Control by Nehan Shinzui

A/N: There aren't enough Harry/Peter fics in this fandom! This is my first Spiderman fanfiction ever. Harry/Peter is like my favorite pairing. Peter is so cute! I love sadistic stuff so if you don't like physical or sexual abuse in your fics look elsewhere. I don't promote this type of stuff in real life of course! And if you think I own Spiderman you're not very smart are ya? Hehehe... This is set in the little space before the first movie. Kind of AU I think, but, like I said it's set before the events of the Spiderman movie happened. Possible OOCness, I think.

Summary: Set Pre-Spiderman(the first movie). Control was something he didn't have at home. Norman Osborn controlled every aspect of Harry's life, from his school decisions to who he spoke to. So it only seemed natural for Harry to want to try it out for himself...

Though most people could sense the sadness and frustration that Norman Osborn brought on his son, most couldn't see how angry he was on the inside. Not angry at his father really, more angry at himself. Angry at his failures, angry that he could'nt live up to his father's expectations, that he couldn't do anything to make his father proud of him, no matter what he did. He wished that there was something in his life that he could control, something he could handle himself. In high school, Harry got just that oppurtunity. Detached, aloof, wealthy, he quickly grew popular catching his fair share of flings. He held the composure of the uncaring cool kid that everyone wanted to be around. Harry played with people's minds in a way convincing them all that he was something he wasn't. Even with this accomplished, Harry still felt the need to find someone he could relate to more. Someone who was just as alone as he was.

He met Peter Parker through Gwen Stacy. Sort of. Well, actually, he more like stormed off angrily to see why this snob was hanging out with his girlfriend so much and what the hell was his problem? He had been shocked at Parker's shyness and soon grew fond of the boy. He was very interseting once you got to know him. Peter also saved him from failing classes. Grades were a rather feeble way of garnering his father's shrewd attention but Harry was grateful for Parker nonetheless.

Harry couldn't say he was controlling Peter. And he if he was, he certainly wasn't enjoying it, oh no. And if he was, Peter could've stopped going along with it anytime. Peter was just so accomodating. So polite. So eager to have friends after all the years of constant bullying and harrassement alone. So obedient. But Harry couldn't think of it that way. Peter was just happy that he had someone to help him through his struggles at school. Peter was always so worried about everyone else, from his aunt to other students like Harry that had study problems. Harry didn't understand how anyone could take him for granted. Somedays, Osborn would be a little protective of his friend and a little too controlling, but that was not much to worry about because that only happened on bad days, like when his father treated Harry like....Well, it still wasn't much of a problem. It wasn't like Harry took his frustrations out on Peter or something; and even if he was it wasn't like Harry actually enjoyed it or anything.

They were doing a project together when Peter, distracted by an oncoming Mary Jane spilled an acidic liquid on the table--or maybe it was a base; Harry wasn't the professional on these things. Whatever it was, it was enough to cause Harry to grab Peter by the scruff of the neck and hiss angrily into his ear.

"What the hell are you doing, Peter?"

Peter fumbled with his words for a moment then settled for a meek apology. Harry frowned but continued measuring according to his friend's example. His agitation was too much to control however and he blurted out in a heated murmur, "What were you looking at her for anyway? It's not like she has a nice rack or anything..." Peter turned bright red. He fidgeted in his shy way, adjusting his thick black-framed glasses.

"It isn't anything like that. It's just--she's so nice and really pretty and I've liked her since grade school--you know that." Harry rolled his eyes; the thought of the redhead was making him sick all of a sudden. Cutting his eyes at the topic of their conversation, Harry unconciously wrapped his arm around Peter's waist tightly, pulling him closer.

"Harry, stop it!" Peter gasped loudly. The teacher cut their eyes at them.

"Detention, Parker!" he barked. Peter shrank into his seat.

Harry glared at the teacher. "He didn't do anything." His arm fell off of Peter's waist and he stood up. "Let him off!" The other students began to giggle.

"Aw, how sweet!" Flash smirked. "Harry's defending his boyfriend!" The class erupted and both the teacher and Peter turned a beet-red. Harry tensed and Peter grabbed his wrist.

"Let it go, Harry." he muttered. "You know you're not gay. He doesn't get what it's like to have real friends." Parker tried to smile through his embarassment.

Even he's embarassed by me! Damn you, Peter! The laughter rang in his ears. Anger coursed through his veins and like a great wave rushed through his head.

"Yeah, I know I could never be like you, faggot!"

"You--you too will get a detention, Osborn!" The teacher finally stuttered.

