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Chapter 22 – Friday

"Wakey, wakey," said Joey as he tickled Seto's nose. "Time to get up, sleepyhead."

The brunet subconsciously swatted his hand away. "No," he grumbled before turning onto his stomach and burying his face in the pillow.

"Aw, does Seto-weto wanna sleep?"

"Yes," came the muffled reply.

"But if Seto-weto's asleep, then Puppy will be all alone," Joey commented in a sing-song voice.


"And that means if Seto-weto doesn't get up this fucking instant, he's going to be deprived of a very intimate moment with Puppy later on," Joey growled in a more demanding voice.

That had been the right thing to say, because Seto bolted upright. He was awake now. "Today's our day!" he exclaimed, looking particularly disheveled in the process.

"I know. Why do you think I've been trying to get your sorry ass up for the past half hour? The kids already left."

"Sorry, Pup," the brunet replied, leaning over to give Joey a good morning kiss. "Wait…did you just call me Seto-weto?"


"You are not calling me that," Seto deadpanned, his expression grim.

"Why not? You call me Puppy? Why can't I give you a pet name?"

"Seto-weto is not a pet name. Puppy is a pet name. Even Honey is a pet name. But not Seto-weto," he ground out.

"Oh. So is asshole a better choice?" Joey taunted, eyebrow raised.

"Puppy," the brunet warned.

"Fine. Then I'll just call you what I've always called you in my head."

"And what would that be?" Seto dearly hoped that it was a bit better than Seto-weto. If Joey ever called him that in public, he'd never live it down. The potential blackmail in that single name scared him.

"I'll only tell you," began Joey as he hopped off the bed, "if you let me call you by it."

Seto was definitely curious now. "So you'll only tell me what it is if I agree to you calling me by it? Before I even know what it is?"

Joey nodded.


The blond hadn't expected Seto to just give up. He thought the brunet was more inquisitive than that.

"Then I'll just call you Seto-weto until you agree," Joey stated before he headed for the bathroom. When the door shut and made that undeniable clicking sound—meaning the door was now locked—Seto rose from the bed and stepped up to the door.

Knocking lightly, he said, "Puppy? What are you doing? Come out. I'm sorry. Please don't call me Seto-weto." He felt ridiculous saying these things, but sometimes…ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

If that hadn't been bad enough, Seto turned multiple shades of red when he heard the toilet flush. So his Puppy hadn't run away from him…he was just…using the bathroom. It almost made the brunet want to bash his head against a wall for his foolishness.

Suddenly, the door opened and Joey stepped out, his face hinting amusement. "Does this mean I get to call you my pet name?"

Seto plopped himself on the bed. He gave up. Joey would never relent. And honestly, what could be worse than Seto-weto? "Sure."

"Yes!" Joey exclaimed, pouncing on him. "Puppy loves his Dragon!"


"You're calling me Dragon?" Seto inquired. He had to admit, he was mightily impressed by receiving such a powerful pet name from the blond.

Joey smirked. He knew a name like Dragon would boost the brunet's ego some. But he had to admit, he loved the thought of calling him that. "I'm calling you Dragon," he confirmed, sneaking a kiss. "Now let's get dressed and go to school. I want to show you my work."

And with that, he scampered off his Dragon to get ready.

"How the hell did you manage to get keys to the art room?" Seto questioned.

"I'm the best student in the school when it comes to art. I was given my own set of keys so that I could come in here whenever I pleased. I even have my own cabinet I keep locked that holds my work," explained Joey.

"I haven't really asked before, but what sort of work do you do?"

"I paint mostly. But I enjoy drawing sketches as well; charcoal, pencils…sometimes even watercolors."

"What are you working on right now?" Seto asked curiously as they stepped into the vacant art room.

Joey led them to a fairly large cabinet and started messing with the lock. "Actually, I've finished all of my projects for the year. I didn't want to do anymore at the time because I didn't know what I was going to do with them. Had I still been with my father, I probably would have sold them so that I could have gotten a place of my own."

The blond paused and then looked at Seto pleadingly. "Would it be all right if I brought all of my stuff home—er, to the mansion."

Seto noted his Puppy's correction in puzzlement. "You don't have to call it 'the mansion.' It's your home now, too, so call it that."

"Okay. Can I take my stuff home today?"

"Sure. Although, I am quite interested in seeing some of your work now," Seto replied, intrigued.

Joey smiled and opened the cabinet. "Most of my things are in boxes. The sketches are mostly 8 x 10 and in their own portfolios. I have some small portraits and one large one that I finished recently, but those are packed away already. You won't be able to see those until we get home."

