Sanctuary Fanfic

Episode Tag: 2x12, 2x13 Kali

Rating: T just to be safe, but very mild.

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I feel.

That's one of the new experiences in this job. Working for others before Magnus was easy, fulfill their expectations or demands while incurring the smallest amount of trouble or complications on my end. It was quite simple and I was happy doing that, looking out for me and making sure I was owed, not letting myself owe anything to anyone.

That is not the case anymore. The Sanctuary could be a business, a platonic place where everyone is focused on the proliferation of an agenda or the accumulation of wealth. It could also be little better than a petting zoo, abnormals locked in cages with sub-standard conditions and guests charged admission to "see the freaks of nature". I know, I have seen it happen and to my shame, been an agent of acquisition in a few.

Instead, Magnus has made it into a working family, not unlike quite a few mafia families in the bigger cities. She gives her "kids" what they need to do the job and lets them excel in their own field, without the harsh oversight or employee evaluations of others. There is a slight bending of the rules, we need to be armed after all, and we do enjoy jurisdiction in all cases involving abnormals which tends to always be interesting.

It's very different from the life I led before. Now I can trust without requiring proof, ask for help without appearing weak, do things I had never dreamed of before, all because I got shot and came here. This place was my own Sanctuary before the Cabal's fall and now that I have the chance to help them out, to be greater than I was and achieve something for everyone, I find that I cannot turn it down.

That is why as soon as I found out Will was missing, I went after him. It wasn't because I felt guilty and he was my "partner". Hell, I had shot former partners and not lost any sleep over it. It wasn't because I have some secret crush on him, although he is easy on the eyes and cares quite a bit about what he does and who he does it with. It wasn't even because I was concerned about his well-being after that night of sleep. He looked so tired. Those might have all been factors but the core reason remains the same.

Someone messed with my family.

They will pay.