The legend of Zelda The Ed-waker

Not so long ago, before the winds of change blew, there existed three young boys. Though they were very different from each other, they were friends that shared many things; including an island called Outset Island. One was stronger than a ship's mast, and, frankly, about as bright as one. The second lacked his friend's strength, but had wisdom exceeding his years. The third was cunning and wise in the ways of money, but in general fell short of his friend's gifts. Other than this, they shared all they had: their names, their struggles, their adventures, and one other thing that would lead them on a wild journey across the great sea and uncover the mysteries of their homeland. For you see, when a boy turns twelve on Outset, he is considered an adult worthy of an ancient legend. And the Eds, as other islanders knew them, happened to share the same birthday

"Ed, ED!!!" young Sarah shrieked at the top of her lungs as she raced across the warm sandy beaches of her island home. "Where could that moron be? ED!!!!!" this third high-pitched yelp was strong enough to carry to a house yards away, and loud enough to awaken the boy resting inside. His sock-like hat formed an arch where his eyes and bulbous nose pressed together and formed a tiny triangle in the center of his face. He yawned, exposing his spring-green tongue and gap teeth, and through a nearby window he called "Whatever Ed's done this time, I'm sure he didn't mean it." Startled by this, Sarah looked up and replied, "Oh, it's you, Double d. What are you doing in Sturgeon's house?" the little redhead asked. "Oh, well I was reading some of his manuscripts and I've seemed to have dosed off, compelling reads, really and-" Sarah cut him off "yeah, yeah, I don't want a book review, Where's my idiot brother?"

"I'm not sure, but I could probably help you find him, if you want." Double d, despite lingering sleepiness, could recall what a special day it was "oh joy," he thought now "today is a quintessential day in our lives, we'll be treated as adults forevermore!" as Double d left Sturgeon's apartment Sarah resumed her troubles "My mom wanted me to give him this stupid tunic for his birthday, how come I never get any gifts on my birthday?" Double d knew this complaint all too well, "Today's a special birthday for him, and for myself and Eddy. Tradition states we must wear this on our twelfth birthday. Which reminds me, my parent's will be disappointed if I myself am not in respectful garb, I should change. Wait here, I'll only be a moment."

Double d ran down the dirt path that led to his home. Once inside he searched the tiny cottage till he found the ceremonial tunic and hat lying on the second floor. A sticky note on top of the pile of clothes said: "happy birthday son, when we get home, we'll celebrate! Love, mom and dad." They were said to be mottled after the garbs of a legendary hero who vanquished evil long ago. Double d was glad for one thing: the hat was just like the one he wore to cover his head-scar after "the accident" and his old hat was nearly threadbare. As he changed, his eyes met the family shield where it hung in honor of the hero. "I wonder what the hero was like," he thought, "he must have been exceedingly brave to vanquish such an evil menace" just as he pulled on the cap did he hear the ruckus outside.

"WOAH! JIMMY, STOP THIS CRAZY THING!" as Double d ran outside he beheld an unusual sight. A wild beast was tossing about a short boy with three black hairs. This was One of Double d's best friends, Eddy. He was hanging on for dear life to a charcoal-black pig that seemed to believe it was a bronco, while Jimmy, a young local boy, watched and yelled "Don't hurt it Eddy!" not wanting the horrible spectacle to continue, double d cried out, "EDDY, YOU'RE FRIGHTINING THE POOR CREATURE!" the pig stopped then, but inertia carried eddy into the nearby Cliffside with a loud "thud!" Double d gathered several berries from a nearby bush and called to the pig while spreading the berries on the ground, "there, now, you'll attract more flies with honey than with vinegar."

"Oh, let me guess," Eddy mumbled sarcastically as he regained consciousness, "another proverb from old man Sturgeon!" though Eddy was short for his age he made up for it in attitude. Double d, while petting the pig and soothing it, met Eddy's gaze and casually retorted, "you may not like him Eddy, but he knows a lot of useful information. For example, these berries, known as mouseberries, are commonly mixed with cornmeal to make an all-purpose pet food."

"Wowzers, Double d!" Jimmy squealed with delight, "You and Sturgeon must be the smartest people in the world!"

