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Near Yalta, Earth, 1945.

In a flash Captain Riker found himself standing on a well manicured lawn and standing in front of him was a gigantic white manor. He looked up at the blue sky, smelled the flower beds around him and smiled. Home, sweet, Home. Thinking he might as well used the time to explore a little, after all, manors such as this no longer existed back on Earth. He made his way towards the open doors, musing about a much simpler life. Stepping inside he found himself in a world of luxury. Scowling slightly as he remembered why he was here, he decided to find Q as soon as possible and pry some answers out of him. A sound to his left drew his attention and he followed it. It seemed to be laughter, women's and men's laughter. As he passed the third double doors, which were twice as tall as him, he could see the windows what appeared to be a central courtyard filled with people. Knowing Q liked to be the centre of attention he tried to find the way there. Passing into another room he spotted the way out and stepped into the courtyard.

It was filled with men in formal military uniforms being entertained by women clearly of dubious nature. It seemed the women outnumbered the men by at least two to one. The more he walked around the various celebrating people, the more he became confused about his exact location in time and space. There were three noticeably different uniform types. If his memory served right, he was looking at American, British and Soviet generals, admirals and top political state functionaries of the time near the end of World War Two. What was more baffling really was that the women were clearly from the 24th century. Belonging to various Federation member races and several more species he didn't recognize at all! He could now see, that all of the women were the most beautiful he had ever seen of their species. He shook his head; 'Riker you dog, get a grip of yourself! You're married for heaven's sake!' This snapped him back to reality. As he cleared his head, he could see that all of the women and men were practically fawning over each other. Something was magnifying the women's and men's sex appeal. But considering this was Q's doing, he wasn't too much surprised.

Thinking of the devil, he just spotted Q chatting and laughing with the "Big Three", all of which had women on their laps and around their shoulders. Shaking himself and thinking what this will do to history. Then he remembered that this was Q and he could make this as if it never happened. Although, now that he thought about it, he did remember seeing an old photo in a museum with the "Big Three" in a similar position. The photograph was described as a hoax, but now Will wasn't so sure.

Q seemed to 'finally' spot him in the crowd and waved him over. As Will was getting closer, Q called; "Mon Capitaine Will! What do I owe for the pleasure of the visit of Jean-Luc's favourite lap-dog?"

Will growled as he came nearer to stand before Q and the "Big Three", all of which were now watching him with keen interest.

"Q! What is going?"

"Always one for manners Will, you always will be a bearded Neanderthal. I don't know what Jean-Luc was thinking. Now, sit down-,"

Will was promptly pushed by an invisible force into a pink-flower-patterned love seat which wasn't there before, with the snap of Q's fingers.

"-and let me make introductions. It's only proper Will, to let your host know who you are before you bloody cry 'God Save the Queen!'" Will's eyes sparkled merrily at that statement for a second before quickly turning back to the guarded look. Q turned to look at each of the "Big Three" while he continued to introduce them; "Gentlemen," he gestured to Will, "Capitaine William T. Riker of the monstrosity called a spaceship named, Moonshine, was it Will?" Q looked at him with a smirk. Will just glared at Q. Who was he to be teaching Will etiquette, when the 'Being' knocks galaxies together by breathing? Further, insulting his ship wasn't helping Will's mood either. Sighing in his resign, because he would have to play the games to get anywhere with Q, he then said; "Good Afternoon Gentlemen, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." 'Yeah, pleasure, especially that dictator Stalin here,' he added to himself.

Q looked at Will with a triumphant smile and said: "Will, let me introduce the "Big Three", Prime Minister Winston Churchill of Great Britain to my right, President Franklin D. Roosevelt of U.S.A. beside him and General Secretary Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union to my left." Each nodded to Will when introduced. "Will and I go way back. We've had lots of fun and still do from time to time."

Will glared daggers at Q again. Playing with the Enterprise and its crew like with an irritating anthill and insects, not to mention nearly giving Jean-Luc an aneurism every time he showed up, wasn't his idea of good fun. Deciding to throw the idea of playing games out of the window and be blunt, Will said; "Q, what are you playing at? What did you do?"

Of course, getting a straight answer from Q was like bringing peace to the Galaxy, impossible.

"Will, why don't you relax," Q started, changing Will's clothing to exotic casual shirt and shorts with the snap of a finger, "you're awfully tense, having a bad day? Here, I have just the thing!" Q snapped his fingers again.

