Dark Ages

Konan looks out the window. It's a Sunday and it's just begun to rain. Right on schedule, she thinks and remembers that Yahiko had hated rain.

Nagato-Yahiko-Pein will be sitting on the statue's tongue, a god surveying his domain. But at the same time, he will be in the tower, thinking. It's a strange disconnect. But then isn't the ability to be in more than one place at once a quality often ascribed to gods?

The way he does it sparks something in her. He should not be there, not wearing that face. She can appreciate the sick irony of it though. The one who wanted to stop it could not but now someone wearing his face can turn it on and off whenever he pleases. But then this is what gods do and Yahiko had been very mortal.

She turns away from the window. Yahiko had hated rain.

This was me thinking about the fact that Yahiko-Pein could control rain but Yahiko couldn't.