"Thank-you Jimmy. I-" Eddy pushed Double d aside and held out his hand towards Jimmy. "Out of the way, Sockhead! Ok, got'cha your pig, that'll be 25 rupees!"

"Eddy, I'm ashamed of you!" Double d shouted as his friend. Eddy froze in terror, but not because he was being convicted by Double d. A large, broad shouldered young man now stood behind Double d. his sea-blue hair glistened in the sun, and you could almost see blue stubble on his chin. Double d didn't notice the man's presence, and thus continued his rant, " Not only have you stolen Rolf's pig, the pig he's tirelessly raised for months, but add to it plan to sell it to Jimmy at a price you KNOW he can't afford! You aught to be-" suddenly, He sensed the man's presence, and turned around to see. "Oh Hello Rolf!" he announced surprised. "Stealing Rolf's pigs yet again, Flat-As-a-Deck-Head Ed boy!?!" Rolf yelled in a rage. "Uh, I just…" was all Eddy could say. "Oh Rolf, he took the piggy for me! If anyone's to blame it's my want of a pet." Rolf's anger was gone as soon as it came, "Well then, fluff-head Jimmy, if you're willing to take care of it, I'll let you take him for Eddy's offered price." Jimmy's heart sank; he only had a few small rupees. Double d came to his aid, "Save your rupees, he's on me." Double d fished through his pockets, but only found one red rupee, good for twenty. "Oh dear." He whispered as he handed the rupees to Rolf "it seems I'm a tad short at the moment, perhaps I could-"

"No need, Double-d-edd-boy" he replied, "Your kindness has warmed the heart of the grandson-of-a-warrior, twenty rupees will do, yah!" and with that Rolf left for his grandfather Orcas house, and Jimmy giggled "thank-you Double d! Now what am I going to name this little oinky-woinky!" and with that he returned to his house. "Way to go, sockhead!" Eddy yelled at Double d. "Well," Double d replied matter-of-factly, "if you want money so badly, tomorrow's your chance. Once your twelve, you're considered old enough to make your own decisions, such as finding a job or leaving." Eddy's spirit lightened, "Oh, Yeah! I know what I'm doing… I'll hop on that merchant-guy's boat,"

"You mean Beedle?" Double d asked. "Yeah, that guy's! And I'll get him to take me to Windfall Island, then it'll be smooth sailing from there! They DO call it the 'island made of money!"

"Yes well, that all sounds quaint, but we really should find Ed, and you should be in the ceremonial garbs!" Double d commented on Eddy's usual yellow tee shirt and jeans. "NO WAY AM I DRESSIN UP LIKE THAT!" Eddy sharply retorted. "But Eddy, it's tradition!"

"Forget tradition, I HATE getting clothes for my birthday, and especially dorky duds like that" Eddy hated being thought of as a dork, "Eddy, Nazz and Kevin are gone, so there's no reason to-" "DON'T REMIND ME!" Eddy yelled sharply "There's no way I'm wearing that!"

"You'll wear that tunic young man if the Whole village's gotta force ya!" Cried a stout old man from the balcony of a nearby house. "Everyone who's ever lived on this island's worn the hero's clothes, and I'll be darned if you're the first not to, now git!"

"Augh, fine!" Eddy marched sullenly to his home. Double d started to follow, but turned back for just a moment, "Thank-you, Sturgeon." He said to the old man. " Oh, always happy to help, I'm looking forward to tomorrow!" Eddy, who overheard the last part slowed down to match his friend's speed, "Tomorrow, wait a minute! What're YOU doing tomorrow?" he asked accusingly. "Unlike you," Double d replied, "I will be staying here and studying under Sturgeon in the ways of the world"

"YOU"RE STAYING ON THIS ONE-BOAT ISLAND?!?" Eddy shouted in disbelief.

"I don't see much reason in leaving this island. Rolf's still here, and he's not filled with wanderlust, and neither am I." Before they entered Eddy's house, he retorted, "Well while your wasting these years behind a stack of books, I'll actually BE in the real world, so there!" as Eddy changed in a secluded cove in his house, Double d admired a pictograph on his wall, on it Eddy stood next to a taller man who was garbed in a larger form of hero's clothes, "I suppose this was taken on your brother's twelfth birthday?" Eddy reemerged and replied, " Yep, just before he left." "Whatever happened to him?" "Last time I heard, he was working on some pirate ship, any way's let's find Ed!"

