Outtake #4: The Honeymoon

Author Note: Hey guys. I know some of you are shocked to see me writing another outtake for this story and some of you knew about it. Well I was supposed to be posting the first chapter of Summertime in Forks today, but I got too overwhelmed. I still needed rest from writing all of those Jacob's Garage pages.

BUT I have pushed out one final lemon for you guys. This will be the first night of Jacob and Bella's honeymoon.

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I lit a few more candles, trying to make the room complete for Bella when she came out of the bathroom. I pulled my shirt off, and shoved it into my suitcase, then took a seat on the bed. The room was perfect.

I heard the bathroom door open and Bella walked out slowly. When I saw her I had to gasp.

Her chocolate brown eyes were full of lust and focused on mine, but her body...fuck! She wore a lacy pair of black boy shorts that barely covered her thighs, a push up bra that barely concealed her breasts, and a see through black robe that covered it all. Her hair hung down flat, but beautiful. I couldn't help myself. I instantly smiled and walked over to her.

"Your making me hungry," I growled in her ear.

She shivered and leaned in to kiss me. "Am I now?"

"You are." I started pulling her hand toward the bed. "And because I'm hungry...I was hoping you'd be my little snack tonight."

She smiled my favorite shy little grin. "Depends on what you mean by that."

I kissed her again and then pulled back to look her over again. I slipped off her robe. "Lay on the bed."

"Dominant again?" she asked, raising one eyebrow.

"A little," I confessed.

She spread her pretty body across the bed and put her arms above her head. I positioned myself on top of her and started kissing her neck.

She sighed. "Oh Jacob..."

I let my hands slide over her sides and midriff as I worked my magic on her neck, getting her warmed up for foreplay.

"Are you ready?" I asked her.

She nodded a little nervously.

I climbed off the bed and reached into the mini fridge in the corner. I peeked behind me to find her staring at me.

"No peeking Mrs. Jacob Black, or I'll have to tie you up. And I don't want to do that. Not...tonight anyway."

She laid back down and placed her arms above her head.

I smiled to myself and grabbed what I needed out of the fridge.

When I walked back over to her, her eyes looked fearful almost. "Don't be scared," I said, placing my materials on the bed. "This is going to feel so good."

She smiled and relaxed her body.

I spread her legs and reached up to remove her bra, she held perfectly still, just watching me with curiosity. I took her left nipple in my hand and started tugging lightly. Her head rolled to the side and she giggled. I slowly pulled the right one too, and now her little giggles turned to light moans.

"I need them hard for what I'm about to do," I told her. "We're almost there already. Don't you like this Bella?"

"Yes..." she breathed.

I worked her little nipples with my fingers until she was panting, and they were sticking straight out.

I lowered my head to her breast. "What do you want Bella?"

"Mmmm suck it please Jacob..."

"Good girl," I said, and sucked her nipple into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around each one, moving my head back and forth between them. Fuck she tasted good...always. I moved a hand between her legs, without removing her panties and started stroking her already wet pussy.

Once I was done, I took one of my materials, a can of whipped cream and shook it up. I squirted a little on each breast and she jumped a little.

"It's cold..." she said, giggling.

"You will like this though..." I took a cherry out of the small tupperware container and held it by the stem over her mouth. "Swirl your tongue around this, and then eat it for me."

I watched her little tongue stick out of her mouth and move around the red cherry. It got me hard as I thought of her tongue around the head of my cock that way...being able to feel every rough little part of her tongue working my head....

Too soon, she bit off the cherry, chewed and swallowed it.

"Now..." I said, and moved my head down to her breast again. "Say it again Bells."

"Suck it for me...please..."

I sucked the whipped cream off of her nipple and then worked my tongue over it, holding it still with my hand. Her back arched and she whimpered a little. I moved to the other one and lapped at the cream, instead of immediately sucking it off. She writhed beneath me now, but I didn't stop.

I spread more whipped cream down her sexy, flat little tummy and licked it off slowly, allowing my tongue to trail over the areas she seemed most sensitive in. Her skin grew goosebumps beneath my tongue and once it was clean I looked up at her.

"I want more," she begged.

"You are such an impatient little girl," I teased, winking at her. "Still, let's see how long you can hold your legs apart while I play with your pretty pussy..."

She smiled in anticipation, and I took off her panties with my teeth. She spread her legs for me, and I began rubbing with my hands, while I reached under the bed.

"Do you remember your little friend here?" I asked.

Her eyes widened as she recognized the vibrator. "Yes...I remember."

I winked again. "Would you like him on your clit? He sure does miss you."

"Oh god yes," she said, rolling her eyes back.

"In a second..." I inserted my fingers into her pussy and started pumping slowly, man she was soaked. Her tight little walls were warm around my fingers, and her juices coated them.

"I want you to do something that will make this better, clench around my fingers and hold it there. I will continue finger fucking you, but you must stay clenched, or I'll stop. It'll make you come harder. And in the meantime," I held up the vibrator. "Your little friend will take care of your clit. How does that sound?"

She blushed, but grinned at me. "Sounds good..."

"Good," I said. "Now clench for me."

