AN: My friend gave me this idea in school. This is just the prologue a preview. I want to see how this goes before i write more. I have 2 chapters done (in my math notebook )so tell me what you think plz. Comment and give me your honest thoughts.

Tamaki was always different from the other hosts. He was always so full of life and yet was easy to upset. He could charm any woman with out barley trying. His past wasn't as bright and happy as he is. Of course every host had something unique and different about them. But what makes Tamaki different would shock everyone.

It was Friday afternoon and the host club was now closed. Hunny and Mori were walking to their limo. Haruhi was gathering her things. The twins, waling the last customer to the door. Kioya was closing his laptop. Tamaki, he was practically dancing around and going on and on, on what an amazing day today was.

"Another successful day my fellow hosts." He sang.

"Latter boss" the twins said in perfect harmony as they walked out the door.

"If I don't leave now I'll miss the bus." Haruhi said in a hurry running out the door.

"Daughter wait." Tamaki called but she was out of sight. Disappointed he resides to his emo corner and sulked.

"Tamaki, we have to go." Kioya said. But Tamaki didn't respond. "Okay then, you can sit here all you want. Just remember to lock the door before you leave." He said leaving the key on the pillar next to the door where a vase of roses rested. Kioya walked out and closed the large pink door with a soft click.

Tamaki looked over his shoulder and sighed. He got up and looked around the now empty music room. He listened carefully and the only people he could hear were the cleaning crew on the upper floor.

With another sigh he walked toward the hall full of lockers. He opened his and moved his books out of the way. He reached into the back for a medium black box. He took out the box and set it on the floor. Tamaki sat in front of the box and unlocked it. He took a shaky breath before he opened the box.

Inside the small black box were 5 bags of O positive blood. Usually Tamaki would never have such things with him. But things changed. He picked up the first bag and it sloshed in his hand. He breathed another shaky breath and his eyes began to turn from a clear crystal blue to crimson red. His breath quickened and his k-nine teeth extended and sharpened. With a low throated growl he pierced the bag with one of his incisors and began to suck the blood from the hole.

He drank the blood bag dry not slipping a drop on his uniform. He threw his head back trying to get every last drop and when there was nothing left, he threw the empty bag to the floor and began panting deeply. He quickly reached for another bag and proceed with the same routine. He did this until there were no bags left.

He sat there staring at the now empty box and empty bags next to him. "What's happening to me?" he asked to no one. This all started just this week. He started feeling odd, and always thirsty no matter how much water he drank. Then when he was walking into the kitchen for yet another, water he smelled something slightly appealing. He turned around and saw the chefs cooking. They had containers of fresh bloody meat next to them. Tamaki ordered them out and approached the meat. He picked it up, and that's when his fangs approached and he knew what to do. He tilted the container and drank the blood.

He snapped out of his day dream and put away the empty box and bags. Then with another sigh he turned to walk out the door.