Sarah was waiting near Eddy's house, with Jimmy in tow. "Have you found him?" she asked impatiently. "Yeah, yeah, we're getting to that!" Eddy barked back, he and Sarah never really "hit it off". "Maybe he's sailed away, never to return!" Jimmy hypothesized. "Well, that's a decent theory Jimmy," Double d consulted, " but the last small boat in good working order was taken a week ago when Johnny left. Besides, Ed would've told us if he left so soon, I honestly think he's sleep-walked somewhere and is still sleeping there." "Yah, ok!" Eddy agreed, "So where do you think he IS?"

"Well, the path to the forest has been blocked by trees for bridge repairs, and if he wandered out into the ocean, the shock would've woken him up, and we've checked all the households in the village, including his own. So that leaves one likely place…" his eyes scanned upwards to a large tower that overlooked miles of Open Ocean, as the others followed Double d's gaze, the tower's code-name came to their lips and came forth as one… "Aryll's Lookout!"

"The history of this tower goes back to when Sturgeon and Orca were children, but the actual name 'Aryll's Lookout' is only a few decades old-"

"We don't need a tour guide Double d" Eddy Yelled to his friend, "Just keep climbing!" soon all four of them were on top of the platform and looking down on a sleeping figure. Curled up in a purple blanket he snored like a half-dead moblin, while standing he'd be considered to be the tallest boy on the island. One long mono-brow formed a ridge over his closed eyes, but he appeared to have no chin. "Well, seems like my Hypothesis was indeed correct!" normally just hearing others on the platform would wake a person up, but Ed was a heavy sleeper "Ed, Ed," cooed Eddy before roaring "WAKE UP PRINCESS!" Ed jolted up in surprise, but seeing his friends and his sister put him in his usual gleeful mood. "HI GUYS!" he happily shouted. "Ed, do you remember what day it is?" Double d asked patiently. "Uh, Friday?" he answered, "The idiot's still half asleep!" Sarah exclaimed. " Now Ed, surly you must remember," Ed puzzled over it for a few seconds, until Eddy lost his patience "IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY, STUPID!" Ed leapt to his feet with joy then "OH BOY! THAT MEANS I'M OLD ENOUGH TO USE A SWORD AND VANQUISH THE GREAT EVIL!" They all gave him the "Ed: the village idiot" look before Eddy replied sarcastically, "Good luck finding monsters, bonehead!" But Double d came to his defense "Actually Eddy, according to the legend, there were once monsters in the world, perhaps they're still are . . ." The two youngsters perked up at the mention of a legend, "Really, a legend?" Jimmy asked

"My, yes, it's the reason we dress like this on our twelfth birthday. No one's ever told you it?" both Sarah and Jimmy shook their heads," "Well, then I guess I'll have to tell you before you grow too old for stories."

"Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden, it was a prosperous land, blessed with green fields, tall mountains, and peace"

"Yawn," interrupted Eddy. "Yes, well," Double d continued, "but one day, a man of great evil found the golden power and took it for himself. With its strength at his command, he spread darkness throughout the kingdom"