On either side of Will, two women appeared wearing very revealing clothing, massaging his shoulders and thighs and- 'they have three breasts?' exclaimed Will mentally, his eyebrows shooting to his hairline. Shaking himself lose of the womens' ministrations, which was a feat in itself because it took not only all of his mental discipline but also all his physical prowess, and ignoring their hurt looks from being rejected, he vented his frustration at Q;

"Damn it Q! I don't have time for this! Now if you don't want to help, just send me back!"

Q tried to give a hurt look, "Moi? Not Helping?" But decided the superiority rant was a better angle.

"You pitiful humans with lowly sense of perception, gallivanting around your pathetic corner of the Universe, thinking you have the right the stick your sorry excuse for a nose in everyone's business, then coming to cry, complain and badger me for help, while still trying to shove your silly sense of honour and pride up my ass. If you haven't noticed it in all my, what did you call it, playing with the ants? Time, is of no concern to the Q!"

Will swallowed an angry retort and let out a long breath. He looked around. The "Big Three" and everyone at the party were ignoring the two of them in favour of having a good time. With as much neutrality in his voice as he could manage, he asked:

"Q, will you please help me?"

"There, was that so hard to ask in the first place? You know with all your Federation sense of enlightenment, you certainly lack a sense of diplomacy. To answer your question, yes, I'll point you in the right direction-," Q paused for just the tiniest moment, Will barely caught it, "-but let's make our adventure a bit more fun. If it was just you and me, it might make the wrong impression; we need someone of more calibre to make it more exciting!"

'Oh, he's not going to like this!' thought Will, realizing who Q was talking about. Before he could think anything else, Q snapped his fingers and they disappeared.

The party, what was formerly a conference in Yalta of the three biggest players near the end of World War Two, continued on without them.

USS Enterprise NCC 1701-E, Alpha Quadrant.

Captain's Personal Log.

The Enterprise is en route to Entougra II to mediate a rise in hostilities among one of the newest Federation members, the Ento. This is the fifth time such a threat to peace has occurred there in the last ten years. Each time, The Honourable First Thals-kuef-uthlsa the fourth, their leader and head of government, has explicitly asked for the Enterprise and its crew to help settle the dispute. Each time, we were successful in pre-empting a conflict; I can only hope we shall be again. However, something tells me that it's only an excuse for The Honourable First to ask for advice and consul. The Ento have a sense of pride that would put the Klingons to shame. Thus asking for advice on a matter anything other than a conflict would put The Honourable First in a difficult position. Nevertheless, our visits to Entougra II have always been enjoyable to me and the crew and I look forward to my meeting as I feel that it will be mutually beneficial.

Meanwhile, Commander La Forge has started to finally make some progress into helping B-4 come to his full potential. I am going to check on them before I arrive on the bridge for the start of the day shift. Hopefully, and with a chance of luck, B-4 will be able to access and use his brother's -Data's- memories to his benefit.

End entry to Captain's Log.

Geordi was in the Cyber Laboratory looking at schematic and diagnostic reports of B-4's positronic neural net when Picard walked in.

"Geordi, report."

"Captain, I have made some progress into helping B-4. I think we may have been going at it the wrong way. So far we have tried to upgrade his positronic net to match Data's, but each new part we install, although more advanced, isn't used by his neural net as efficiently as his existing positronic pathways. It may take time for his net to adapt to the changes. Although Data could do it in a fraction of a second, the fact that B-4 doesn't is the problem. It reminds me of the human brain, progress is slow, but with time and stimulation, we may help him."

Geordi looked at B-4, who looked momentarily at him, before looking away and analyzing the room in keen interest, as if seeing it for the first time. Picard also looked at the android sitting in the diagnostics bay. 'I wish we could more for you, B-4,' thought Picard. Geordi continued with his report.

"I think we should try another approach. Seeing as upgrades tend to not be preferred to existing systems, it may be better to enhance the existing ones instead. I am working on away to increase the efficiency of his positronic systems, hopefully that will give him sufficient data capacity to quicken the adaption to the new ones."

"Very well, Geordi, I see that you have everything under control."

With that, Picard turned to leave. He was about to start walking to the door, when in a flash two people arrived. He stopped, stunned at the two most unlikely people arriving at the same time.

