I don't even know how long this has been on my computer. It was written shortly after the pair of Soujiroh/Yuki two-shots I posted here however many months ago. I now feel the burning urge to write the pairing again, so I polished this up, and am getting set to write the next part. All together I'm thinking this will be another two-shot. Maybe three chapters if I get really carried away. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and thanks to everyone who supported me with my past Soujiroh/Yuki fics, you guys made me love the pairing even more if that's even possible. Next part shall be up soon!

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"Soujiroh, why are we here?" Akira asked again, with a heavy sigh.

The pair sat in one of the back-most rows of the darkened movie theatre. On screen, a light-hearted romantic comedy was playing. Surrounding them on all sides were teenage couples – holding hands, sharing popcorn, some too busy to actually be watching the movie.

"We have to be here." Soujiroh said, trying to not take his eyes from the film. He didn't want to let his eyes fall on any couples engaged in their lovingly silly behaviour, especially because there was no doubt the couple he'd 'accidentally' see would be… He didn't want to think about it. Why did they have to turn the lights out at movies, anyway? Here Akira and he were, attempting to protect an innocent young girl, and the staff of the cinema were just going out of their way to make it as difficult as possible. If he could just make sure that that boy's hands were not somewhere they shouldn't be…

"You do realise how over-protective and, frankly, stalker-ish this is, don't you?"

"You didn't have to come." Soujiroh replied coldly. Akira had done nothing but criticise and complain since he had got onto the back of Soujiroh's bike, following the bus which had brought the girl and her date to the theatre which they were now sat in.

"Like you could be trusted to not do something stupid on your own." Akira said, sighing again, and resting his chin on his hand.

"So you're not worried? You know what Yuki-chan's taste in men is like."

"She liked you, after all." Akira sniped.

Soujiroh chose to ignore that particular comment.

"If her last boyfriend was anything to go by, we're actually being too lax watching them from a distance. In fact, we probably should have made sure to get the seats right next to them."

"You don't think Yuki would blow her top, or at least be severely freaked out, if she knew she was being shadowed on her date like this?"

"Hmm." That was the only reason, when it came down to it, that Soujiroh hadn't let her notice his presence. Her temper had nothing on Makino's, but he still didn't trust he wouldn't be leaving the cinema without a stinging slap if she found out.

"You know though, I don't think this guy is like her last boyfriend. Makino's met him. She says he seems very decent."

Soujiroh shifted in his seat. That's exactly what she had told him when he had pressed her for details on Yuki's new love interest, and Makino was rarely a bad judge of character… but still…

Soujiroh fell into silence for the remainder of the movie. He had no idea what the plot was, or who any of the characters were. His mind was busy elsewhere as the story unravelled to its romantic and passionate climax. A few girls 'aww-ed' when the hero and heroine finally kissed.

"Psst." Akira nudged him with his elbow as the credits started rolling, and the lights gradually came on. "Should we sneak out now, or wait for the pair of them to pass?"

"Wait." Soujiroh said. There was too big a risk of them being seen if they had to hang around behind pot plants in the lobby whilst the loved-up couple made their own way out of the cinema. It was better to be on their tail.

"They're coming…" Akira said in a hushed voice, turning his face in towards Soujiroh to avoid recognition from Yuki, who seemed to be positively glowing. Soujiroh couldn't resist a quick glance. She was laughing. He was laughing. They were holding hands. Soujroh felt a distinct bolt of white-hot anger pierce through him.

"What does that jerk think he's playing at?" He hissed into Akira's ear, "Holding onto her like that, like she's his property."

"This is Yuki-chan, Soujroh. She may not be as fierce as Makino, but she can hold her own. If she wasn't happy with holding hands with him, he'd know about it."

Soujiroh forced himself to drag his eyes away.

"Huh?" A woman's voice suddenly said loudly, "Nish… Nishikado-san! Nishikado-san, is that you?!"

Soujiroh's head snapped up in an instant. A fairly attractive young woman was hopping up and down on the spot in the aisle, waving to try and catch his attention. Her date on her arm seemed all but forgotten. Her face was mildly familiar, but he couldn't concern himself to think back. All that he was aware of was that half of the movie theatre had turned to see the source of the sudden excited noise, and many eyes had fallen onto him. Including…

"Oh dear." Akira summarised his thoughts perfectly, minus the expletives he would have himself thrown in.

Yuki merely stared, her eyes wide. She may have paled a few shades, but Soujiroh wasn't sure if that was just the lights.

"Well, uh," Akira stood up, stretching, "That was… a good movie, wasn't it, Soujiroh? Good idea of yours to come and see this."

Akira was very good at taking control of difficult situations, staying calm in a crisis, and affecting confidence when Soujiroh himself wouldn't have minded being eaten up by the ground below him, but it wasn't enough. Yuki was by no means stupid, and the likelihood of her believing that the two playboys of F4 had just dropped by the local commoners' movie theatre to see the latest romantic comedy, the type of film that was reserved almost exclusively for going on dates, was extremely low.

"Nishikado-san?" The woman said again, lowering her voice a little, having picked up on his mortification.

"Don't you remember me?" She asked.

"No." He returned instantly.

She immediately looked affronted, muttered something under her breathe, and stormed out of the theatre, her boyfriend still clinging on for dear life on her arm.

Akira signalled for Soujiroh to get up and move to join Yuki in the aisle.

"Wha… what are you two… doing here?" Yuki asked, looking rather like someone had recently hit her over the head with a mallet.

"We just wanted to see this movie." Akira replied, his voice sounding relaxed. Soujiroh was uncomfortable to see that Yuki didn't even glance at Akira as he spoke, her eyes were solely on him. They were boring into him.