"Compelling." Commented Ed, "thank you, But then, when all hope had died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand…." He paused a moment to read the audiences' faces, all of whom were comptemplating the next turn of the story. "…. A young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding the blade of evil's bane, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light." "Ooooh, neat-o" squeaked Jimmy "This boy, who traveled through time to save the land, was known as the hero of time. The boy's tale was passed down through generations until it became a legend," "I think we get it," Sarah stated slightly annoyed, "but there's more!" Double d assured "a day came when a fell wind began to blow across the kingdom. The great evil all had thought had been sealed away by the hero, once again crept forth from the depths of the earth, eager to resume its dark designs. The people believed the hero of time would again come to save them…" suspense lingered on their faces, " But the hero did not appear. Faced by an onslaught of evil, the people could do nothing but appeal to the gods. In the last hour, as doom drew nigh, they left their future in the hands of fate. What became of this kingdom?" he searched his companion's faces for an answer and then continued, "none remain who know. The memory of that kingdom vanished, but it's legend survived on winds breath," he said gesturing to the flowing air currents, " On our island, it's become customary to garb boys in green when they turn twelve, speaking of which, Ed, we've brought your hero's clothes." Ed smiled and stripped down to his underwear without hesitation. "ED!" Eddy and Sarah simultaneously yelled as they were barraged with filthy clothing. "Such a time also allows a boy, now considered a man, to make his own decisions in life. Some, like Ed for example, will find swords and hunt down 'monsters'. While others, like Rolf and myself, will and have chosen to make this island our PERMANENT home. While others still, like Kevin, Johnny, and Eddy, have chosen to sail off to live on far away islands to earn a living and find their destiny." Ed and Jimmy gasped when they learned Eddy's plan. "PAL OF MINE, DO NOT LEAVE US!" Ed cried in distress. "Sorry lumpy," Eddy replied slyly " But I'll never strike it rich in this sorry swamp! I'm going places!"

" Good riddance, if you ask me!" replied Sarah coldly. "You know, now that I really think about it," Double d reminisced, " this day may be the last time we ever see each other." Huge tears were rolling down Ed's face, Eddy's con man image melted into a slightly softer character "There goes the old team," he mumbled, Jimmy and even Sarah seemed touched by the last stand of a life-long friendship. "GROUP HUG!" Ed sobbed as he pulled Eddy and Double d into one of his famous backbreaking hugs.

"Ow!" Double d yelped as something hard pressed against his thigh, "Ed is there something in your pocket?"

"Not I, Double d." "Well then, that must mean something is in mine." Double d reached into his pocket and pulled out a tapered cylinder with glass on both ends. It was painted red and yellow and adorned with tiny seagulls. On the larger end a sticky note read: "Dear Eddward, consider this a special gift. Boy, does it bring back memories…. Use it well, Dad." He didn't need to examine it long to know what exactly it was. "IT'S AN ARYLL GRADE TELISCOPE!" Eddy yelled excitedly. "That's the highest quality of telescope there is!" Sarah gasped. " How'd you get it?" Eddy asked accusingly. "Well, my dad DOES make telescopes among other things, so it would only make sense that he can get them for free, like Kevin can get jawbreakers. They say you can see for miles with an Aryll." Double d reasoned as he examined the sea. "Oh, oh! Can I see it Double d?" Ed asked with glee. "Of course, Ed." After giving Ed the telescope and teaching him which end you look through, Ed examined all he could see from there. "That name…. Aryll, show's up a lot around here," Eddy commented " What do you think it means?"

"Maybe the telescope's named after the lookout?" Sarah suggested.

"Actually," Double d replied, "I believe both the landing and the telescope were named after a girl that Sturgeon mentioned in one of his journals, she-"

"GUY'S LOOK!" Ed yelled focusing the telescope on the town mailbox. Standing next to it was a man who appeared to be half bird and half human. " IT IS THE LEGANDARY BIRD MAN OF MOUNT DOOM!"

Eddy gave him a weird look that could either pity or embarrassment "Try 'postman' Bonehead! And yeah, they all look like freaks." While Eddy was reprimanding Ed Double d, rolled his eyes towards the sky, that roll of the eyes would change his life forever.


"WHAT, WHERE, WHO?" Ed asked while swinging the telescope wildly trying to find the sky, nearly hitting Eddy with it. "He said 'The sky' stupid," Eddy said as he grabbed the telescope and turned it to the right direction. Through the contraption, he could see a giant bird, at least a hundred times bigger than a seagull, with grand purple feathers and a huge stone mask. "W-what's that?!?" Eddy asked in terror as Double d took a peek through the telescope, "It appears to be Helmrocodus Rex-"

"IN ENGLISH, SOCKHEAD!" Eddy yelled in annoyance of Double d's brilliance, "It's commonly known as the Helmroc King, but I can't imagine what it's doing-" Double d unintentionally focused from the bird's head to its reptilian-looking feet, and to his surprise he saw them grasping a girl. She was dressed like a boy, but feminine look about her face proved she was a girl; her short hair was tied into an unusual looking bun. " ED, EDDY, IT'S HOLDING A GIRL CAPTIVE." Eddy snatched the telescope then, "Let me see! Say, she's kinda cute…"

"EDDY, SHE'S BEING KIDNAPPED! How can you even think like that at a time like this?" Ed turned a moment north to see another unusual site.