Peter turned an even brighter red, his face crushed and looked down at his desk silently. Now, Harry was sorry immediatly of course, but that didn't stop him from feeling a certain pleasure in the way Peter cowered so easily. Harry slowly sat back down next to his partner. "I'm sorry, Pete." he whispered. Harry shifted a little uncomfortably in his seat, the front of his jeans becoming tented. Harry sweated in anxiety. What was happening to him? "I know how hard things have been at home...with aunt May being a little sick and all..."

Peter sniffled. "I hate it when you take it out on me. We're supposed to be friends."

"We are." Harry protested. He gritted his teeth to stop himself from groaning when his friend looked at him with wounded eyes. It must've been Harry's tone. Peter fiddled with the assignment a bit and took notes on the procedure as Harry's eyes roamed the boy's body and every movement. Something about him was making Osburn aroused like never before. Harry tried to focus but he was throbbing with want at the moment. He smirked.

"But you gotta admit, Pete you've gotta be the fruitiest--"

"Shut up!" Peter hissed angrily. But his voice cracked, dampening the effect. "I--am--not--gay." he pressed on. He snatched the materials from Harry and tried to concentrate on his work. Harry couldn't explain it but he wanted Peter to cry.

"I'm sorry,Pete. Hope aunt May won't die or nothing." Peter stared at him wide-eyed behind his glasses.

"She isn't sick like that." he replied quietly. "How's your dad been treating you?"

"Oh--aww--" Harry made a noise between a moan and a response. He needed to get off and soon! He pressed a hand down on his erection, trying to knead it as unnoticebly as possible under the desk. "He's been--ah--normal." Come on, do something somebody! he thought. As the bell rang, Harry stood up awkwardly attempting to hide his 'situation'. He waddled hastily in front of Peter, who trudged slowly behind him. Seeing up far head, however, prompted Peter to rush up to his side.

He always forgave Harry. That's why they were best friends.

"Peter come here." They were alone one Saturday afternoon at Harry's. The boy's father had just left. Harry could see and understand why Norman was so much more interested in his friend and despite his attempts to ignore it, Harry caught the insinuations that Norman believed Peter would've made a better son. He tried not to resent that fact. Peter sat down next to him on the couch.

"So what's up?" Parker asked quietly. Peter had such a nice voice. It was so soft and quiet and he was so well-spoken. He had great eyes too. They sat quietly for a moment with Harry cocking his head to the side watching Pete sit a little uncomfortably beside him. Harry reached out a hand towards Peter's face brushing a finger against his cheek before hesitating. The young man had been planning this out for a while now, but he wasn't sure how well it had been thought out.

"And that's your problem Harry you don't seem to believe thinking is important." Norman Osborn's voice resonated in his head. Peter's eyes widened in confusion. Harry's eye twitched a little and he tightened his hold on Peter's face now hanging on to him by his ear. Peter now appeared nervous.

"What are you doing?" he asked, his brow furrowing. He tried sliding back a bit but Harry clutched his wrist tightly, holding him down. Harry stood over him, bent down, and kissed Peter fully on the lips, forcing his tongue into his friend's mouth when the person below him gasped. He let his hands start to wander over Peter's body, feeling under his shirt hungrily. Peter tried to say something, but Harry bit his lip, causing his friends protests to be muffled beneath a slight whimper. Peter shook his head violently, wrenching himself out of Harry's clutches. He fell over and landed on the floor. He stood up rapidly, before Harry jumped on him again. "Wha--what are you doing, Harry?'' Peter repeated.

"I..I just wanted to--" Harry paused flustered. He had been so sure...

"I'm not like that!" Peter protested loudly. "I' don't--I..I just--I"m in...I'm in love with MJ...Harry."

Harry felt a pounding in his ears. He could hear his father's voice raging in his mind, the laughing, the demeaning. After all this time, all this time, Peter had thrown all these signs that he was gay. His shy manner, his skittishness, his aversion to most girls in his class, how he was so easily bullied all the time...hell, Harry might've thrown it out there that the boy was even a little effeminate for all he saw. And now Peter fucking Parker was telling him that he was in love with Mary fucking Jane?! He was telling him this now after Harry had come to terms with what he was and after he had got the most incredible boner he'd ever had?! Everyone had always believed that Peter would be the gay one. That Peter would prefer it that way, but no it was Harry motherfucking Osborn that was the faggot; Harry Osborn the so-called womanizing player of the high school they went to. It made him so angry he felt like punching something!

I told you, you're never going to find a real woman with your taste! Bringing around all these sluts that scavenge around for my money. Trying to show them around like it's some type of long time acquaintance. When you finally get some sense in what's supposed to be your head--but what's more like your ass--you'll see to start using these whores for what you need then cutting them loose. Harry clutched his head, starting to see red, now needing to take his frustration out on something--or rather someone right now!

