A/N: Right now if you googled: Ohio weather for today. You will understand where I got the idea for this story. If you don't want to I will just say right now there is probable a foot of snow outside. It went all the way up to my calve when I went outside. So on with the story.

Snow Days

When Christmas break came around Condor Studios, Sonny was thrilled. Her mom had told her that they would be heading back home to Wisconsin over the break. But at the last minute Connie's work needed her and her mom told her she could take one of her new friends instead. The only problem no one wanted to go from the warm weather of California to the cold chill of Wisconsin.

Feeling upset about none of her cast mates wanting to go with her she somehow had told Chad about the trip. Expecting him to say the same thing as everybody else was surprised when he said that he would go with her.

So finally after enduring her family about if they were dating and the cold weather, they finally made it to the last day of the trip. But before they could even make it to the airport and snow storm had hit stranded them by themselves at Sonny's house.

Not being used to snow, Chad was freaking out about everything.

"Chad, will you just sit still. Everything is going to be fine, if you just sit down." Sonny said, clearly annoyed about Chad pacing around the house for about the fifth time.

"And it won't be okay if I don't sit down?" Chad said, barely sitting on the chair right across from Sonny at the kitchen table.

"Well, if you don't sit down I will have to kill you. You are driving me crazy. The snow isn't going to go away just because you keep looking out the window every few minutes."

"It's just I want to get out of here. What if we get stuck here and die out here and no one knows where we are?"

"Well, then I guess you will just get eaten by wild dogs." Sonny said, earning a glare from Chad, who was up again looking out the window. "Relax we are going to be fine. Mom keeps enough food in here to last us a few months."

"Months! You think we are going to be in for a few months! I need to be back in California a week after the new year! Mackenzie Falls can not go on with there Mackenzie!" Chad said, he had a panic look in his eye.

Sonny finally got up from her seat and went of to her panic friend (If he was even that, she couldn't tell. One day they were cool, the next ripping each other heads off.). "Chad relax. We are going to be fine. I went threw a few blizzards in my life and I haven't died yet." Sonny said, placing a hand on his arm which relaxed him a bit. Chad made his way across the kitchen and sat down in a chair again.

"So, what exactly do you do in this kind of situation? Cable is out and there isn't anything to do."

"We could play a game."

"Spin the bottle." Chad said, smirking at her. Sonny just rolled her eyes.

"Get real Chad. What about truth or dare?"

"To Childish. 20 questions? I was thinking Munroe…"

"Now there's a shocker." Sonny said.

"Hush! I was thinking that we have worked in the same building for all most six months and I really don't know anything about you." Chad said, not meeting Sonny's eye.

Sonny smiled upon hearing this. So he wanted to get to know her. Hopefully it was in a good way and not lets use this against her kind of thing.

"You know, Cooper that sounds like a good idea. 20 questions it is." Sonny said, earning a true smile from Chad which made her blush a bit.

There was no hiding the fact that Sonny had a itty bitty crush on Chad. Even though everyone else thought that it was something a whole lot bigger. Her mom had even went out to say that Sonny was falling in love with the boy, earning her to be called 'nuts in the head' by a very upset Sonny. Even her old senile grandmother saw it, and she thought that it was still 1945. She even went out to give Sonny her old engagement ring, earning a very jealous Connie, to go on a rant to why her mother wouldn't give her it when she and Sonny's dad gotten married.

"So, fire away Munroe. I'm your open book." Chad said.

The only problem is that Sonny really didn't know what to ask him.