Title: Playing With Fire

Summary: Vernon finally goes too far and Harry kills all of the Dursleys and who should show up right after Harry goes dark but Voldemort and his most trusted death eaters.

Author: Property of Professor Snape

Rating: M

Characters: Harry Potter Voldemort/Tom Marvolo Riddle Severus Snape Lucius Malfoy

Word Count: 133

Genres: Horror Hurt/Comfort Angst Humor

Warnings: Very dark themes graphic sex murder

Disclaimer: I do not, have not, and will not ever own Harry Potter. *Sniff* Great now you've gone and reminded me of that fact and that's a whole other set of issues I have to bring up in my next session with Bob my psychiatrist. BOB?!?!?! Bob is no longer available he has committed suicide, because he can no longer deal with PoPS seriously screwed up tortured mind.

A/N: This is a new fic that came to me literary out of the blue and ii just had to start writing but don't worry I'm still writing 'What If?' Again review if you loved or hated it but please review. I know it's kind of short but then again it is just a prologue.


They say that if you cage the beast the beast gets angry.

They say that if you play with fire you'll get burned.

They also said that Harry Potter was a good little boy.

Two out of three of these things are right and one is wrong, can you guess which. Harry Potter is a caged beast on the edge of his braking point just itching to play with fire because he wants to get burned. He needs to get burned.

This is the story of how people kept caging the beast and poking it with a stick. This is a story of how Harry Potter got free, of how Harry Potter got to play with fire. This is a story of how Harry Potter got burned, and how much he loved it.