She did, and oh man did feeling her vagina muscles wrap around my fingers make me want to just insert my cock already. But not yet. We'd do that later. I moved my fingers inside her. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. And like a good girl, she kept herself clenched around me.

"Ohhhhhhh shit that feels good," she moaned. "God Jake..."

"Keep it clenched tight baby," I said, placing the vibrator to her clit and then turning it on.


"YES!" I screamed, instantly spreading my legs further. "Fuck baby...."

"You like that?" he asked, pumping his fingers slowly. "You tell me what you want tonight."

"Mmmmm faster!" I groaned.

He kept the same annoyingly slow pace. "I need you louder."

I saw him push a different button and the toy was vibrating faster. "DAMMIT!" I yelled. "FASTER JACOB!"

His fingers finally picked up pace, curling inside me toward my spot, while that incredible fucking toy buzzed my sensitive clit. I ground my hips into it and threw my head back screaming.

"Mmmm someone likes that don't they?" he asked, over my screams. "Are you gonna come nice and hard for me?"

I nodded, I was beyond answering, but he wasn't going to let me get away with that.

"Answer me! Are you going to come?" he barked.

"Oh fuck Jake YES!" I moved my hips faster and finally his fingers found my G-spot. He pressed a higher setting on the toy, and with the next scream that left my lips I nearly lost my voice.

He laughed though. "That's it...come for me. You have ten seconds to come, or I will spank you hard Bella."

I didn't need ten fucking seconds. I clenched tighter around his fingers and came instantly feeling my juices spill from me. He held the damn toy there though, driving me insane. I shook my head back and forth, screams escaped my throat, but I didn't dare move my hands from above my head.

"A little more," he said casually. "I think you can handle it."

But he removed the toy anyway, which confused me. I let myself rest against the bed and caught my breath, while he moved away to do something else.

I turned my head to look at him and noticed he was sitting in a stuffed chair in the corner. He'd slipped off his boxer briefs and his cock sat straight up. He motioned for me to come join him. I walked over warily, he still held the toy in his left hand.

"Stand in front of me and spread your legs," he said.

I did as I was told and he ran a hand up my inner right thigh, and then my inner left until he reached my pussy. He inserted his fingers just a little and then pulled out tasting my juices.

"You are sweet as fuck Bella. And as much as I want to bury my face inside you, I'd rather you come on my cock for now." He patted his lap. "Have a seat."

I moved to straddle him but he pushed me back. "I promised we'd play with the toy a little more and I meant it. But only in a new position. Turn around and then have a seat on my lap Bella."


She looked nervous as hell, but turned around like I asked. I helped her lower herself onto my cock, until I filled her completely.

I held her back to my chest and pressed my lips to her ear. "Spread your legs wide, my beautiful wife."

Her full lips curled up into a smile and she placed her legs outside of mine. I used mine then to spread her legs a little bit wider. I pressed the toy to her clit and started it on the high setting again. She leaned back, shoving me into the chair.

I placed my head into her neck, and tightened my arm's vice like grip around her torso. Then I thrusted my hips upward, moving my cock in and out of her pussy.

"Oh yes fuck me baby just like that mm!" she tossed her head back and moaned.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on pounding her tight little G-spot.

She took her free hands and used them to move herself up and down on my cock.

This made me work myself faster and she worked against me. I bit down hard on her shoulder and pressed the toy harder into her little clit.

"SHIT!" she yelled.

"Are you trying to kill me here?" I asked, feeling sweat bead around my face.

"Mmmmmmmm..." she leaned back into me again and started bouncing so fast that I dropped the toy.

Instead of picking it up, I grabbed her hips and slammed them into my own. Her tight little pussy muscles pulsated around my cock, and I knew she was close to coming.

"Ohhhhh fuck Bells..." I moaned, because it felt just as good to me, as I'm sure it did to her.

She leaned back into me and winded her hips in a circular motion. "Baby I'm coming..."

I reached a hand between her legs and rubbed her little clit, causing her to scream even louder than before. Her eyes scrunched together, she hissed through her teeth, her muscles tightened and she let out a scream as she came for the second time that night. I kept going though, driving my cock into her until I came as well.

I leaned back against the chair again. "Wow..." I breathed.

"Mmmm I know," She said, curling herself into my lap and placing her head into my neck.

I kissed her lips softly a few times. "I love being with you Bella."

She grinned up at me. "I love being with you Jacob."

"And I love being married to you." I chuckled and held her for awhile, rocking her back and forth in the chair.

"So what are we doing tomorrow?" she asked curiously. "We are in Hawaii now."

"Having sex," I said, laughing openly.

She smacked my shoulder. "Besides that you silly!"

"Having sex in the shower."

She moved her head up and bit my ear. Hard.

"Ow!" I said, rubbing my earlobe as if it had really hurt.

"I'm serious," she said, glaring at me.

"You're so sexy when your angry," I told her. "And by the way. I was serious too."

End Author Note: So? I suck at lemons right? Go ahead and say it. I feel for some reason like I am losing my touch. So let me know if I am okay? Please be honest. This lemon came to me this particular way in a dream. Don't ask. Lol. And so this is how I wrote it.

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