Seto absently reached for a portfolio tucked away in a box. When he looked at the cover, however, he was a bit surprised to see his name written on it. "Puppy? What's this?"

Joey looked to see what Seto was holding. After he realized what it was, he paled considerably. "Give me that!" he exclaimed, reaching for the portfolio.

Seto held it out of his reach. "Why? What's in it? Did you draw pictures of you beating me up or something?" he teased.

"No!" cried Joey, jumping to get his portfolio from Seto. "Just give them to me!"

"Why? My name is on the portfolio, so why can't I see them? Give me one good reason why I should give them to you."

"Because…" Joey started, looking quite lost. To be honest, he couldn't think of an answer that Seto would accept. And if he didn't give him a good reason then the brunet was going to look at the sketches. And then what would Seto think of him?

"No answer? Well then, I guess I'll just take a look," he said, watching Joey's reaction carefully. His Puppy almost looked upset as well as embarrassed. Why was that?

Opening the portfolio, what Seto saw literally took his breath away. Joey had sketched them, but not in the way one would think. These sketches were a little more…risqué. And as he went from sketch to sketch, Seto found himself becoming more and more aroused by the images.

"I'm sorry, Seto. I really am. I didn't mean for you to ever come across these. It was just when I started having feelings for you. I didn't know how else to express myself and I didn't have anyone to talk to about it," Joey explained timidly. "Are you mad?"

"Puppy, why would I be mad? I have to admit, I actually like these. They look so realistic and…I wouldn't mind trying out a few of these positions you've drawn."

Joey went from deathly pale to volcano red in a matter of seconds. "What?" he stammered.

Seto closed the portfolio and placed it back in the box. "What do you say? We can give sketch number five a try when we get home."

"You…pervert!" the blond yelled, pointing an accusing finger at him. He'd finally gathered his wits about him.

"You're the one who drew the sketches, Puppy. If anyone's the pervert, it's you," Seto chuckled.

"I wasn't ever going to act on them! I just drew them!" Joey argued.

"Well, I'm going to change all that," Seto said, yanking the blond against him. Joey eeped and tried to squirm away. "Maybe we can even make our own sex book."

"You're impossible!" Joey still tried to get out of Seto's grasp. He was nowhere ready to do any of the things he'd drawn. "I don't want to do any of those things! It was just stuff I imagined! I don't even know how to do any of it!"

"We'll learn…in time. Puppy, we'll only do things when we're ready to do them. Understand? I would never force you to do anything you didn't want to do."

Joey stopped struggling and looked up at Seto. "You promise?"

"I promise."

"I'm not ready to actually have sex yet. We can…make-out, but no sex," Joey emphasized.

"All right. But when we do get to that point, it will be special. Making love always should be."

Joey sighed contentedly against him. "Thank you, Seto."

"No. Thank you."

They arrived back at the mansion nearly an hour later. And after bringing all of Joey's boxes artwork, the blond began unpacking some of the larger items to show Seto.

"What are these small ones?" Seto asked while he watched Joey unwrap the small portraits from their packaging.

"I painted a lot of portraits of my friends. I planned on giving these to them as graduation gifts. Whoever was in a couple—like Yugi and Yami, Ryou and Bakura, and Malik and Marik—I painted them together. You can have a look if you want, but be careful."

Seto took each portrait delicately, admiring the technique and accuracy of all the details. "These are amazing. What about the large one?" he asked, setting aside the smaller portraits in a safe place.

Joey paused a moment before unwrapping that one, too. When he finished, he beckoned Seto to come have a look.

As Seto approached the painting, his eyes nearly filled with tears at the intimacy of the painting. One of his Blue-Eyes White Dragons was curled up with Joey's Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Small dragon kits—having a mixture of both their parents—stood about them. The painting said it all. They were meant to be.

"Oh, Puppy," Seto sighed lovingly. "It's beautiful. Do you mind if we hang it in our room?"

"Our room?" Joey asked, surprised.

"Yes," Seto replied shortly. "You made no indication that you wanted your own room. You've been staying in mine the past few weeks. And even if you wanted your own room now, I'd say no. So yes, do you mind if we hang this up in our room?"

"Okay," Joey answered finally.

Seto then walked over to the wall across from the bed and took down a picture that had been randomly placed there when the room had been decorated. Taking his Puppy's portrait in hand, he hung it on the wall, stepped back and admired the blond's work.

"I really love you, Puppy. I hope you know that," Seto said as he hugged Joey, pulling him close.

"I love you, too, Dragon," he replied tenderly, looking up at the brunet. His eyes seemed to indicate something, and Seto caught on quickly as to what his Puppy wanted.

