Italics – thoughts

Italics – dreams or visions

Disclaimer: I do not now, nor have I ever owned Twilight or any of its characters, Stephanie Meyer does. I wish I did own them though as I wouldn't just stop writing Midnight Sun! And I'd change the pairing. No Jacob in this one.

Authors Note: Please be gentle with me, I have never ever written anything before. This is a femslash story. Don't like? Don't read - Simples!

Fire & Ice: A Perfect Fit

Chapter One

Bella looked at the house in front of her and her heart sank. It had not changed since she was a little girl; except more paint was peeling off and the constant rain had made the house look weathered. Bella couldn't believe she had to leave Phoenix, Arizona for Forks, Washington, but she knew why – her mother. Renee wanted to be with her new husband, Phil, on the road, and Bella was more than happy to stay home alone while they were away. She could look after herself, had done so for years before her mom met Phil. But the City of Phoenix didn't quite see it that way. She was still a minor, albeit only for one more year, and they made Renee decide to either stay home with Bella or let her live with her father. Renee, true to form, couldn't bring herself to say she could stay home so Bella made the decision for her. Renee had always been selfish when it came to her life over Bella's. And now here she was, in Forks, in the freezing cold. Bella put a brave face on for Charlie; she knew he was happy to have her home permanently.

Bella got out of the police cruiser and followed Charlie into the house, dragging her case behind her. I need my own car; I can't be driven around in a police cruiser. Bella was lost in thought as she entered the house. She looked around; it was pretty much a bachelor pad. On the plus side, the kitchen looked as though it had never been used judging by the pristine kitchenware and the huge pile of take-out cartons stacked by the trash can.

"So, uh, you must be tired after the flight and drive," Charlie spoke up quietly. He was by nature a quiet man and not prone to showing affection. He was the Forks Chief of Police, and having his teenage daughter suddenly come to live with him threw him out of his comfort zone. He loved his daughter; he was happy she was there; he just didn't know how to act around her. "Your room is the same one you had when you were a kid; I gave it a lick of paint, added a laptop and some girl stuff..." He trailed off, realising that what he thought a teenage girl needed was not necessarily right.

"Thanks Dad, I'm sure it's fine. I'm gonna go unpack"

"Ok, I'll uh... I'll be here if you need anything," Charlie turned around and headed for the TV.

That was the good thing about Charlie, he didn't hover. Bella headed up to her room, with the sound of a baseball game blaring out of the 50" plasma TV behind her, and threw her bag on the bed. She didn't have much to unpack; her clothes were not suited for Forks so she had left most of them in Phoenix. Ugh, I'll have to go shopping. I wonder how long I can put it off.

Bella noticed the laptop Charlie had gotten her and started it up. She was pleasantly surprised. It was fast, a new-ish model and not a girly colour. Bella left an email for her mom, knowing Renee would not even read it for days. Bella was frustrated at her need to let her mom know she was ok, knowing that Renee could not even put her first. She logged off and looked around her room, it wasn't bad. Charlie had made an effort to clean; she had new sheets and a new dresser Hmm, not bad Charlie

Bella finished unpacking and sorting out her room and when she was done it had gone 11pm. Charlie had long since fallen asleep and Bella suddenly realised how tired she was. She got changed and fell into bed, wondering how she would get on at Forks High. She soon fell into a deep sleep.

"Bella. Bella," A melodic voice was calling her, but she couldn't see where it was coming from. Bella was standing alone in a clearing, surrounded by trees. It was beautiful, the sun was shining and Bella could feel the warmth on her face. "Bella'' The voice had moved from somewhere in the woods and was suddenly right behind her. Bella turned around and froze. She was staring into the most perfect, most gorgeous face she had ever seen. And her eyes – they were a mesmerising gold. "Breathe, my Bella,"My Bella? What the f…? Bella lost all train of thought as the gorgeous pixie-like girl laid an ice cold hand on the back of her neck and leant in to kiss her. Closer, closer, closer…

Beep, beep, beep. The alarm on Bella's cell phone woke her up with a start. What the hell? Bella thought as she struggled to bring her breathing under control. What a gorgeous girl... wait a minute since when do I dream about girls? I really don't need this, not this morning. With that Bella jumped out of bed and started to get ready for her first day at Forks High School. But her thoughts were not on school, they were on the gorgeous pixie from her dream.

Who is she?