hello everyone, rather than work on already existing fics, I'm starting a new one! yay for non-existent responsibility!

...erm, anyway, I saw that this archive is sinfully empty (well nearly empty, anyway) so you can't really blame me for trying to fill it up. this manga needs more love, so my sister, dandelion-heart, and myself have issued each other twenty 250-word drabble challenges for this series (please go check hers out!). my collection is Obi-centric (I love his character :D), but it will branch out and encompass other characters as well. enjoy!

Theme~ #1: Do You Want to Fight Me?

There is dust in the air and glaring sunlight. He shifts slightly, trying to maintain his fighting stance, keep his breathing even, and above all, not look at the reddened sand and glazed eyes littered around him.

The air stirs audibly and he glances up, squinting.

"…do you want to fight me?"

He holds back a cough, trying not to breathe from his nose or mouth but still retain air. Regardless, sandy grit creeps and settles into his lungs and eyes and ears. His own heavy breathing seems to resonate deafeningly, pounding in tandem with his heart, to crush against his skull. He exhales slowly, narrowing his eyes, and tries not to let the pain and fatigue show.

From this distance he can see that the man's eyes are flat and staring, his features slack but his form unyielding. He swallows, letting his blurry gaze drift to the open cut on the man's brow, and half-grins. The man seems to notice this and speaks again, the low voice biting.

"Are you sure you want to fight me?"

His grin dissolves and he shudders involuntarily instead, feeling his knees give way and the sky and sun and man spiral sideways. Then there is ground pressing painfully on his side, squeezing his churning innards so that he retches. Hot bile and heated curses dribble from his lips.

"Then don't break," the man drawls, drawing out the words.

And the dust in the air and the man's midnight eyes drown all else out.

I always thought that Obi was portrayed as a man with a mysterious past, so I decided to delve into that and the little cut on his forehead. the whole time I was writing this, I was listening to the amazingly addicting Venus Hum song "Do You Want to Fight Me?" if you listen to the song, you can really feel the mood of this piece, and see where the inspiration came from.

so, would you like to tell me what you think?