New life


chapter 1

what is life?

doing things for your husband and childeren or shopping with your friend or both?

that i cant answer right now .. because i love my family and friends.

i did everything for my family, cleaning, cooking , washing, in one word everything.

my friend bulma told me to relax and do something for myself.

but how can i relax? my family isnt normal..they need me to cook or wash their clothes and all that crap

many people think i love doing those things, but i dont, i wanted to do other things too.

but they did'nt care, they saw me the wife of.. the bitch of..

but i dont care what they say..i love my sons and my husband without them my life seemed incomplete.

but everything changed when they came.

that was the last day of my life.

everything went fast after that.

i couldn't feel anything.. they did it fast.

i cant remember who it was, the pain was unbearable.

i screamed and cried for help but no one was there.

i realised that this was the end, the end of my life

the beginning of a new life somewhere in heaven right?

i know its short but its just a beginning

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