"GUYS, LOOK!" Ed shouted as he grabbed the telescope, while Eddy hung limply from it, "IT'S THE BLACK PEARL, COME TO FETCH BACK WITTY JACK!" Ed shouted excitedly. "ED YOU IDIOT!" shouted Eddy, kicking him in the gut cartoonishly "DO YOU WANT US TO BE SUED?!?!"
It was red and black ship with a hand-carved sea monster on the prow, its sails were painted with two crossed swords, and the Jolly Roger was flying from the ship's mast. A catapult on the deck of the boat was firing huge boulders at the Helmroc King, while the Eds and other islanders watched in awe until one hit it square in the jaw. "BOOM, HEADSHOT" Eddy screeched as the bird and the girl plummeted to earth. The unconscious girl landed in the dense forest on the other side of the island, while the bird sank into the sea. Jimmy was the first to speak "You have to go save her, that's what the hero would do!"

"Why should we? We're no heroes!" Eddy barked without hesitation.

"I agree with Jimmy, after all, we may not be heroes, but we're witnesses and we can't just leave her there," Double d explained

"Oh, goody, goody!" Ed gleefully chimed, "Hero time, HERO TIME!"

"You two can go if you want. I, uh, gotta pack!"

"You're just a big chicken!" Sarah accused.

"Am not!" Eddy shot back, "I've just got better things to do…"

"Eddy," Double d reasoned softly "If you save her, she'll probably be very grateful…"

"SO!" Eddy replied.

"So she might give you a reward; like a date, or maybe some rupees-"

"WHAT'RE WE WAITING FOR?" Eddy shouted with rupees in his eyes, "LET'S GO SAVE US A MAIDEN!"
"But, Eddy, WAIT! We'll need something to protect us…"

"Not on the first date, Double d!" Eddy replied smiling.

"I MEANT A SWORD!" He shouted while blushing at the suggestion, "Who knows what could be lurking in the dark…."

After crossing the two bridges between Aryll's Lookout and the Orca/Sturgeon Residence, the Eds had a chance to speak to the only swordsman on the island, Rolf's Grandfather and mentor, Orca. "So, you want to learn the way of the sword, Eh?" he bellowed with a smile.

"Yes sir, Direly!" Double d replied

"Very Well, Rolf! Fetch the hero's sword!"

"We'll train you, first, Double d. then Ed, Then Eddy," Orca announced

"Hey, why do THEY go first?" Eddy shouted.

"Double d said he needed it direly, and Ed has been asking to learn for years, you've never really seem to care."

Orca taught the Eds how to slash up enemies and how to perform a parry attack and had them all demonstrate against Rolf.

"You boys learn fast, but unfortunately, I only have that one sword. I hope you're alright with sharing it."

"Thank-you for letting us have one at all!" Double d replied as the Ed's left the training grounds.

"Good luck, Hero-that-resembles-an-elf Ed boy!" Rolf called as the door shut.

"Well, THAT was a gas…"Eddy responded sarcastically as the three walked the path that led to the forest

"Come on, Eddy. That girl needs our help!" Double d begged.

"Begone, foul creatures of Hades!" Ed shouted as he cut a billboard in half.

"See, Ed's passionate about this. It's just like old times, Huh Eddy," Eddy and Double d watched nostalgically as Ed Hacked through trees, making a path

"Yeah, we used to have some real Adventures in these forests…" Eddy responded as they crossed the rickety overhanging bridge that led to the woods.

"We'd play soldier and explorer… until the kanker sisters set up base there of course." Double d reminded them.

Ed and Eddy stopped dead in their tracks. "Now I remember why I didn't want to come here in the first place!" Eddy yelled

"Do you think they're still there, Double d?" Ed asked like a scared child.

