Sam and Jessica hardly ate their supper and distraction was the word of the day when the Winchester family sat down to dinner that night. Samara provided an endless stream of chatter that kept the room from being silent except for the scraping of forks against plates. Both Sam and Jessica were thinking of the other member of the small family who was out there, possibly dead, possibly in hell suffering so their little girl could be up and around healthy and alive.

Both were so distracted they didn't hear Bobby's car pull up into their long driveway. Samara, however, heard it and knew the sound almost as well as she knew the growl of Dean's beloved Impala.

"Grandpa Bobby is here!" She squealed, threw open the door, and ran outside to greet the grizzled old hunter. He picked her up, hugged her tight and put her back down and she reached and held his hand. "Is Uncle Dean at your house?"

"No sweetie, your uncle isn't at my house."

"Where is he?"

Bobby swallowed. "He's at work baby girl." Bobby said with more tension than he intended. And if Samara knew that he was worried or tense, she didn't show it. She simply scrunched her face like she had done thousands of times and said:

"Oh. I don't like it when he has to work."

"None of us do youngin', none of us do." After a brief pout, she drug him inside the house and showed him all of her drawings, her school work, and the ribbon she won for an event at school, all of the while Sam and Jessica looked pained and scared, they wanted the information and knew that they couldn't broach the subject with Bobby until Samara was in bed. The hours seemed to drag at an infinitesimal rate, and the finally the clock turned 8 and Jessica got Samara ready for bed, and then snuggled inside her covers.

Jessica came back down holding her middle, sat down next to Sam, grabbed his hand, and looked at Bobby expectantly.

"Did he sell his soul for my baby girl Bobby?" Jessica asked bluntly.

"No. He didn't." Both visibly relaxed.

"Then where is he Bobby?"

"I wish I knew Sam. But I don't."

"But I thought you said you knew…"

"I have information. That I do have. Your brother's body is up and going…"

"Then if his body is up and going then…wait….he didn't die and become a zombie or a revenant or there isn't a demon inside of him is there? We need to find him. A demon riding around in his skin will kill him." Sam stood and started for the kitchen where he hid his gun.

"Demon?" Jessica asked and stood and followed Sam with her eyes.

"No. No. Sam. Come back here. Your brother isn't being rode by a demon. He isn't' a zombie, he isn't a revenant." Sam came back into the living room, holding his favorite gun.

"Then how? What's going on Bobby?" Bobby sighed pushed his ball cap up and rubbed his forehead. "Come on Bobby, just spit it out." Sam demanded, looking for all the world like the scared 4 year old Bobby had met all of those years ago.

"An angel is all up in him."

"Come again?" Sam asked in disbelief.

"An angel. An archangel actually."

"There is no such thing."

"There is. Boy is there. They aren't exactly folks you want to mess with either."

"You've met them?" Sam asked.

"One or two. Turns out your family is kinda important to the man upstairs. Turns out you guys are part of the Cain and Abel bloodline."

"What in the hell does that have to do with anything?"

"That means that the two of you are capable of housing the archangels Michael and Lucifer."

"Come again?"

Bobby sighed, took off his hat and wiped his brow. "This is a very long story Sam."

"I have all night." He said. Jessica stood up.

"I'll put on a pot of coffee." Bobby began weaving the story of how the apocalypse was in full swing and how Dean had done his best to prevent it and now was doing his best to fix it and then it came down to the fact that Dean would do anything for family, even allowing himself to be destroyed by an archangel.

"What do you mean destroyed?" Sam asked scared.

"It's like an accelerated demon possession. Once they get up in ya, odds are pretty good you won't make it."

"This angel has already been in Dean for what? Three four days now?"

"Yeah. Somethin' like that."

"And why aren't you out there doing something?! Why didn't you tell me sooner!?"

"Because Dean wrote me a note and made me promise. Said that this needed done, it was the price tag for your daughter and that it was worth every cent."

"Sam. Calm down." Jessica said trying to calm her own thumping heart. She ran a hand up and down Sam's impressive arm. "We just need a plan. We need to figure out where to start." She licked her lips and finally turned her blue eyes to Bobby's. "If Dean agreed to allow Michael to enter him, then who is Lucifer supposed to inhabit?"

"Sam." Bobby said sadly. Hazel eyes went wide and panic set in.

"No! No way!"

"Sam. Sam. Calm down sweetie. Bobby, that can't be right. No. That' can't work like that. Sam isn't evil. Sam is a good man, a kind and gentle man. No way in hell a bastard like Lucifer could inhabit someone like him." Jessica said fiercely.

"It has nothing to do with who he is, it is about his blood. And his blood has the ability to house Lucifer. But, one of the many many reasons that Dean apparently said yes to Michael is because he wants Sam to be able to stay out of this mess." Bobby sighed and resisted the urge to put his head in between his knees. He really didn't want to be the one to deliver this message to Sam, and he wanted to curse Dean for not sharing this information with his little brother the moment he found out, but what was done was done, and he was the one responsible for passing along the information like it or not.

"You and Dean have a little brother. A half brother." If Sam hadn't been a trained and seasoned hunter, if he hadn't been the son of John Winchester, if he hadn't been raised into this life he would have fallen apart. He would have kicked screamed and raised hell, but since he was John's son, and raised in the life, his face grew dark and angry.

"A brother?"

"Yeah, his name is Adam. He said yes to Lucifer a couple of weeks ago because, Dean thinks, that Lucifer promised that his mom wouldn't die of whatever her issue was. Dean wasn't exactly forthcoming about the details. You know your brother."

"What exactly do these angels want with either of my family?"

"They want to have a show down. They want blood."

"And what happens if Dean loses?"

"Hell on Earth, and his death."

"And if he wins?"

"Far as I know, world is saved and Dean probably doesn't' make it."

"That's unacceptable."

"Sam…sweetie." But it was too late, Sam up and heading into the laundry room. Jessica went after him and found him digging out his ole army style duffel. "Sam, you can't."

"I have to Jess."

"But you have a family…"

"And I have a brother that saved my family and is going to die because of it. That's unacceptable Jessica."

Jessica knew defeat when it presented itself. She sighed, tension still thrumming through her taught muscles and she looked up at her husband. "What do I tell Samara?"

"Tell her I have to go help Uncle Dean with his job. That I'll be back as soon as I can."

"And your practice?"

"Same thing. Tell them I'm taking my vacation days." Jessica closed her eyes licked her lips and nodded. He tipped her head up by her chin and looked her in the eye. "I love you." And he kissed her softly on the lips.

He was in the living room issuing orders to his wife and surrogate father like a seasoned veteran, and without looking back left the two with his daughter alone, and he was now on the hunt for an angel wearing his brother's face.