Or maybe it's not these girls--maybe it's just something wrong with your entire preference!

Harry's frustration and anger exploded out of him in a savage outburst. He grabbed Peter once again, slamming him into a wall. "Godammit, Peter Parker!" he yelled. "You just gave me the hardest dick I've ever had and you're going to do something about it right damn now!"

But they didn't get to continue that particular argument that Saturday afternoon. Eyes wide, Peter was quite literally saved by the bell. The loud doorbell rung just before Harry attacked his mouth again, his hands clutching his friend's wrists, and his knee between Peter's legs. Harry panicked slightly, dropping Peter's wrists and skating back from him, crashing into the couch. Looking around nervously and adjusting his pants, Harry began to pace quickly.

"Please don't say anything, Peter." he pleaded. "Please don't say anything--I'm so sorry...I just-just please! You can't say anything about this to anyone!" Peter stared for a moment at his best friend concern etched on his face. After a lengthy pause, Peter gave a hesitant nod. That was enough to make Harry want to rush over and kiss him again, but he restrained himself to answer the door.

It was aunt May stopping by to visit.

Mary Jane scrutinized her two friends later a month or so later at lunch one day. "What's been up with you guys lately?" she asked pointing two fingers at them. Peter glanced at her briefly before looking down and sucking on his straw.

"Pete, there's nothing in there." Mary Jane said in a slightly exasperated tone. She swirled a bit of her flaming red hair for a minute. Harry shrugged.

"Like, what do you mean what's been up with us, MJ?" Harry replied with a small, short laugh. "I don't see much of a difference--do you, Pete?" He nudged aforementioned teenager. Peter gave a small shrug. Mary Jane placed her hand on the table roughly causing their trays to jiggle and slide. She was now practically jabbing her finger in both of their faces.

"Like, it's like you two have completely changed in the last month or so! Harry you used to be so...nonchalant so...uncaring--now you're like the most laidback person ever! I've been trying to learn your secret so I could stop stressing about every little thing. What is it you're taking some type of therapy?" Peter's eyes shot up to hers nervously, clutching at his neck lightly, then gave a hasty glance at Harry who smirked a little.

Peter was being pounded into the matress. Harry bit into his neck, breaking the skin and drawing blood causing the person below him to yell. Harry vented all his frustrations into Peter, not caring how rough he was, actually trying to draw as much blood as possible. The headboard slammed repeatedly into the wall as the bed quaked under the pressure of their bodies. He plunged deeper and deeper into Peter, lifting the boy's waist up to gain easier access. Harry kissed him fully on the mouth, biting down on Peter's tounge. Peter screamed into his mouth causing Harry to groan in ecstasy and pound harder into him. He moved from his mouth to Parker's shoulder licking it and groaning into the shorter's ear. Blood trickled from his friend's mouth and Osborn smiled.

"And you, Pete." MJ sighed. "You were just starting to come out of your little shell! And now you're so timid that if Harry and I didn't make you, you wouldn't speak to anyone at all. I mean--" she lowered her voice. "Everything's okay at home, right? Nothing's going wrong with your aunt or anything?" MJ looked really worried.

Harry licked off the tears and blood from the orphan's eyes and lips hungrily. He swallowed the moans of pain Peter tried to issue as his thrusts became brutally violent and fast, his fingers quickly leaving large purple bruises on Peter's hips. Harry had had a very shitty day and he had to let it out somewhere. It's not like he enjoyed it. He ripped himself out of Peter savagely. Harry snatched the thinner up by his hair and looked him in the eyes. Those wonderful eyes... "You incompetent little worm! You can't do anything I tell you right! Stop trying to impress me and do something worthwhile for once! Why can't you be more like Parker! Keep your mouth shut for once, why don't you?" Harry was now ranting, spittle flying from his mouth onto Peter's miserable face.

Peter shook his head. Mary Jane placed her hand on his. "I'm just really worried about you, Pete." Peter tried to smile at her but noticed the way Harry was glaring at their hands even if MJ didn't. He slid his hands from under hers, gently, biting his lip.

"It's nothing MJ," he said quietly. "Really. I guess I've just been tired lately." Mary Jane gave a small frown at him, then nodded.

"If you say so. But you were never this tired before..."