"I'm not sure," he lied, "but even if they were we don't have to be there for long. Just go in, save the girl, and get out."

They still looked terrified, "Ed, aren't you always talking about being a monster hunter, and we all agree the kankers are monsters, so now's your chance" Ed stood straight and tall with the sword in his hands and replied "monster hunter, Ed reporting for duty!"

"And Eddy, remember the reward?" Double d goaded. Eddy got a greedy look in his eyes when he said "reward"

"We said it ourselves, this may be the last adventure we ever go on together, and you guy's want to chicken out now?"

"NO WAY!" the Eds yelled as one.

"Good. Now let's GO!"

The forest was dense with grass and a canopy of trees blotted out most of the sun. As soon as they entered the grove Ed began slashing the grass and ki-aiing. "Ed, Give it a- Wahoo! There's money in the grass!" Eddy grabbed the sword from Ed and hacked the foliage to pieces. "I remember reading somewhere that creatures called picori hide money in grass and pots for hu- EDDY!"

"I'm RICH!" he cried rolling in cut grass and green rupees.

"Thirty seven rupees is no excuse to destroy nature" Double d replied with contempt.

"Hey, Guys, I found something!" Ed yelled from a nearby ridge. On the other side stood a creature that resembled a cross between a human and a cat, but with a pig's snout.

"What's with all the freaks?" Eddy asked while Double d pulled out his telescope and focused on the monster, "It's a bokoblin, Eddy. They're very savage, but if we sneak up on it, we should be able to-" Double d nearly had a heart attack when Ed charged the bokoblin, "Die, foul minion!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. "GO, LUMPY, GO!!!!" Eddy encouraged him. The bokoblin moved in, ready for a fight. "Eddy, we have to help Ed!" Double d panicked. But to both boys surprise, Ed bested the beast in a few quick slashes. "Ed, that was marvelous!" Double d commended.

"Well, the thing DID bring a stick to a swordfight!" Eddy laughed as he showed the others the monster's weapon of choice. "That's a boko stick," Double d announced "while making a poor weapon choice, they can be lit on fire and-"

"Yeah, whatever!" Eddy cut him off, "ONWARD!"

"Hey, isn't that where the kankers used to hang out?" Eddy asked pointing at a giant rock. "Actually, that's the abandoned fairy fountain, it was covered with a giant rock years ago, the supposed fairy still trapped inside."

"Let's blow it up!" cheered Ed.

"Now, now, Ed. That would be dangerous! Besides, We don't have that kind of firepower." Double d testified

"But to answer your question, Eddy, the kankers, if still here, would be right over in this valley" the three Eds looked into the depression, all but Double d expected to see their worst night mare…. the amorous kankers. But instead, the valley was empty. "Nope, NO KANKERS!" Eddy rejoiced

"They have sailed on to greener seas," Ed announced

Double d was distracted by something hanging from a nearby branch. It was the girl! "There she is!"

"Perfect! Now, how do we get her down…" Eddy asked.

"Well that branch doesn't look very strong," Double d planned as he climbed into the divot, " but if we work together we should be able to-"

"DOUBLE D, LOOKOUT!" Ed shouted as two bokoblins fell from the sky.

"Ed, might I borrow the sword?" he asked calmly as the monsters closed in. "Here ya go!" Ed responded shakily as Double d took the sword and exploded into a slashing rage "I-HATE-BEING-CUT-OFF-MID-SENTENCE!"

Neither monster stood a chance.

Conveniently, the girl came to just after Double d's outburst. However, not knowing her rescuers were near she struggled to free herself from the branch. And, as Double d predicted, it broke and she fell hard on the forest floor. "Good heavens! Are you all right?" Double d asked concerned as he neared the tree. "Yeah, I think so." The girl answered as the other Eds neared. For the first time they got to see her up close. She was about as tall as Double d and was slightly tan, a common trait in the great sea. However, her pointed ears are something that is VERY uncommon. Her blond hair had a sort of wild look to it, without being disheveled. She wore an orchid undershirt with a navy-blue vest, beige shorts, Greek-style sandals, gauze gauntlets and a matching red sash and bandana around her neck. A curved sword in its scabbard hung from said sash. While the Eds were evaluating her appearance, she was evaluating theirs: "What're you three wearing?" she asked judgmentally.

