Part 3

When Yusei awoke, his first thought was that his arms and legs were extremely sore. He was being held up by his arms, after all. He gave a load groan.

"What's your problem?" Kiryu grunted.

"My arms…" Yusei complained, "They're really sore…" He groaned again.

"Fine. I suppose I can let you down for a little while," Kiryu replied.

"Really? You mean it?" Yusei said hopefully.

"Sure, you little pussy," Kiryu sneered. Yusei frowned. Was there some kind of catch?

But Kiryu kept his word. He took out a key and unlocked Yusei's arm shackles, catching him as he fell. His feet remained chained.

Yusei gave a relaxed sigh. It felt so unimaginably good to just lay there and let his aching muscles rest. He was so achy that he couldn't even move. He had never thought the ground could be so wonderful before. He didn't even mind when he felt Kiryu hand cuff his hands behind his back.

Yusei suddenly felt hands on him. Kiryu was… massaging him! It felt so good, Yusei let out a moan.

"So you like that, hm?" Kiryu cooed. He made his way down Yusei's back. He got to a certain spot that made Yusei jolt and arch hid back.

"Oooh, right there~" he gasped, and Kiryu massaged that one spot. Yusei twitched and moaned. He felt so good, and let his mind go blank. He eventually drifted into a light snooze. He didn't even notice when Kiryu had stopped. He didn't hear the sound of something being unzipped, and clothes falling to the floor.

"Say, Yusei… why don't you sit up a little?" Kiryu suggested. Yusei mindlessly did what he said. He couldn't use his arms, so he pulled himself back. He was arched strangely, his butt in the air, but he couldn't sit up anymore.

"I need help…" Yusei muttered. He was half dazed by his relaxed state.

"No no, you're good," Kiryu said, "Just stay like that."

"Why do you want me like this?" Yusei asked groggily. But suddenly, Yusei felt Kiryu dig his knee into his legs and grab his handcuffed arms. He felt skin against skin, and hist eyes shot open (not that he could see). It was a trap! He had just played right into Kiryu's trap! Kiryu had climbed on top of him with all of his clothes removed.

"N-No…! Wait…!" Yusei shouted desperately.

"It's too late, Yusei," Kiryu said, "All your moaning has got me worked up, and now I need to be satisfied…"

Kiryu has Yusei helplessly pinned to the ground. With one hand, he held Yusei down by his arms. With the other, he pulled down Yusei's boxers.

"NO! WAIT!" Yusei cried desperately, struggling helplessly. Suddenly, Yusei felt something long and slender being forced into him, into a place he did not want anything going into. That was a place things came out of, not went in to. Even his body knew that, as it contracted, trying to force out the foreign object. But Kiryu forced it in deeper, moaning as he did so. Yusei screamed and writhed, unable to stop tears running down his face.

"GET IT OUT OF ME! GET IT OUT OF ME!" he screamed and sobbed. But the screaming and writhing only made Kiryu enjoy it more. He thrusted in and out of Yusei, moaning with pleasure, as Yusei gasped and sobbed, unable to do anything about it. And then, Yusei felt something strange shoot into him as Kiryu made a gasping noise. Yusei squealed, feeling it inside him. It didn't belong there, and it felt extremely uncomfortable.

Kiryu gave a final thrust, then pulled out for good. Yusei immediately felt his body reject the substance Kiryu had put in it as it expelled it all over his legs. It was warm and goey. Yusei was shaking and sniveling. Kiryu moved to Yusei's front.

"I haven't been that satisfied in a while," he praised Yusei, "You did pretty well for your first time…" He went to stroke Yusei's face, but as soon as he touched him, Yusei jolted back violently.


Yusei scrambled as far away as his chains would let him. He was breathing extremely hard, like he had been holding his breath for the past five minutes. Kiryu walked over to his pitiful body.

"How do you think I felt the first time it happened to me, Yusei?" Kiryu snarled. Yusei burst into heavy, uncontrollable sobs. Kiryu knelt down, lifted up Yusei, and hugged him.

"K-Kiryu…" he sobbed, "Kiryu… Kiryu… Kiryu…" Kiryu rubbed his back reassuringly.

"You're taking this better than I did…" Kiryu whispered.

Yusei continued to sob. It seemed like forever, but finally, Yusei quieted down and fell asleep, along with Kiryu.