i had writers block im so sorry! and my kitty has been sick lately :'( she is a little better now here is the next chapter you have all been waiting for!

"Well I was wondering if...you actually even like this movie?" says Sonny.

"This is my first time watching it's okay so far! Especially the giant rats!" Chad said with amusement.

"You like that part? I think it's so creepy and scary!" said Sonny

"But isn't it great when he saves her and kills the rat?" asks Chad with confusing

"Oh yea that is so nice of him! That is one special girl to have such a good friend like him! Don't u think?" said Sonny

"Ahem I'm your good friend am I not?" said a wondering Chad

"Sometimes when your in a good mood! But well... I don't want to say it because you will just deny it!" said Sonny.

"You need to tell me. NOW!" shouted Chad

"And what happens if I don't?"

"I will...TICKLE YOU!" Chad yells while jumping on her bed and starts tickling her.

"Chad. No. Stop. Please. I'm sick." Sonny tries saying while laughing in between each word.

Oh yeah i forgot sorry" says a disappointed Chad. When Sonny looks back at the TV and Sonny says

"Oh my gosh Chad! You made me miss the best part!"

"And what part would that be?"

"The part when they escape the castle!"

"Oh well sorry! but I think tickling you was way more fun"

"Yea. Sure. Whatever you say Chad." Sonny says with sarcasm. Chad looks at his watch and says

"Oh its 1AM I should go. Do you need anything before I leave?"

"No I'm good thanks but Chad isn't it too late for you to drive home?"

"Ill be okay"

"You can sleep on the couch in the living room if you want?"

"Are you sure Sonny?"

"Yea I'm sure the blankets are in the coat closet and here use my extra pillow." Sonny says and throws an extra pillow at his face.

"Fine!" Chad says.




"Good night Sonny!"

"Night Chad! And don't let the couch bugs bite?"

"You have couch bugs?"

"NO! It's an expression!" Sonny says laughing. "Like bed bugs but since your sleeping on the couch their couch bugs." Sonny says laughing.

"Oh that's good because you scared me for a minute there! I was about to ask if I can sleep on the floor instead!"

"See you in the morning Chad!" Sonny says laughing.

"Okay if you say so." Chad says walking away.

Hope you liked it ill hopefully be writing more often! :-D