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By Silver Sailor Ganymede

"Why can't he just accept the fact that I'm in love with her?"

Narcissa put down the newspaper she had been trying to read for the past hour and finally looked at her grandson. She had thought that she would be able to ignore his incessant ranting, but this latest outburst was just too much to take.

"Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, you will quieten down and listen to me."

Needless to say he did. Scorpius may have tended not to listen to his parents or his grandfather, but he did everything his grandmother told him – probably because she had spoiled him as a child even more than she had done to his father.

"I do not care if you think you're in love with Rose Weasley. You're not," she said sternly.

"Why? Because I'm too young to understand what love is?" Scorpius asked, looking as though he could barely resist the urge to roll his eyes.

"No, you're not going to get involved with the Weasley girl simply because you're not," Narcissa replied. "And be careful to stay away from Lily Potter as well."

She had evidently managed to catch Scorpius' attention with this comment. "What in Merlin's name would I want to go anywhere near Lily Potter for? I love Rose."

"And if you know what's best for both of you then you'll stay away from her. Women named after flowers have always brought bad luck to the Malfoys."

"Mother's not named after a flower," Scorpius said, narrowing his eyes.

"Your mother wasn't your father's first love, you know," Narcissa replied. Scorpius looked shocked; evidently he had known nothing about this. "He was meant to marry a girl called Pansy Parkinson, but she was badly cursed a short time after the last war ended. Your father had to watch her waste away before his eyes."

Scorpius looked horrified. He shook his head and she could see it written all over his face – he desperately wanted her to be lying but knew that she wasn't.

"What about you? You're named after a flower, sort of, and you've never brought Grandfather any bad luck," Scorpius muttered at last.

"Who do you think introduced your Grandfather to the Dark Lord in the first place?" came Narcissa's reply.

"I know for a fact that that was Aunt Bellatrix, not you."

"Yes, but how do you think Lucius first really got to know my sister?"

Scorpius went totally silent. Evidently he could not think of anything to say.

"Remember this, Scorpius. Flowers may be beautiful, but the more beautiful they are, the more pain they give you when they finally wither away."