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Or you can go die in a hole like Will Smith.

Basically, in this book there was a picture of a man in a hole, who looked like Will Smith. And my mate always says 'Go Die in a Hole', so we now have a strange insult thingy.

If you haven't read And You Thought You Were Different, I suggest you do because this will probably make no sense to you otherwise!

Enjoy my readers!


*** In the coffee house ***

Emma: … I told him that if he only wanted me for sex he'd never see me again.

Ismay: so did he only want you for sex?

Emma: yes. Which is why you haven't seen him for three years.

Hatsyetta: so, where's Taylor?

Jacob: where have you been? Lucy's moving out today.

Karis: god, how is he?

Jacob: bad. His wife's a lesbian and they've known each other for ages!

Hatsyetta: runs in the family, doesn't it?

Emma: how?

Hatsyetta: remember? Ross…Carol...Susan…Ben…

Emma: but Ross is my dad. I think…….I hope……oh my god my mum's a slut!

Karis: yes he is, but you're not a man. Otherwise you'd be gay yourself.

Ismay: all I can say is, you guys are lucky you don't have my family. My mum is a neat-freak, my dad's obsessed with porn, my brother married a lezzie and I have a gay granddad!

Karis: look, mum won't let any of us even touch meat!

Hatsyetta: too bad the pizza with pepperoni wasn't veggie!

Jacob: mum's gonna freak when she finds out.

Hatsyetta (menacingly): if you tell her I will shove your face up your ass!

Emma: Hatsyetta, Jane's gonna announce your name next. You better get up. Any idea what you're gonna sing?

Hatsyetta: I'll think of something.

Karis: good luck!

Jane: give it up for Hatsyetta Hannigan!


Hatsyetta: thank you. This is a song my mum used to sing every time our cat did a poop.

*everyone laughs*

'Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, what are they…..

* The window smashes and a girl runs through*

Girl: Mike! Monica! Rachel! Phoebe! Oh pheebs! *hugs Hatsyetta*

Hatsyetta: no, not pheebs, Hatsyetta

Girl: what?

Hatsyetta…Phoebe's daughter?

Emma: and Rachel's daughter?

Ismay: Monica's daughter?

Jacob: Mike's son?

*Taylor walks in and the girl looks very confused*

Taylor: hey guys.

Girl: Chandler?

Taylor: no, Chandler's depressed son.

Girl: why are you depressed? Oh, right.

Taylor: hey, I know you! I think. Are you the girl who snogged me in fifth grade?

Girl: can anyone take me to see phoebe, mike, Monica, Rachel, Ross, chandler, Joey or even Mr Heckles? Wait, not Mr Heckles, he's dead. the others?

Karis: look, I'll take you up to see my mum if you really want.

Girl: oh, could you?

Hatsyetta: yeah, sure. Ismay'll pay.

Ismay: uh, no! You owe me $45 already!

Karis: yea, but she'll pay you back once she gets her Record Deal.

Ismay: which will be never.

Hatsyetta: do you want me to kill you?

Ismay: I'm good.

* In the cab*

Emma: so…why dya wanna see mum and dad so much?

Girl: well….we've known each other since you were born.

Karis: that's impossible! You're younger that us.

Taylor: waaaaaaay younger.

Girl: look, you're parents'll….wait! were here? They still live here?

Ismay: mum, dad and Joey do. Ross and Rachel live across the street and Mike and Phoebe live three blocks away.

Girl: they never move, do they?

Emma: no, let's go.

*they walk up the stairs and knock on Monica's door*

Monica (opening the door): yes? *see's the girl* OMG! Guys, it's Alex!

Chandler: look, you said the pizza girl was Alex *see's Alex* oh.

Joey: LEXY! *runs into her and gets a nose bleed* oh. Forgot.

Alex: it's fine. I have better self-control.

Emma: MUM! There's someone who wants to see you.

Rachel: look, if it's that girl selling cookies…*see's Alex* Oh My God.

Alex: look, I came to ask a favour.

Monica: sit down, I'll get everyone here and we'll talk.

Alex: ok. Wait…you changed the cushions.

Chandler: well, we had to because she almost killed Joey literally minutes after you left.

Ismay: why?

Monica: because of him you're first word was fuck and you're first sentence was 'what the fuck I want a strippler'.

Ismay: a strippler?

Chandler: I reckon you were trying to say 'What the Fuck I want a stripper.'

Taylor: boy. Better then my first words!

Hatsyetta: what were you're first words?

Taylor: mommy. And sentence 'mommy dada did poopie'

Emma: that's still pretty good!

Alex: look, I came to ask you something, not hear what you're first words where.

* 2 minutes later the gang and kids are all crowded round the table*

Phoebe: so, what was it you wanted?

Alex: well…I was wondering if I could stay here, Monica. I kinda have no-where to live at the moment.

Chandler: why?

Alex: well….me and my boyfriend… well…

Joey: had sex, yea.

Alex: I thought I was the mind reader! Well…he was like me. Like, like me.

Mike: aaaah.

Ross: as in, a…

Alex: just the v one. But, yea. And... well…*starts 'crying' as she can't cry*

Rachel: honey, don't cry! Tell us.

Emma: it can't be that bad!

Alex: It's the worse it can get.

Phoebe: worse than being……

Alex: way worse. *still 'crying'*

Monica: well, what is it?

Alex: well…I'm *sniff* I'm…*sniff* I'm pregnant.

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