Snow Days: Epilogue 2


Sonny could hear shuffling around outside her and Chad's bedroom door. Looking at the clock she could see that it was around 7AM and the kids should be awake at anytime. Snuggling closer to Chad, who was still sound asleep, she heard the door of their bedroom creak open.

"Mommy!" Came a small voice from the doorway. "Mommy!" Sonny lifted up to see her two-year old daughter, Hailey Nichole standing in the doorway.

"What is it Hailey?"

"Well, if you can wake Daddy up, I bet you that he will get you something to eat." Sonny said, glancing over at Chad, who was smirking. This was a daily thing between Hailey and Chad. Sonny watched as Hailey climbed up on the bed and up onto Chad's chest. Getting as close as she could to Chad's face, she poked him in the face a few times.

"Daddy! Daddy wake up!" Hailey said. Doing this a more times beforeā€¦

"BLEH!" Chad said, before scooping up his squealing daughter.

Hailey was the youngest of the Cooper clan. She wasn't planned, but Chad and Sonny love her just the same. Not knowing what to name her, they just grabbed and baby name book and pointed. Sonny is just glad that she got a normal name, and she also can't believe she went along with that plan.

There oldest daughter Alexandria Rose or Alex was four. After Selena Gomez gloated that it was partly her fault that they gotten together, Sonny thought that it was fair enough that they named there first daughter after them. Chad fought her for that, saying that he hated the name Selena. So the compromised and named her after Selena's character off of 'Wizards of Waverly Place'.

There oldest were Drake Andrew and Blake Anthony, and both were six. Sonny and Chad were surprised to find out that both of the grandfather's names rhymed and Sonny thought that they would be a good twin name. The boys both were in kindergarten but were on break for the holidays.

Sonny and Chad were both on break from there movie shoot, and was heading up to Wisconsin. This would be the first time that both of them had been up there since they gotten snowed in, ten years earlier. Sonny's mom had just sold her childhood home, and they were meeting the new owners there.

"So, my mom is supposed to here in about an hour to pick up the boys. And Tawni called said that it would be easier for us just to drop off Alex and Hailey, then her coming her." Sonny said, after everyone got sat down at the breakfast table.

"So, I get to stay at Aunt Tawni's and Uncle Nico's while you and Daddy are away?" Alex said, while scooping up her food with her fingers.

"Alex use you fork, please." Chad said.

"You like going over to Tawni and Nico's?" Sonny asked her daughter.

"I like playing with Addie." Addie was Nico and Tawni's youngest daughter and was the same age as Alex. They had an older daughter, Callie, which were two days older then the twins. Tawni always joked around saying that Callie was going to marry one of the twins, making them family.

About five hours later Sonny and Chad was pulling in the driveway of Sonny's mom's house in Wisconsin. Sonny glance at the window look at the house.

"It's kind of a shame that mom sold it. But I understand why she did." Sonny said.

"It's nice house. Someone should get some nice use out of it." Chad said, as they walked up the pathway.

"I know. But there are just so many memories here. I am kind of sad to see it go." Sonny said, trying to fight back the tears.

"You go on inside. I'm just going to take a look around." Chad said, taking of towards the barn.

Sonny made her way into the house. She couldn't believe how much had changed since the last time she sat foot in this place. Her and Chad had just became a couple and neither on knew what was ahead for them. Hearing her phone moo (yes, she still uses that as a ring tone), she checked her phone to see a text from Chad saying that the owners had arrived. Sonny made her way back to the front door when she heard knocking, and wondered why Chad didn't just let them come on in. But was surprised her the most was that Chad was the only person on the other side of the door.

"Hi, I'm Chad Dylan Cooper, the new owner of this house." Chad said, causing Sonny to look at him like he was nuts.

"What do you mean that you are the new owner of this house? Are you saying that you bought this house?"

"Well, you have been mopping around the house ever since your mom said she was selling it. I thought that you would want it." Chad told her

Sonny grabbed Chad pulling him towards her. "That has to be the sweetest thing that you have ever done for me, and trust me there is a lot of sweet things you have done."

"You have made me one big softy." Chad said.

"Yeah, but at least you're my softy." Sonny said, pulling him in for a kiss.

The next morning as Sonny was making her way to the kitchen she had glanced out the window gasping at what she saw. "Just great."

"Oh, look snow." Chad said, looking at the 18 inches of fresh snow that lay on the ground.

"It's just like it was the last time we were here." Sonny said.

"But there is one thing that we can do now, we couldn't do then." Chad said, pushing Sonny up against the window.

"And what's that?" Sonny said giggling, as Chad nuzzled her neck.

"Want to try for baby number five?"

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