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A woman with long red locks sat up in bed holding a small, blond-haired child in her arms. She hazily opened her eyes to give a smile as best as she could.

"It is nice to finally get to hold you little one." She whispered while lovingly gazing down at the baby she had worked so hard to deliver. A man with wild blond hair soon came over to his red-haired wife and stared down at both her and the baby.

"You were amazing." He whispered lovingly. "He is beautiful."

"Hai," she nodded. "He is…"

"Have you decided on a name dear?"

She opened her mouth to say something but no words could be formed. The next thing that happened was a hooded figure appearing literally from nowhere. It instantly grabbed the baby from its mother's arms.

"My child…" she screamed then reached out for her child but the figure disappeared into a dark void.

Ino awoke from her sleep breathing heavily. She wanted to scream and would have if only she had the voice to do so. Her heart was racing. She felt like it just might explode. She then closed her eyes.

"Shit, what was that?"

It had felt so real whoever the dream had been about. Ino felt as if she were really a part of it. Slowly a hand went to her chest she needed to calm herself down more.

"It's pounding so fast."

She then tried to get to her feet but only ended up sinking back down into the bed. Her legs didn't seem to want for her to move. She noticed that she did feel significantly weaker.

"Something is wrong."

If she didn't find the will to move soon she feared that things might get worse for her.

"Naruto," she immediately thought. She took one more breath then opened her eyes again when she heard some footsteps.

"Ino-chan," Naruto went wide-eyed at the sight before him of the platinum-blonde looking to be in some type of pain. He hurried to her side. "Hey," he whispered then placed his hand to the side of her cheek. "Are you alright?"

She gave him a warm smile. His touch was so gentle to her right now. "You felt that I needed you didn't you?"

The blue-eyed male's presence was starting to make her feel better already. The blond then got up. "Do you want some water?"

She nodded.

"Alright I'll be right back."

Ino was now able to sit up better and her heart seemed to have calmed down a lot too. Naruto soon returned with an ice cold glass of water. She instantly downed the entire thing.

"Jeez, she drinks fast."

He almost felt like he should get an entire pitcher for her. She certainly seemed thirsty enough. A sigh of relief escaped the platinum-blonde.

"Are you feeling better now Ino-chan?" he asked.


He was worried about the blue-eyed female although she did have the okay from the hospital he didn't know if the blonde female had any type of medical problems. Would they need to see a doctor? She did seem rather unwell.

"Ino-chan, do you want to see a doctor? Should we go to one?"

Immediately Ino shook her head no. The last thing she wanted was to see a doctor or be in a hospital or cause him to worry.

"Alright then but if you start to feel badly again we might have to see a doctor. I just…" he paused. "I just want to be okay." He gave a smile which she returned. It made her feel good to know that he cared about her this much.

"What happened?"

"It was a pretty bad dream."

Still she couldn't help but wonder about that dream. Who were those people? Why had it felt so very real? He sat down beside her then placed his arm around her. He gently began rubbing her arm.

"Was it a nightmare?" He questioned.

The blonde female gave a nod in confirmation.

"Hm," he understood because he had his share of bad dreams too. "I know they can feel real Ino-chan but it's best to remember that they aren't."

She wasn't so sure about that. The dream had felt incredibly real. A part of her didn't really want to go back to sleep in fear of dreaming again.

"It's going to be okay."

His voice had been soothing to her and it did help her to calm down. she leaned into him more finding that if the blond male held her just like this she would easily get back to sleep.

"Naruto I just want you to stay with me for tonight."

He soon let her go then looked down at her. She didn't seem upset anymore but he wanted to make sure that she was 100 percent okay.

"Hey." He smiled. "I'll stay here with you; you should try to get back to sleep."

She nodded then lay back down on the bed. Ino motioned down for him to come closer in which he did. A familiar feeling came over him and before he knew it Naruto started reaching towards the blonde female.

"Hey Ino-chan,"

She looked towards him with a somewhat curious expression on her face. He stared back at her and she felt his resistance.

