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His Better Half
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

He feels as though he has lost everything thanks to this war. In his heart of hearts he knows that this isn't true; he still has his business, his friends and most of his family, which is more than a lot of people have left. Most of his family, but not all: definitely not all.

He has lost his brother. Some people would say that he should be glad that it was only one sibling he lost to Voldemort, but those people don't understand at all. He has lost his twin, his better half. They have been inseparable since before they were even born – but now only half of that whole remains.

Sometimes he wishes that it had been another of his brothers that died, but he hates himself for even considering this. Sometimes he wishes that he had been the one to die, but as soon as he considers this he hates himself even more. Better that he is the one left to pick up the pieces; he was always the stronger of the two.

He was always the stronger of them, but now this is no longer the case. Now he drinks himself to sleep each night in the hope that perhaps the memories will go away, that one day he will wake up dead and Fred will be beside him and everything will be right in the world again.

They were always FredandGeorge, GredandForge – and now he's George, just George, and it feels wrong and painful and just wrong. At least his uncles Gideon and Fabian got to die as well as live together. He had hoped that he and his twin would be granted the same thing, but now he is the only one left, so he cries and drinks himself to sleep each night in order to forget.

George Weasley is twenty years old when he truly realises the nature of his own mortality.