it's here. at long last. the end of this drabble collection. it's really been a blast you guys, and I hope that the ride has been just as great for you as it was for me. thank you to all my reviewers/favorite-ers/alert-ers. I deliberately saved this prompt for last; this one's for you guys.

Theme~ #12: Kiss

He was there, right in front of her, his words still hanging in the air for her to taste the trepidation.

I can't lie to myself anymore.

And with so little said, they both realized that they know exactly what he meant, what he really wanted to say... She bit her lip, brow creasing, and his fists clenched.

And then it was all lost in that first wavering second when he suddenly came closer, bridging the distance between them.

(you can't think, you can't speak, you can't breathe-)

Her eyes were wide, wider than he'd seen them, and her parted lips were hot and soft against his. A bright flush dusted her cheeks, creeping under her shirt where the flesh tingled beneath the papery fabric. Somehow, during those brief seconds of contact, his hand had wound itself into her hair, tightening its hold on the apple-red locks spilling over his fingers, and his arm had snaked easily around her thin waist to crush her closer.

She shuddered slightly as his thumb traced her jaw and wildly throbbing pulse, and her fingers fisted into his shirt, poised to either push him away or pull him deeper into the kiss. Then his touch sank lower to brush at her open collar, and lower still to glide over her heated skin in liquid sparks-

When she wakes up, hair tousled and legs tangled in the bedsheets, she gulps the air back into her deflated lungs and tries to stop her hammering heart from shattering into a million jagged pieces.

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