"What's wrong Naruto?"

He put his hand out towards her almost shakily. He didn't know what to expect but had to say something. "Ino-chan will it be okay if I hold you, at least until you can fall back to sleep again?"

The blue-eyed female's face went crimson in a matter of seconds. He wanted to hold her? She honestly longed for any type of closeness with the whisker-marked male. He didn't even have to ask but understood why.

"Sure," she gave a nod in confirmation.

Naruto wrapped his arms around the blonde female's waist and held her closely. It felt oddly familiar. "Why does this feel so right?"

she leaned into him more and found that she truly didn't want him to let her go. she really could stay like this in his embrace forever. It felt strangely familiar to her as well. Naruto had not been the only one to feel it.

"This feels right." a yawn had escaped her then she drifted off to sleep. Naruto watched the beautiful blonde while she slept. She looked so peaceful and at ease. He carefully placed his hand on to her cheek pushing her hair back slightly.

"Ino-chan you're so pretty." She looked angelic even with her long platinum-blonde locks flowing around her shoulders. She just may be the prettiest girl in the world or at least that was how she was making him feel about her. He didn't even think Sakura made him feel like this, although that had mostly been a one-sided crush and not all serious.

What he felt towards the blue-eyed female was starting to feel like something entirely different. He felt as if could love her; or rather he was already starting to. He leaned over to place a kiss on her forehead.

"Good night okay Ino-chan,"

While she slept Ino dreamed once again. Inside the dream someone was shaking her awake.

"Ino, come on we must hurry."

A pair of bright aqua-colored orbs opened. She focused her attention on to where she had heard the voice. It was an older gentleman with a kind looking face. He was bald except for the excessive amounts of facial hair.

"Who is this?" she wondered.

She couldn't place a name with the face although she felt a certain sense of familiarity when she looked at him. She felt like she knew this man.

"Who are you jii-san,"

"Ino please hurry our presence has been requested."

She gave a nod then slowly rose to her feet before she could stop it the words were flowing freely from her mouth.

"Why are we needed? Where are we going sir?"

He put a hand to her shoulder then smiled brightly. "We are to see the baby of course my dear. Let's go we've already missed enough time. let us move quickly."

She nodded then followed behind the kindly gentleman. The halls seemed to go on forever as she walked behind him. Several people were nodding and bowing at them as they passed through.

"Such a strange place." Ino thought.

She wanted to ask him where they were going but soon they came to a stop. The man turned around to look at her with another smile.

"My dear don't be nervous okay. Everything will be just fine."

She did suddenly feel nervous now that he had mentioned it. "Hai,"

The two of them walked into a large, grand hall, the floor was made from marble stone, carpets of the finest material stretched out on to the floor, and stained glass windows throughout the entire room. Ino couldn't explain but she did feel as if she had been here before.

"My lord, My lady." The old gentleman made his presence known.

Ino blinked when she saw the two people up ahead. It was the same blond-haired male and red-haired woman from her previous dream.

"It's them?"

"Ah," the blond male gave a smile. "Master Gensu, how good of you to come."

"Hm, I wouldn't not respond to a request made from you my Lord."

The man nodded then smiled again. The red-haired female too gave a smile.

"Master Gensu you've brought Ino-chan."

He nodded. "Hai, I wanted her with me."

"It's so nice to see you Ino-chan. I'm glad that you could be here to meet the baby."

"Hai," she bowed. "Yes ma'am. it's an honor." The words naturally flowed once more.

The older male who she had just learned was named Master Gensu put a hand to her shoulder. He then began to guide her forward.

"Do not be shy my dear."

"Yes," the red-haired woman agreed. "Ino-chan, come closer so that you can see him."

"Him," Ino thought. So the baby was a boy. She moved closer so she could get a better look. The child had blond hair and his eyes were closed so she couldn't see what color they were. However there was something about this child that most certainly couldn't be ignored. On his cheeks were all too familiar markings.

"Naruto," her mind quickly went there.

