Hello, my name is Alexandria, Alex for short, but when I was a struggling kid with A.D.D in school, I was known as "Dria Dihhrea". I know, not a pretty title. But that was all changed when I started half-blood camp. I was in the Hermes cabin, of course. I knew who my father was, but nobody else. He told me he couldn't claim me for "my own protection". Crappy reason, I thought. Until I saw what my brother went through. Percy. He didn't know he was my brother, nobody but my dad (which is Poseidon, as you may have guessed by now) and I knew. Oh, and Anna Beth. She knew who I was as soon as the lake incident occurred.


Anna Beth was showing me how to paddle a canoe when she accidentally hit a water nymph that had been hiding under the canoe. Instantly we were tipped over, the nymph grabbing her ankle, dragging her down. I felt nothing. I felt all-powerful, invincible, as soon as I had touched the water (which, having lived in Phoenix, I had never even been in a Lake before, was completely new to me) suddenly, I knew how to save her. I shot down in the water, quick as a shark, and grabbed the nymph by the wrist.

"Let her go!" I shouted, as best as I could under the circumstances.

"You dare to defy me, I who am your sister, in taking revenge against this unlawful one!" she said, shaking Anna Beth by her limp wrist. She was passed out by now. I squeezed the nymph's wrist tighter. Somehow, the words came to me,

"In the name of Poseidon, Let her go!" as soon as I said the word Poseidon, my skin had started to glow blue. The water nymph withdrew her hand as though she had been stung. An angry red welt in the shape of my hand was beginning to form on my wrist. I grabbed Anna Beth and she immediately opened her eyes and started breathing. I pulled her to shore, the canoe long forgotten. I looked away from her searching gaze. I could see her sizing me up, reexamining me, reforming her opinion of me. I was then 10, and she was 11.

C'mon. We need to get you to Chiron so he can assign you to your true cabin." she stalked off, expecting me to follow her.

"NO! You can't put me in a different cabin, and you cannot let anyone know, or trust me, we're both dead. Do you think that Zeus will let me live? Do you think my dad would be happy to have you spoil a decade of carefully planned concealment of me from the others? NO! and, trust me, I will bring war, which means telling anyone about me would be a major strategic weakness, not to mention very, lets say……unwise?" I raised my eyebrows and smirked at the last part. I couldn't resist getting my little joke in.

"Fine. I won't tell anyone. But if you aren't satisfied with my word, I'll tell you a piece of valuable information that has not been disclosed. Ever. Grover the satyr has a crush on Juniper."

"What?! The very same Juniper that I saw spying at Grover through her tree when he was showing me around?" I said in shock.

"Yep, the very same."

End of flashback.

I was fourteen now, and it was time for my dad to claim me. I was the only one of his children besides Percy at the camp. It was dinner, and I was uber nervous that Percy wasn't going to want me in his cabin. I swept my curly black hair back from my eyes as I slid some of my food into the fire. "For Poseidon." I murmured, smelling salty ocean air, pine, and mint. The scents accented each other nicely. I heard a sharp intake of breath, and I knew that a glowing triton was floating above my head. I didn't look up, since I had already seen it before the first time, the real time, Poseidon claimed me, when he visited my mom and I. I heard the soft clop of hooves as Chiron put his hand on my back and led me to the table where Percy was sitting alone. I sat down and snuck a furtive peek at Percy through my thick curtain of dark hair. I was blushing, which wasn't unusual because, even though my skin was naturally darker (my mother is Hispanic) I blushed a deep red whenever something happened. He was grinning broadly. I relaxed. I picked up my glass and spoke to it clearly. "Pepsi." I set it down and it fell. I am also very clumsy, and I had learned how to deal with things like that. "Crap." I muttered. I stared at the Pepsi and it gathered up into a ball and splashed back into my glass.

"Five second rule!" I said and took a quick drink.

"Whoa, can you teach me how to do that?" Percy said excitedly. I looked at his eager expression and laughed.

"For a guy that just found out he had a sister, you're surprisingly relaxed."

"Actually I knew for awhile."


