This is my first story! hope you like it!

The Assignment

Chad was in the cafeteria by himself and Sonny was with her So Random castmates by a table the opposite side of the room eating their lunch.

He was suppose to be doing a school assignment on his laptop, but instead he was making a list of things he disliked and liked about Sonny.

What I dislike about you (Sonny)

I don't like................

1. When you always win our fights

2. When you barge in my studio without an invitation while I'm filming

3. When you neglect you like me (who doesn't like me? I'm CDC)

4. That you made me kiss a pig (gross!)

5. That your always cute (stupid cute)

6. That you call me names (like jerkthrob, CDC doesn't deserve to be called that)

What I like about you (Sonny)

I like..............................

1. Your chocolate brown eyes

2. Your silky brown hair

3. Your cheerful personality

4. Your acting ( I can't believe I just admitted that)

Chad was about to add more things he liked about Sonny but he noticed her coming towards him,so he closed his list about Sonny and proceeded to

do his school assignment.

What he didn't know was that, when he was in such a hurry to close the list about Sonny that he accidently sent it to her.

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