She then looked up at the woman. "My Lady," she started. "He is beautiful."

She agreed. "He is thank you very much. Would you like to hold him?"

Ino didn't know if she should. He was so small. What if she dropped him? God forbid she became so nervous that she'd hurt the child. She looked towards Master Gensu.

"Don't be afraid my dear."

"Yes." The blond male agreed. "It's going to be alright Ino-chan."

Since she had everyone's approval she felt it would indeed be okay. She slowly reached towards the child with his mother placing him into her arms.

"Just be sure to hold his head, there just like that. Ino-chan you're a natural."

The platinum-blonde stared down at the baby. She smiled. He was truly cute more so now since she was seeing him close up. She found herself wanting to see what color his eyes were.

"Little one will you open your eyes for me so that I may see what color they are?" she thought.

As if somehow he heard her, a pair of deep cerulean-blue pools opened. Ino's eyes widened. "Naruto," once again her mind went straight to him. She then looked at the red-haired woman.

"My lady…um…" she paused

The red-haired female smiled again. "I can feel that he likes you."

Ino didn't know what to make of the comment but perhaps she should trust the woman's judgment. She was after all this boy's mother. Mothers did know best after all.

"Ino-chan," she spoke thoughtfully causing the blue-eyed female to look over to her.

"Yes," she wondered.

"I have a duty just for you. Will you please look after him? Will you be there for him whenever he may need you?"

She looked from the woman to the child in her arms. It was an incredible responsibility. She didn't know if such a job should be given to her. What the hell did she know about children? However she dared not say no to her either.

"Yes my Lady I will. You can count on me."

"Good. I knew that you would not refuse me. I can already sense a growing bond between you both."

She nodded for she felt it too. This little boy in her arms already meant something to her. She didn't know why but she did feel the connection already.

"My Lady, forgive but what is his name?"

"Oh yes," she suddenly remembered. "You didn't learn his name. Its…"she mouthed the name but Ino didn't make out a sound as the dream ended and she was once again in the real world.

It was less intense but still very vivid.

"What the hell?" had been her first thoughts? It couldn't possibly be real right? it certainly didn't make any sense. That child wasn't…she turned to look at the sleeping blond male with the whisker-markings on his face, just like the baby in her dream. Ino shook her head as new thoughts were currently beginning to freak her out. Nothing made much sense right now. She turned away.

"It was only a dream, only a dream." She repeated.

Yet her heart wasn't allowing her to believe the words her mind had been trying to convince her. Suddenly something shook her out of those thoughts when she felt something firm and hard brushing up against her.

"What…" she looked to see a clear bulge in the young man's shorts. "Oh shit,"

She felt her face turn several shades of red. The young man had to be having a wet dream of sorts not that such a thing wasn't normal. It just…well now was simply not the time for this. she willed herself to look away feeling that she should most definitely not be looking. She moved away as well.

"What are you thinking about I wonder?"

She knew not to let her mind go there but it couldn't be helped. When a part of her really hoped that he might have been thinking of her. She ended up looking back at him.

"My god it's still up."

The whisker-marked male had not gone soft yet. This was staring to make the platinum-blonde nervous. She didn't know what to do. Should she wake him up? Perhaps there wasn't a real need to maybe it would simply go down on its own.

"Ugh," Naruto groaned out and she literally at that moment saw his cock jump. She froze now she really didn't know what to do. A look of discomfort washed over his face. He was going to have to do something about this unless it happened to go down. Ino felt like maybe she should leave before it got any more uncomfortable.

"Yeah, I need to do just that."

She moved to get up but heard his voice which completely distracted her.

"Ino-chan," he let out a moan.

"Oh god," she blushed. "He is thinking about me."

Sure she was flattered but still it did nothing to wash away all those nerves.

"Yep, I definitely need to go."

Unfortunately for her the darkness of the room only made it harder for her to see where she was going. She tripped over a shoe while getting up from the bed.

"Fuck," she hit the floor hard. It startled the blond male out of his sleep.

