Part 1

Yusei awoke in a dark and unfamiliar room. He was chained to a wall by his arms and legs, and he was stripped of all his clothes except for his boxers. How did I get here? he thought.

"Ah. So you're awake…"

A figure emerged from the shadows and Yusei instantly recognized him. "Kiryu! What's going on?!" Kiryu chuckled deep in his throat and smiled maliciously. "You're a traitor, Yusei," Kiryu said, "You've committed treason, treason to Team Satisfaction." Yusei stared at him. "What?" he asked, making an absolutely dumbfounded face. "Remember when you tried to surrender Team Satisfaction to security? Remember how you betrayed me?!" Yusei blinked, distant memories rushing back to him. "Kiryu," he started, " that was three years ago. And I didn't betray you, I tried to save you-"


Kiryu whacked him across the face. Pain shot through Yusei and he let out a gasp. "I know what you did!" Kiryu hissed, "You tried to pass yourself off as the leader, and then you gave yourself up to security! Giving yourself up to the enemy is treason, Yusei, and treason is a crime! And those who commit crimes must be punished! But you already know that, don't you?" Kiryu ran a finger down Yusei's criminal marker. "Got that when you left the Satellite, didn't you?" Kiryu mused, "I know the story. Jack stole your D-Wheel and Stardust Dragon, and you went to get them back. But leaving Satellite is illegal, and you got punished for it, didn't you?" Yusei was silent. "Being betrayed hurts, doesn't it?" Kiryu said, "Hmm, Yusei?! Doesn't it?!" He punched Yusei in the face. Yusei gave a shout of pain, the skin on his lip breaking and beginning to bleed. Then Kiryu smiled. "Well, I have a mark too, also because of a betrayal…" He ran a finger down his own criminal marker, only his was dark red, not yellow.

Suddenly, Kiryu grabbed Yusei's face, and Yusei winced. "Want to know the fate of a person who goes against Security?" Kiryu whispered in Yusei's ear. "Y-you're crazy, Kiryu," Yusei said. "CRAZY?!" Kiryu jumped back, a psychotic look on his face. "You think I'm crazy, do you?!" He put his hand over his face, and took a deep breath. Then he began to laugh, and he spread out his fingers so that he could see out of one eye. "You have no idea, do you?" he said. Then he got angry. "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH!"

He took a few deep, rasping breaths, then began to laugh again. "I was tortured, molested, raped," he said, "I was no longer a person, just an object, an object that was used and trashed. I was abused and violated in so many ways… But I learned to endure it. And you know why? Because they had my deck, Yusei, my own deck… my heart and soul… and they promised to give it back if I survived my sentence. So I forced myself to live. And then…" Kiryu broke off. He clenched his fists and began to shake. Yusei saw a tear run down his cheek. "…and then… I learned the truth… Do you know what they did, Yusei? Hm?! DO YOU?!" He charged at Yusei and grabbed his throat. Yusei spluttered and choked, gasping for breath. "That day, when they took me in, when you committed treason, they not only stripped me of everything I owned, but they incinerated everything I owned! They burned my clothes, disk, and deck down to ashes! My heart and soul, gone!"

Kiryu let go of Yusei, and he panted for breath. "I had no reason to live after knowing that," Kiryu said, "I became an empty shell. I sat in my cell and waited for death. When the guards came in to rape and beat me, I let them without putting up any kind of fight. And when they left, I didn't even move, not even to put my filthy, worn out clothes back on. I just waited for death. Only in death could I be free. Life was hell. Death was escape. I just wanted everything to be over. I couldn't take it anymore. I gave up. On everything…" He paused, but then continued, "Then, in my last moments of suffering, who should come to me but this guy…" Kiryu pulled out a card from his pocket and stuck it in Yusei's face. "Read it," Kiryu ordered him. Yusei stared at the card, reading the words. "Out loud!" Kiryu hissed, slapping him across the face. "E-Earthbound God… Ccapac Apu…" Yusei stammered. Kiryu smiled.

"That's right," he said, "In my last few breaths, Ccapac Apu came to me. He asked me if I had one wish before I died. With my last breath, I whispered, "yes…" and then I fell into darkness. "I will grant your wish…" Ccapac Apu said to me, and suddenly, I could breathe again. I felt an immense power inside me. I was alive again, as a Dark Signer! I could make my wish come true! And do you know what that wish was, Yusei?" Kiryu gripped Yusei's face painfully. "It was to be with you! You, who has wronged me in so many ways! You, who has committed treason against me! You, who was the cause of my death!" He let go of Yusei. "And that wish was granted. I have you in my possession now, Yusei. And I'm going to do whatever I want to you. I'm going to put you through everything I went through and more!" Kiryu laughed with the voice of a crazy man.

"Y-You're mad!" Yusei gasped, "Kiryu, you've gone insane! You're sick! You need help!" "Help? I don't need help. I have everything I need right in this room…" Kiryu began to walk around, searching for something. "You see, Yusei," he began, picking something up, "not only did you betray me, but you also broke my heart. You were the person I loved most in this world. Yet, you betrayed me, and gave up the other thing I loved most in this world; Team Satisfaction." Kiryu was holding a blind fold in his hand. "But Kiryu, don't you understand?!" Yusei shouted, "I didn't commit treason! I was trying to save you, Kiryu! Because you're my friend!"