Seto brought his hands to Joey's shirt, trailing them across his chest as he gradually unbuttoned the silk fabric. The blond did the same to him in return. And when they stepped back to gaze at each other, the blond said, "Remember, we're not going to have sex, but I…I really want to see you, Seto."

"I want to see you, too. And I promise. No sex. Undress for me?"

Joey nodded. "You, too."

After they discarded all of their clothes, they admired each other for a few minutes before Joey walked up to Seto again.

The brunet purred in bliss when he felt the blond join his hot mouth with his left nipple, teasing it with his lapping tongue. When it was stiff enough, Joey moved onto the neglected one.

Seto moaned loudly when he felt the blond press against his quickly hardening member. He was also rendered immobile when Joey promptly fell to his knees in front of his straining erection. This wasn't something he had expected, but it wasn't like he was going to deny him.

Grabbing the base of Seto's member in his hand, Joey stroked him gently, receiving a strangled groan from his Dragon. After a few moments, the blond stared at Seto's lengthy cock. It was dripping with cum. Growing bold, he nipped at the tip softly before swallowing him whole.

"Fuck!" Seto jerked his hips when he felt his Puppy swallow him. Groaning and panting, the brunet tossed his head back while Joey bobbed his head up…and down…up…and down. His mouth pleasured the brunet's erection while his hands—one casted and one not—traveled to his hips, keeping him in place.

As Joey continued to suck, he lightly scraped his teeth along the sensitive flesh there. That was all his Dragon needed to release. Roaring out in completion, Seto panted heavily as he watched Joey rise with glazed eyes.

"I…didn't expect…you to go…that far," Seto gasped. "Do you want—"

"No. I don't want you to do that, too. At least…not yet. You can pleasure me how you see fit, but I don't want it to go too far because I want to give myself to you completely when this cast is off. I know it sounds stupid, but do you get what I mean?"

Seto inched closer to Joey, brushing his lips against the skin between the blond's neck and shoulder. "I get it. Don't worry. I can pleasure you just as well without giving you a hot blowjob," he smirked.

"Oh, yeah? Well, we'll see about that."

"We definitely will," the brunet growled.

Joey threw his head back when Seto's hand splayed across his taut stomach. The brunet's hands trailed up to his nipples, pinching them wonderfully. His Puppy squirmed against him, but the blond could not hide the quiver that ran down his spine. Seto smirked when he noticed.

As if sensing his Puppy's anticipation, the brunet moved him to the bed, pressing his back onto the soft comforter as he started teasing him, caressing him, and kissing him.

When Seto's molten touches finally moved lower, Joey gasped in relief. His Dragon's fingers danced around the blond's smooth thighs, close…but nowhere near close enough to where he truly wanted them to be—where he immediately wanted them to be.

A few more agonizing moments later, Seto caringly pushed Joey's legs apart, stroking the insides of his milky thighs delicately.

"Touch me," the blond moaned, urging his Dragon's hands toward his weeping erection. "Please."

Seto smirked again. "As you wish, Puppy." The brunet instantly wrapped his hand around Joey's straining erection, pumping it fast…then slow…fast…then slow.

"Ah, Seto. I'm—" Joey whimpered when he couldn't hold on any longer, giving a sharp cry of his lover's name as he released.

Seto curled up against his Puppy contentedly. If doing this felt great, making love was going to be in a completely different league altogether.

"That was great," Joey mumbled sleepily.

"You're tired after that round?" Seto teased. "So when we actually make love, will that put you in a coma?"

"Shut the fuck up and cuddle," Joey grumbled. "When I get this fucking cast off, we'll see who gets put into a coma."

The brunet chuckled amusedly. "Point taken. And just to let you know, I can't wait to finally make love to you. I want to completely give myself to you, as you will to me."

"I can't wait for that either," the blond replied as he curled up next to the brunet, his eyes lingering to the painting. "I love you, Seto."

"I love you, too, Joey. And it's a good thing tomorrow's Saturday."

"And why is that?" he inquired, confused.

"It's our day," Seto hinted. "But since today is still our day, too, there a few things I'd still like to do. Or rather…a few places on a certain Puppy I'd still like to do."

"Seto!" Joey screeched when his Dragon pounced on him. "You sex fiend!"

"Hey, you're the one who said no sex. You didn't say anything about touching…or licking…or sucking…or—"

"—biting," Joey finished, flipping their positions so that he was on top.

Perhaps if they got everything out of their systems now, they'd have a normal date in the future. But seriously, this is Seto and Joey we're talking about. When is there ever anything normal about them?


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