Dean laid in bed holding Miranda close to him like every night. He couldn't believe this was his life now. After so many years of fighting for the world and giving to people the world finally gave back to him and let him be happy for once.

He snuggled close to Miranda breathing in her scent and smiling in her hair. She is still as beautiful since the first day he had seen her in that little town. He loved her so much because she didn't see the scars, she saw pass them and saw him for who he was.

He closed his eyes ready for sleep to take over when he heard a noise. He opened his eyes and got out of bed trying not to wake Miranda.

He walked down the small hall to the bedroom and opened the door to see his son standing up in his crib. "You young man are supposed to be asleep."


Dean smiled and looked over to the other crib to see his daughter sound asleep.

"Shh…Sam, gotta be quiet. Rose is sleeping like you should be." Sam giggled and curled up on his father.

Dean heard movement from the other crib and saw Rose waking up. This was a never ending battle for them. If one was up the other decided to get up, if one was hungry so was the other…one big cycle.

Sammy the dog came walking in hearing the noise and Dean patted his head letting him know it was ok.

"Alright," said Dean walking over to Rose who was sitting up staring at them. She smiled at her father as Dean picked her up to and they walked into him and Miranda's bedroom.

"Ma!" they yelled waking Miranda up.

"What's going on?" she asked sitting up and in full out mother panic mode.

Dean laughed setting the twins on the bed and they crawled up to her. "Sam woke Rose up."

He crawled into bed and the twins lay between him and Miranda.

"You two are supposed to be sleeping," said Miranda and they giggled as she tickled their tummies.

Miranda and Dean's eyes met and they smiled at each other. They were in love and they had a great family. Nothing could get better than this.

Miranda and Dean watched as their children fell back to sleep curled up against their parents. They quietly put them back into their room and shut the door.

Miranda leaned her head on Dean's chest smiling. He wrapped his arms around her waist and started to walk back to their bedroom.

"Did you ever think you would have this?" Miranda asked looking up at him as they entered their room.

"Not in a million years, I hoped but I knew it would never happen." She smiled up at him and kissed his lips.

"I love you Dean."

"I love you."

He kissed her deeply causing her to tremble in his arms. He always could make her tremble. She wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him back with the love she had for him deep in her heart and soul.

The two of them fell onto the bed knowing they may never have another moment in a while to make love to each other because of the twins but that's how they always made love. They will make love as if the next day one of them would not be there, as if the end of the world would be there and that's how they loved it. It was a passionate dreamlike love that the two of them could only give each other because it came from their souls not their looks.

The End

Authors Note: Will be a sequel just don't know when it would be up.