"Huh," he looked to where he heard the noise and saw Ino quickly getting up from the floor. "Oh, Ino-chan, are you alright?"

"Oh yeah I'm fine. I love crashing on to floors in the middle of the night. The more important question right now is are you alright?"

Naruto wanted to say more but noticed and also felt his current erection. His eyes went wide. It was probably too much to hope that this was all a dream.

"Oh shit, He cursed. "Ino-chan I…." he caught the look on her face before she turned away. This was definitely not what he wanted. "Uh…s-sorry." he laughed nervously.

"Sure it's okay."

"Um," he threw the covers over himself quickly. "It'll go down." he said in a hopeful manner. Since he wasn't even sure himself if it truly would go down on its own. Ino ended up sitting down on the bed again but this time her back was turned to him. He couldn't blame her at all for feeling uncomfortable.

"Jeez this is really embarrassing." He ran a hand through his spiky locks.

Ino on the other hand had other thoughts on her mind now. Her second dream which was just as real as the first was the main thing on her mind. It couldn't possibly be some truth there could it? She looked to the blond male who appeared to be rather nervous. At this moment she really wished that she could verbally communicate with him. Sure she knew that on some level he felt her words but with all these recent developments she just wanted to talk to him. She sighed. Naruto looked up.

"Are you okay?"

She only turned to give him a brave smile. "Nope it's not okay. It's not okay at all."

He didn't like that smile for he knew it all too well. He had done a similar type of smile. "Something is bothering her." The blond male decided. He soon felt that his erection had come down completely and given the circumstances it had been a very good thing. He sighed too.

"I bet it's really hard for you huh?"

Upon hearing the statement she looked back at the blue-eyed male with a curious expression on her face. "What,"

He smiled sadly. "You really wish that you were able to talk to me right now don't you?"

She gave a nod. "You have no idea. This is very hard."

"Yeah," he agreed. "I've wanted to hear your voice for so long. Right now I get the feeling that you really want to talk to me."

"I do, so badly Naruto."

He moved towards her and soon they were sitting across from one another. Her aqua-colored orbs were staring into his cerulean pools. She slowly put her hand on to his cheek once again brushing up against those whisker-markings. He suppressed a groan. The look in his eyes felt so familiar.

"Those eyes," she instantly thought about the dream. The dream with the blond child she held in her arms with those same markings and same deep blue orbs. She also felt the same feelings now that she had in that dream. Could she have truly been dreaming of Naruto as a child? Were the red-haired woman and the blond male his parents? Who exactly was that kind, old gentleman? There were so many unanswered questions.

"Am I losing my mind?" She wondered for it most likely felt like it.

Naruto felt worry for the blonde female. Perhaps he should take her to talk with someone especially since she did want to talk to him just as badly as he wished to verbally communicate with her. Although they had really been able to communicate just fine for the most part they were each longing for more. He leaned forward while putting his forehead to hers. He breathed a sigh.

"Ino-chan I'm worried about you."

That's funny she had been more worried about him than herself.

"We need to…" She cut him off by suddenly capturing his lips into a kiss. His eyes went wide for a moment. He had wanted to be the one to kiss her first but found himself soon relaxing into the soft kiss. She put her arms around his shoulders in order to deepen it. By god she wanted this. She wanted this for so long.

"He isn't pulling away." she thought happily.

Naruto hadn't pulled away in fact his arms went around her waist as he pulled her closer. Their kiss only intensified with the passing minutes. He ended up letting out a light moan into her mouth. He hadn't ever felt quite like this before. There was so much heat and desire flowing through him and at this rate he'd get a hard on once again. Soon both blonds broke away for some much needed air.

"Wow," he breathed then laughed. "That's not fair Ino-chan. I wanted to be the one to kiss you first. I guess you were tired of waiting for me."

"Hm," she thought in amusement. "Well you could have moved a bit faster." She joked to herself then pinched his cheek lightly.

He laughed again. "Okay, okay point taken. It was a nice kiss, a very nice kiss."