"I saw you fix your ankle." the memory made me wince. I thought I had been alone that day. I was thirteen and down by the lake. I had a freak accident and snapped my ankle in half. I could see bone sticking out through my skin. Half crazed with pain and covered in a mixture of mud and blood, I did the only thing that made sense. I crawled off the pier and fell into the water.I walked out completely healed, clean, and dry. I thought nobody had seen. I was confused

"Then why didn't you tell anyone?" his eyes, which were the exact same shade as mine, were intense as he looked at me.

"I didn't want you to have to deal with the pressure of the prophecy. I didn't want anyone to have to follow in Nico's footsteps." I squealed and threw my arms around him. He hugged me back and I smiled. When we were done with dinner and we were just idly sitting at the benches, I sighed with happiness.

"I've always wanted a big brother." I leapt up excitedly. "I have to tell-" suddenly I plopped back on the seat, weighed down by crushing grief and realization. I grabbed the summer beads from around my neck and pressed the newest one to my lips as I whispered into it and shed tears. My best friend Jaclyn had been killed in the fight. She had been my age, and fought against the sun titan himself. I had forgotten momentarily and was going to go and tell her. She was Apollo's daughter. The weird thing about me is that I never sobbed. I cried alright, thick tears sliding down my face, but I never sobbed. Percy asked me what was wrong and I shook my head vigorously, not wanting to speak for fear of screaming my misery to the world. Jaclyn and I had been through everything. We had gone to the same school, both been expelled, fought our way through various monsters to get here. I felt his arm around my shoulder, leading me to the cabin, away from the people; I felt another arm, Anna baths' arm leading me back as well. I heard her telling Percy about Jaclyn and I started sobbing. Actually sobbing, for the first time in my life. As soon as I was in the cabin door, I collapsed against the wall, sobs wracking my body, murmuring "Jaclyn, Jaclyn, Jaclyn," quietly, continuously into my bead. I heard Anna Beth leaving, and I felt Percy sit down next to me, and put his arm around me. I leaned into his chest. I felt his body shaking as well. I looked up and saw tears pouring down Percy's face as well. There we sat, not talking, just sitting, crying, and forging a deep bond between us. After awhile I found my voice.

"She was my best friend. We went to the same school, were expelled at the same time, fought our wat through the monsters together, did everything together. She taught me archery; I taught her how to swim. We shared an ipod! She was my sister-" I stopped talking abruptly, unable to go on."I feel so guilty. Every name on this bead could've been prevented if I had been faster, or smarter, or braver. A lot of lives were lost because I wasn't good enough." I looked at him.

"You saved everybody, Percy Jackson, and don't you think for one moment that anything was your fault. You gave him the knife, you made the choice. Not anybody I know would've been brave enough to do that!" We lapsed into silence, just sitting there, thinking. With a huff, I sat up. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up to, with a little to much force, causing him to fall forward, dragging me with him. After a fit of irrational giggles, I sat up, brushed my shirt off as best as I could, and said

" Well, if you'll excuse me, I am going to go get my stuff out of Hermes cabin before Travis and Connor steal my ipod. Though I think there smart enough to leave my stuff alone, " I said, grinning evilly "You see, they've taught me quite a lot about pranks and pick-pocketing, so they know what I'm capable of." Percy stared at me with his mouth open. "You're awesome!" he yelled as he followed me out of the cabin. I was so excited. I hadn't slept on a real bed since the age of seven, when I had gotten to camp. I had given the last available bed to a new camper. I grabbed my bag and searched it. My ipod was missing, as well as five bucks, a few golden drachmas, and my chocolate. Oh, they were gonna pay! I started searching through my bag for my special tool.

"Whacha looking for?" Percy asked

"My fishing gear."

"Your fishing-"

"A gift from dad on my eight birthday. I've learned fishing line and hooks are good for more than just fishing though. not even the brothers know. But I have to wait for there right moment. Meanwhile, I need you to do something for me."


"I need you to go and tell Anna Beth to 'activate offensive maneuver female'. K?"

"Uh…..okay." he left the room in search of Anna Beth.