Beep! Beep! Beep!my alarm went off in a steady beat.I slowly and gracefully got up and out of my bed while my bed sheets were half on and half off the bed.I tended to be a wild sleeper but you couldn't blame would you do if your 16Th birthday also turned out to be your wedding day as well?That's someting you probably wouldn't think about but i had to since i am 15,today is November 8Th, and my birthday(or my worst nightmare)is November 11Th.I not the usual type to be very stressed because before my father told me the horrible news i was a happy go lucky right, a princess.A pretty spoiled one too or so Ive been told by my life's not like that anymore especially since my dad(the king)has gone off to war and isn't expected to be back until the end of name is Namine Soto and this is my life as a princess.

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