He swung Peter on the floor and on his knees and between his legs. He stuck a finger in Peter's mouth forcing it open before shoving his thick pre-cumming member into it despite Peter's feeble and weak protests. He proceded to viciously fuck Peter's mouth causing his friend to choke and tears to slide down his face once again. "Do something right for once, Harry!" Harry shouted. The control was like a never-ending sex pill that consumed and turned him on beyond belief. And the fact that Peter was so obedient made Harry feel as though he never had to worry again about losing a night of sleep worrying about the cutting words that dug into his he didn't have to be angry at himself anymore because Peter was there...Peter would always be there....

Wouldn't he? And the thought that he wouldn't only made Harry more savage in his pursuit of even more control.

The bell rang, interuppting MJ mid-thought. They stood up, Peter slightly limping but restraining himself so as not to worry the girl that was supposed to be the love of his life. Halfway to Harry and Peter's chemistry class MJ split, giving Harry the oppurtunity he'd been hoping for. Grabbing Pete's wrist he steered him into one of the empty classrooms by the bathroom. He pushed him against the chalkboard rather roughly, and kissed Peter on the lips, but not harshly--softer this time. He still held onto the orphan's wrist. Peter sighed and prepared himsellf for some sort of onslaught.

"I thought you weren't going to do anything to upset me Pete." Harry muttered. "You said you wouldn't--you promised me..."

"I'm sorry, Harry. I didn't mean to--"

"Yes you did! You let her touch you and hold your hand and you looked at her and--"

"I swear it wasn't like that!" Peter pleaded. "It was just an--"

"What did I tell you about fucking interrupting me Parker!?"

Peter clammed up instantly. Harry smiled reassuringly. "That's better, Pete." He stroked the boy's chin. "I just don't wan't you to get hurt by her. I mean--" Harry sighed. "MJ's a great girl and all but when it comes right down to it--girls only want material things. And in any case, how long do you think you guys would last before she got tired of you and moved on to someone else?" Peter shook his head.

"No," Peter muttered weakly. "No, no, MJ's not like that--she...she wouldn't do something like that! She's a really nice person and she--"

Harry gave a small laugh. "Sure, Pete. But again, how long do you think she'll be interested in your little wide eyed gestures. She won't think you're cute for long, Peter. I mean, once you get rich off of being some big-shot scientist or whatever she might get interested--"

"Harry, stop it please!" Peter almost shouted. The other's hand tightened on his wrist and Harry leaned into the crook of Peter's shoulder and slid his tongue up to Peter's ear.

"'re getting me frustrated." Harry whispered huskily into the boy's ear. "You know how I get when I'm...frustrated." Peter groaned and started to struggle for a moment. It never amounted to anything. It only gave Harry another reason to get upset.

"Why are you always fighting me?" Harry asked. "It makes me hate myself when you don't like me, Peter. It makes me so sad..." He flipped Peter around until he was bending over a desk. "Well, don't worry." Harry loved physical therapy--it helped him release so much tension. "After this I'll be going to a meeting with my father after school. That should be enough therapy to make me forgive you Peter."

Harry couldn't say he was controlling Peter. It was just that he and Peter held a a special type of bond where Harry could just--let his best friend share all of his frustrations with and all of his pain. Peter made Harry happy. Peter could've stopped him anytime. It wasn't like Harry was intimidating him or threatening him, right? And even if he was it wasn't like he enjoyed it or anything. Oh, no, no. It was just control therapy.

A/N: Um, okay. I'm kinda iffy on how I feel about this. There are too many fluffy slash-fics in this fandom. Bleh. I enjoyed this and I hope that you did! I may write another chapter to this in Peter's POV and I'm eager to see what you'd think about that!


And as you can see I revised it a little bit and made it longer with more details. Idk if Harry was OOC in the beginning but I read on Wikipedia that Harry was popular or at least had Gwen Stacy as a girlfriend in the comic and that he met Peter through her was a little movieverse and a little comicbookverse but I've read more about the comic than I've actually read the comic. Thank God for Wikipedia. I was rushing when I read the Wiki article so my info may be a bit faulty. My friend is getting me into comics and shat. I was just watching the movie and I thought about how much I love Peter and how fun it would be to torture him! :) I also read that Norman didn't like his son because his wife died giving birth to him and that he spoiled him but didn't give him emotional attention. So I figured that since Harry was a spoiled brat kinda who wasn't given any proper love and attention, making him this possessive controlling would be a good move. A little cliche though, right? And I was trying to say that Harry's attraction to Peter stems from Peter being such an emotional character and that appears to be what Harry yearns for and....well it's something like that. I can't explain it all that great but I do hope you enjoyed it better the second time around and I hope that everything was a little clearer. I still haven't decided on whether or not I'm going to add a second chapter but I haven't been able to see if I've gotten any comments yet since my Internet's down so...

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