They'd come so far from then. Ranma couldn't help reflecting as he ran across rooftops at a breakneck pace.

He and Tendo Akane had finally put aside their collective personality holdbacks and admitted that they not only liked, but loved each other. Soon after, in the true fashion his life seemed to prefer, their wedding was held and successfully completed.

That was two years ago almost to this day. Ranma and Akane were both a whopping nineteen years old… and expecting their first child.

The medium sized white building with the words Tofu Clinic on the sign over the doorway was fast approaching, and Ranma thanked god that Ukyo had managed to find him in time. After the wedding and a year of, mostly, successful marriage between Ranma and Akane Soatome, most of the rivals and fiancées had given up and become family friends.

All except for the amazons and Ryoga, but that was to be expected, lived nearby to the dojo. Ukyo had been the one to find and inform him that his wife was at the hospital, and in labor.

About a month ago they'd gotten a large package in the mail. In broken Japanese it was written on the barrel. –Be well with kitchen-destroyer Airen, above the words Spring-of-Drowned-Man Jusenkyo Water. The celebration had been great between all that could make it, there was even enough to cure Ryoga as well, the next time they saw him.

Ranma still didn't know how to feel about the loss of his curse, it'd been his greatest wish for so long. But, now it felt like something was missing from his life.

Ranma shoved aside the door impatiently and shoved his way to the center of the crowded room.

Akane's face was haggard looking and soaked with sweat, but the dazzling smile aimed at the bundle in her arms threw all that out the window. She was beautiful.

He barely noticed Ukyo enter, panting, behind him and slowly staggered over to his wife and newborn child. Akane pulled back the blanket as he walked up and gave him a softer smile, but didn't say anything as she transferred the baby into his arms.

Ranma gazed down at the face of his wonderful baby girl, but it was the top of her head that drew his attention. A tuft of bright red hair sat on her forehead and as she yawned and opened her eyes dark cerulean glanced up at him.

Akane waited patiently for a reaction and brightened when he chuckled.

Ranma sat and leaned back on the pillows with his two favorite girls in the world.

"She's beautiful, 'Kane."