She agreed completely with him because it was nice and it felt so good. It was a kiss that was worth the long wait. She'd do it again in a heartbeat.

"That was better than when you first kissed me, huh?"

She turned red quickly as she remembered when they first met and how she kissed him so suddenly upon awakening. She still really didn't know why that was. It had been an instant reaction just like the incident with the random arrow.

"Yeah that felt right too. It felt like I just had to protect you Naruto. I don't know why but I must protect you.

"I guess it's safe to say that you like me too." He grinned which right away touched her heart.

"I more than like you Naruto. It's so much more than that."

"I'm glad that we know each other. I honestly can't think of life without you in it."

She agreed. "I don't think I'd really want to be a part form you anyway Naruto."

"I only want to take care of you Ino-chan."

"I want to take care of you."

He got silent but soon found his voice once again. "I don't want to push this but I think it might be helpful if one day we see a therapist."

She tensed up a bit at what he said. That wasn't anything at the top the blonde's wish list but at this point she wasn't sure if she had seen another way.

"Perhaps I should. I do feel like I may be losing it a bit here."

Naruto gently rubbed her shoulder. "I'll go with you when you're ready." He reminded her that had no intention of pushing her on this, but did want her to know she definitely had his support. He'd help her in anyway necessary.

"Does that sound okay to you Ino-chan?"

"Sure," she agreed then hugged him tightly. Naruto was only concerned for her well-being. Ino knew she had a lot to figure out especially with those dreams that were so full and vivid. The second one had been much stronger than the first.

"What does it all mean?"

She wanted to be able to say this was all in her head but that would be a flat out lie since she didn't feel like it was. There was more to this she knew it.

"Naruto," she mentally sighed. "I don't suppose you have any answers, huh?"

It would be easier if he did but even if he somehow did she couldn't find out simply because of the fact that she was unable to speak with him. They truly needed to find a solution for that.

"Perhaps talking to someone will help." She didn't see the harm in giving it a try. If the silence didn't break soon Ino feared that she had no other option.

"Also if it means that I can talk to you Naruto I'll do whatever I have to do."

He soon pulled her away from him.

"We don't have to decide on anything right now. I'm here for you though."

She nodded. "I know."

"Good," he smiled. "Now are you ready to try to get back to sleep. I promise I won't hold you too tightly again just in case…." He blushed slightly as he spoke about the previous state he had been in depending on just how long he was erect she more than likely felt it. He didn't know how he felt about that. It most likely had to be weird for her sure they were getting closer and they both knew the feelings were mutual. Having her feel that was however a completely different matter. She turned red too but then laid back down into bed again. She would not refuse the chance to be close to the blond male. However to his surprise she had wrapped her arms around him from behind.

"There this could work. I don't have anything between my legs that could rise up at any time to say hello to you." She thought amused.

Naruto must have realized what she was doing because he laughed.

"Ha, I get it Ino-chan." However her brilliant plan wasn't entirely fool proof. She may have not had that particular tool but the blonde female did have two very special weapons that also couldn't be ignored.

"Mm…" he couldn't help but think as he felt those soft, round tits slightly pressing up against his back. "You do realize though." He paused.

She blinked curiously staring over at him.

"You have something that gets hard too that I can feel."

"Say what," but it didn't take her very long to realize exactly what he had been referring to. She jumped slightly. "My boobs,"

He let out another laugh. "I'm sorry but yeah I can feel them pressing up against me."

"Of course I was holding you so damn tight."

She then turned away he gave her a sort of pout.

"Aw, come on Ino-chan I thought you wanted to hold me. So do I not get any more loving now?"

She smiled her own smile at that comment. Naruto was really adorable to her in many ways. "No one is going to be holding anyone tonight, goodnight Naruto."

He sighed in defeat but still smiled. She made him feel so happy he couldn't possibly ever be truly angry with her for any reason.

"Alright," he agreed. "Sleep it is then," he did however lean over to lightly peck her on the side of her face. "Goodnight Ino-chan."