A/N: Tomizu is my name for fem!Shisui.


"You're going to make us late for the start of the festival, Tomizu."

Itachi stands in the doorway, watching his best friend apply her make-up.

"I've never been late in my life actually, Itachi."

He decides not to dignify that with a response and moves to stand behind her. Their eyes meet in the mirror and he sees the subtle request in hers.

"You want me to tie your obi for you again."

She gives him a pleading look.

"You know that it takes me hours..."

He sighs but he's already started doing it, moving the cloth in a pattern that he could do in his sleep by now. Tomizu teases him that he already has, saying that she woke up once and found him standing over her, a perfectly tied obi in his hands. He doesn't believe her claim as he knows perfectly well that he doesn't sleepwalk. It tends to be rather fatal for shinobi after all.

"You only keep me around to do this, don't you?" he asks dryily.

She grins unrepentantly.

"I knew they called you a genius for a reason."

And all of a sudden, he's done and she's finished with her make-up. She stands up and turns around to face him.

"So how do I look?"

He gives her a brief glance.

"Acceptable," he allows.

She pouts.

"I'm hurt. Surely with all this time and effort, I deserve more than that."

"...You're acting as if I were your boyfriend."

She gives him a long look before sighing.

"You might be more than that one day."

He thinks he might have gaped at her for a split-second before he realises what she's talking about.

"That is only an idea at the moment."

She looks like she's going to disagree but then Sasuke bursts in, demanding to know why they're taking so long, he wants to go to the festival already and Itachi completely forgets the subject.

Inspired by wondering about how genderbending one or even both of them would alter the dynamics of their relationship. If you're wondering what she's referring to, let's just say the elders like the idea of little prodigy babies even if they don't.

Tomizu's name comes from the alternate reading of the two kanji that make up still/stagnant water which is one meaning of Shisui.