure shock that bloomed across her attractive face, her cold, heartless eyes. It was a joy straight off the poker table, the utter delight taken in an enemy suddenly realizing that you held the spare ace all along and the chips were all down.

The guns had stopped, and the ear splitting screaming…Saguru could only hope, – an action he'd never had a moment's patience for normally – that Conan-kun's inestimable luck and Hattori's stubbornness and skill had saved them. Yes, the chips were down, it was all riding on one last, frail gambit.

He jabbed the needle in his arm, already feeling cold and sluggish. His strength was draining like someone had pulled a plug. "Are you having a little trouble?" he asked her, her face a furious picture of frustration and concentration both. "So sorry to disappoint."

"Saguru, no!" came the yell, and cards fanned past his cheeks, leaving bloody slices and outraged cries as they curved and rifled with astonishing precision.

But everything was slipping away now – sound went first, taste and smell were gone before he realized he had them, touch only lasted long enough for him to feel the jarring blow of the concrete as it rose to meet him. Saguru stared into the falling rain and struggled for breath, struggled for clarity, fought to think clearly – his brain was the only thing he could really say was his. But even that was abandoning him; and he realized, even as his heart stuttered, that he was deeply afraid. He realized now why people to instinctively reached to clutch the hands to the sick, or injured, or dying, or dead. Saguru, who had always believed that being alone was an asset rather than a hindrance was falling headlong into some dark place and finally, really understood what being alone truly was. He would have given anything, literally anything, to have someone here with him. "I'm afraid. I'm afraid…" he whispered to the darkness, which swept over him suddenly, with no warning, with no way to bargain, or beg, or deny.


Saguru Hakuba, Holmes aficionado, genius, teenage detective, antithesis and opponent to the famous Kaitou Kid, lay in the rain on a rooftop, and died.