"See, Double d. I LOOK LIKE A DORK!"

"But Eddy, she doesn't understand the tradition." Double d replied.

"Tradition? Where am I anyway? I remember that giant bird, but after that, nothing." She asked.

"Well, we can fill in some of the blanks. This is Outset Island. I'm Edd, but everyone calls me Double d-"

"I am Ed! Monster-hunter!"

"And I'm Eddy! I was the one who rescued you by the way!"

"Sure you did." The girl replied sarcastically "Well they call me-"
"miss Tetra!" a deep voice called from across the forest. Waving from the entrance of the woods was a man, a little taller than Ed with a load of muscles. Within seconds he was on the other side of the forest. "Oh miss Tetra, I'm so glad you're safe!" the man confessed "I was so worried when that bird dropped you on this summit."

"That bird dropped me on top of a mountain?" Tetra questioned, "Well, that wasn't very nice of it! Don't just stand there, let's go teach that bird a lesson!"

"But miss, what about these three?" the man asked.

"Yeah, I saved your life!" Eddy gloated

"Never mind them, they'll find their way back on their own, their 'brave, heroic' locals." And with that Tetra and the man left.

"I think she digs me!" Eddy declared when she was out of earshot. "Eddy, It was obvious she couldn't care less about your over inflated ego." Double d objected

"Whatever. Forget Beedlejuice-"

"Beedle" Double d corrected.

"Whatever! I'm heading for Windfall with those guys!"

"How do you even know they're going that way?"

"I'll use the old Eddy charm! Oh Tetra!" Eddy yelled as he dashed away.

"Oh well," Double d sighed, "come on, Ed" but Ed was on his knees, sobbing, "The trio is no more!"

"Oh, come now Ed, I'm still here-" "But I have to leave to fight monsters, I'm so conflicted!"

Double d thought this over for a moment and thought of a good way to cheer him up: "Ed, I heard your parents are making your favorite soup tonight."

"Butter toast and gravy bisque?"



They emerged from the forest to see Eddy talking to Tetra.

"So, I need a way off this crummy old island and you guys- "We're not a ferry system, and we've got better things to do!" Tetra sharply answered

"Ironic, huh Eddy!" Double d scorned.

"ED!" called Sarah from across the bridge.

"Yes baby sister!" Ed replied with a twinge of fear.

"MOM told me to get you, IT'S TIME FOR LUNCH!" She barked as they crossed the bridge

Tetra was laughing hysterically at Sarah's control of Ed, she wouldn't be laughing for long….

One thing's for certain…. no one saw the Helmroc King coming. Before anyone could react, it tore the bridge in two, and made a desperate pass for Tetra, but instead grabbed Sarah.

"ED, HELP!" she thrashed within the talons as it flew away.

"BABY SISTER! I'LL SAVE YOU!" Ed charged after the bird as if he could land on it with a mere jump, and maybe he could've, but that was where the cliff ended. "WAIT UP MONOBROW!" Eddy Yelled as he grabbed Ed's tunic. Alas, Eddy was too short and Ed's weight pulled him off the cliff too. "OH MY LORD!" Double d shouted as he grabbed Eddy by the ankles. Did I mention how little physical strength Double d has? It almost looked like the weight of the other two would pull him off the cliff and the three would plummet into the sea, until Tetra grabbed his hand and somehow briefly supported the chain of Eds. "GONZO, HELP THE OTHER TWO UP, NOW!" she shrieked.

"Right away ma'am!" Gonzo grabbed Eddy by the tunic and Ed by the exposed scruff of his and pulled both boys back onto the cliff. "Um…Thanks." Double d mumbled blushing. "Anytime!" Tetra whispered with a sly wink, she then turned her attention to Ed, "WHAT ARE YOU, STUPID OR CRAZY?" She shouted at the poor boy.

"The birdie kidnapped my sister!" he sobbed.

"Duh Ed, she was kinda THERE!" Eddy yelled. But Ed ignored him as he raced down to the shore. "Ed, WAIT!" Double d pleaded while the others followed.