"LIAR!" Kiryu spat, striking Yusei across the face, "YOU NEVER LOVED ME!" Yusei felt his lip bleeding. Kiryu began to laugh. "No… you never loved me… but soon, you will. I'll make you. I'll teach you how to love. I'll be the only thing you know. I'll be your mind, your thoughts, your actions…"

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Yusei hissed. "You'll find out soon enough…" Kiryu told him. He began to tie the blind fold across Yusei's face. "You're sight is being taken from you, for the time being," he explained, "until you learn your lesson. Until you prove you're worthy enough to see me." Yusei thrashed his head around. "You're out of your mind, Kiryu!" he yelled, "You need help! You need to let me go!" Kiryu slammed Yusei's head into the wall. "You need to be punished for your crime!" Kiryu hissed. He closed his hand around Yusei's throat, and Yusei coughed and gasped for air. "You are no longer a person! You're an object, a toy! And you belong to me! I can do whatever I want with you. No one's going to stop me, and you're powerless. All I need to do is figure out how to control you…"

Kiryu let him go. Yusei panted for breath. "So what, are you going to kill me or something?" Yusei asked softly. "Kill you? No no no… that wouldn't satisfy me at all… How would you learn anything that way? No, Yusei, I'm not going to kill you. I'm going to torture you, and beat you, and make you taste the true meaning of fear… But I'll also please you, pleasure you, make you feel bliss, just so I can rip it all away and make you miserable again. I'm going to make you love me, and love what I do. I'm going to make you blame yourself, hate yourself. I'm going to control you!" Kiryu laughed hysterically. "You're sick," Yusei spat. "Sure, you say that now," Kiryu said, taking out a handkerchief and wiping Yusei's bloody lip, "but soon, you'll think differently…"

There was silence. Yusei just silently hung from the chains keeping him to the wall. Kiryu looked him up and down. What should he do first? He ran two fingers down Yusei's chest. Yusei made a noise and squirmed. Kiryu smiled. He touched Yusei's ear, and Yusei's head snapped back in surprise. Kiryu poked Yusei's left side, and Yusei jerked away. "What are you doing?!" Yusei hissed. Kiryu chuckled. He ran his hand across Yusei's stomach. Yusei squirmed again. "S-stop!" he shouted. Kiryu ran his hand lower, right at Yusei's boxer line. "Stop! Don't touch there!" Yusei gasped, jerking around. Kiryu knelt down and licked the lining of where Yusei's boxers and skin met. Yusei shivered, goose bumps appearing on his body. "Stop Kiryu! What the hell are you doing?!" Kiryu chuckled, then licked Yusei all the way up to his neck. "You taste so good…" he whispered in Yusei's ear, his hot breath brushing Yusei's cheek, "Want to know what I taste like?" Yusei leaned away and opened his mouth to argue, but Kiryu immediately shoved his tongue into Yusei's mouth.

Yusei made violent motions, trying to break away, but Kiryu held onto him. He moved his tongue all around the inside of Yusei's mouth. Yusei made pained, distressed moaning noises. Kiryu finally removed his tongue from Yusei's mouth. Yusei spit the slimy contents of his mouth out. He spat several more times before finally speaking. "What is wrong with you?!" he hissed, "That was disgusting!" "No, it was delicious!" Kiryu said, licking his lips. "Kiryu, you have lost your mind," Yusei said, "Whatever happened to you in jail must have caused you to snap. You were never like this befo-" "AND GUESS HOW I CAME TO BE IN JAIL, YUSEI!" Kiryu shouted, "YOU! Everything I've been through… everything they put me through… It's all your fault!"

Yusei suddenly heard a crack and felt a stinging pain like nothing he had ever felt before. He screamed, and it came again, and again, and again. Kiryu was whipping him with a belt. Yusei couldn't stop tears of pain from running down his face. His body felt like it was on fire. Yusei knew that Kiryu was taking his anger out on him. Then the lashing stopped. Yusei was shaking. "Kiryu…" Yusei whispered weakly, "I-I'm… sorry…" "I'm sure you are," Kiryu said. He stroked Yusei's chin, then gave him a kiss on the top of his forehead. "That's your lesson for today," Kiryu said. Yusei's whole body was sore. He just wanted to lay down and sleep.

"K-Kiryu…" Yusei said quietly. "What?" he answered. "Can I… can I lay down?" Kiryu laughed. "You haven't earned that privilege yet," he said. "Please… I just want to lay down… and sleep…" "Nope," Kiryu said. Yusei's limbs became limp and his head fell forward. There was silence. "I… I thought… I thought we were… friends…" Yusei murmured. "Friends don't commit treason against other friends," Kiryu said coldly. "I didn't! I didn't betray you!" Yusei shouted, picking his head back up, "I was trying to save you, Kiryu! Why don't you understand that?!" Yusei pulled at his chains. "It should have been me, Kiryu! I should have been the one to go to jail and be abused, not you! I really, really tried to save you!" Kiryu backhanded Yusei across the face and Yusei let out a yelp. "You were going to give up Team Satisfaction to Security in order to "save" me!" Kiryu growled, "You were going to surrender! Team Satisfaction never gives up! We go down with our team! By surrendering, you betrayed me and committed treason against the whole team, and everything we stood for! If only you hadn't tried to give yourself up… I could have died peacefully in jail!"

Yusei burst into tears. It's all my fault… Yusei thought, I'm the reason why Kiryu couldn't die peacefully… I deserve this treatment… He suddenly felt arms around him. "That's right Yusei, it's all your fault," Kiryu whispered into his ear. "Kiryu… I'm so sorry…" Yusei sobbed, putting his face against Kiryu's body. "I know you are," Kiryu said, "and now you have to pay for your mistakes. You're my slave, my toy, and you'll learn to like it." Kiryu let him go. Yusei just hung limply from his chains, quietly sobbing, and eventually, he fell into a distressful sleep.