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Uzumaki Naruto, 23 blond with deep cerulean-blue orbs, handsome features with unique whisker shaped marks on his cheeks that he had on his face since birth. He wasn't even sure how he had gotten them but he had known they were there since he was a boy. The other children of course never let him forget about them.

Whiskered-freak, scar-boy, were just some of the names the children would call him. He shuddered slightly at the painful memories of his childhood. Yet he soon put a smile back on his face and continued working. He was currently working as a waiter. It wasn't the most glamorous of jobs but it would do for now, and he happened to be friendly with the owner so he did get a lot of free meals here which was always a plus. What person couldn't appreciate free food, especially when it was good? The young man stood there with a tray of dishes in his hands as he gazed out to the nearby beach. The restaurant and it was full of tourists and even the locals. This was only his part time job seeing as how it was seasonal, pretty much getting the major part of business on warm, summer days. All the other times during the year he worked several odd jobs. Right now though he was currently lost in some other thoughts as he stood there with table 4's order in his hands.

"Yo Naruto." His fellow waiter, a young man with wild brown hair named Kiba shouted his name causing Naruto to get pulled back to reality.

"Huh, what is it?"

"Table 4 is waiting for their order hurry up and get over there."

"Oh yeah," Naruto nodded and quickly hurried over to the table with the order they had been waiting for. He smiled apologetically and placed the dishes on the table, luckily the people didn't seem too upset with him. From there he continued going from table to table getting everyone's orders and delivering them in record time. He had always had a lot of energy and was very fast on his feet which made him a pretty good waiter. Of course there was more to life than waiting tables, he wanted much more.

The spiky-headed blond leaned himself up against a nearby wall and let out a breath of air. He closed his eyes for a split second when a voice interrupted him out of his moment of silence.

"Hey Naruto why don't you go on and get out of here."

"Oh, hi Chouji."

Chouji Akimichi was a childhood friend and one of the nicest people Naruto had ever had the pleasure of meeting. He was also the owner of the restaurant.

"hi." The brown-haired male gave his friend a warm smile. "You look exhausted Naruto."

"Yeah for some reason I didn't get much sleep last night."

"Go Naruto; take the rest of the day off okay. It's alright."

"Chouji are you sure you know how crowded it gets over here for dinner."

The owner nodded but he couldn't have his friend and one of his beast waiters tired and not able to perform to full capacity.

"It'll be fine, go on Naruto, and go on before I kick you out." Chouji laughed.

"Okay." The blue-eyed male nodded. "Bye Chouji I'll see you tomorrow."

Naruto quickly went and changed back into some street clothes which consisted of a t-shirt, baggy orange shorts and some sneakers. He waved goodbye to Chouji and Kiba and headed out of the restaurant. He knew that he should probably head straight home and get some much needed sleep but for some reason he couldn't really explain he ended up going for a walk on the beach. Naruto walked with his hands in his pockets. It was a really warm, sunny absolutely perfect kind of day. He almost felt like going in and taking a quick swim.

"I wonder if I should, it'll only be a quick jump in the water."

He changed his mind though and was about to head home when someone screamed.

"Oh my god, someone's out there!" the woman shouted.

Naruto turned back around to see that there was indeed someone floating lifelessly in the water. There was no literally no time to waste. The blond male sprang into action and ran into the water after the floating person.

'Hang on ok!" he shouted.

He swam out into the water and grabbed a hold of the person. He immediately noticed a head full of platinum-blonde hair. Once out of the water he saw that it was indeed a woman, it was no wonder why she felt so light.

"It's a girl."

He carried her in his arms and laid her down on the beach.

"Is she okay?" the woman who had screamed earlier asked.

Naruto felt for a pulse it was weak and faint but the blonde was alive.

"I'm going to give her mouth to mouth."

He began to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation on her in an effort to help the young woman open her eyes.

"Come on it'll be okay."

He pumped at her chest and breathed air into her mouth, something inside of him told him not to give up on this woman. He had to keep on trying.

"I've called the paramedics they should be on their way."

"Okay, thanks." Naruto nodded.

As he was going in to put his mouth to hers again a pair of bright sky-blue orbs opened. She took a deep breath and started coughing heavily. Naruto began to lightly pat her on the back. It took a few moments but the young woman had finally stopped coughing. She closed her eyes and took another breath.

"Hey there," Naruto smiled warmly. "Are you alright now?"

The young woman slowly looked up at him. She stared into those beautiful cerulean pools and to Naruto's surprise she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Huh?" he wondered.

"Well it seems like she's in good hands, the paramedics are coming. Would you like me to stay?"

"No its okay, thanks. I'll stay with her until they come."

The woman nodded and bid farewell to Naruto and the blonde female that she assumed that he knew although honestly he had no idea who this young woman was Speaking of which the blonde hadn't let him go yet.

"Um miss I…"

She carefully let him go with a heavy blush on her cheeks. She hoped he wouldn't notice.

"Are you alright now Miss? Why were you even out there?"

She looked away from him for a moment. It worried Naruto as he wondered if perhaps he had done or said something to upset her in anyway.

"Hey I'm sorry I didn't…"

Suddenly she turned around and captured his lips in a kiss. His eyes widened in surprise, he hadn't expected her to do this, and perhaps she was just really grateful for him saving her life. Naruto watched as the blue-eyed female ended the kiss and looked down again with another blush on her face.

"Ok." He thought. "Hey," he spoke. "Don't worry I'll stay with you until the paramedics come."