"Q?! Will?!" He exclaimed. Q was dressed, as always, in the standard Starfleet commander's uniform with the Captain insignia on the collar. Will, however, was dressed as someone from a tropical holiday resort, in a flowery designed shirt and shorts with sandals.

"Mon Capitaine!" Q nearly shouted. Will looked at Jean-Luc with a mixed look between apologetic and angry, however he managed it, and immediately said; "I'm sorry he dragged you into this, Jean-Luc."

"What is going on Q? Why have you brought Will here?"

"Capitaine, dashing as always I see, can't an old friend just drop in and have a chat?" Q quibbled as he quickly took in the room and spotting B-4, he moved towards him with keen interest written all over his face.

Jean-Luc was straining himself to reinforce his patience and keep his cool, as he did every time when he was forced to deal with Q and protecting his crew from his escapades. Will, seeing Geordi for the first time since arriving, nodded to him. Geordi, no longer surprised and confused nodded back and returned to watching the exchange between his Captain and Q with a mix of curiosity and wariness. He was a bit worried, because Q's interest in B-4 probably spelled nothing good. Jean-Luc responded to Q with a neutral tone.

"Frankly Q, every time we meet I find myself, my crew and this ship in mortal peril! You can see why I might be a little angry! Now I demand to know why you showed yourself now and why my former First Officer is here, probably thousands of light years away from his ship, where he belongs."

Q reached were B-4 was sitting, still attached to the many diagnostic tools with optical cables running from his head to the station beside him. He continued to ignore Jean-Luc, who was losing his patience very quickly. Seeing Q did not intend to answering his questioning, Jean-Luc turned to Will:

"Will, can you shed some light on this?"

"Titan is stranded in the middle of the void between two density Bubbles in the Orion Arm. We hit some kind of field of influence, preventing us from accessing subspace, negating some of our primary systems, as if by simple will. So far, we haven't been able to find the source, except for a massive object, which we seem to be orbiting, but we can't see it with available sensors. We concluded the artificial nature of the field and tried to ascertain the creator from known advanced species. That's how I thought of Q and tried to get him to help, which is how we both ended up here. You won't believe where I was before." Will answered.

"I see." Jean-Luc answered back as he was watching what Q was doing with a worried face.

Q was walking around B-4 and looking at him with intense scrutiny. He reached out with a finger to B-4's head. B-4, looking up at Q the whole time, looked at the incoming finger with a happy oblivious demeanour. Geordi was now really worried.

"Captain!" Geordi exclaimed.

"Q, what are doing? Q, stop, leave him alone, he's innocent!" Picard started.

Q just looked at Jean-Luc with a weird look, and then smiled and pressed his finger into B-4's head pushing his head back. B-4 just let him. Q withdrew his hand and still looking at Picard; he rose and began another one of his famous diatribes:

"Typical Captain Jean-Luc-role-model-goodie-upstart- Federation-boy-scout-Picard! Always protecting the innocent and being your righteous self!" Q sneered. "Well, where's your precious Federation and your wise morals and fair courts when you're condemning me?"

Q smiled at Jean-Luc noticing his reaction. He still knew how to push the man's buttons.

Jean-Luc was too angry, not that he was showing it, to notice that Data had lifted his hands and was now examining them very closely. He and Will had their eyes only on Q. Geordi, however, noticed B-4's uncharacteristic movements and was now, more or less, in shock and not sure what exactly he should do. Jean-Luc answered the question posed by Q:

"I am not responsible for spreading chaos around the Universe, affecting countless sentient species with my games for the sake of amusement and preventing boredom!"

Q just rolled his eyes, clearly having heard this before. Nonetheless, he countered back at Picard.

"There's your Federation open-mindedness again acting on biased half-truths and narrowed sense of observation."

"Well then, why don't you explain to us, lowly creatures, your true intentions?" said Jean-Luc snippily. B-4 was now reaching up to his head and to the back of his neck with both hands, as if exploring what was sticking out of him. Then he slowly removed the first optical cable. No one noticed this except Geordi, who then moved to help B-4 remove the diagnostic connections. Meanwhile, Q continued in his quest for self vindication:

"There is no possible way you could even begin to imagine comprehending what Q are, not to mention our intentions, nor speaking of the Continuum! But let me attempt to make your feeble mind at least glimpse into what my actions caused."

Q looked at Jean-Luc as if he were summing him up. Jean-Luc looked back with an air of defiance.

"My actions and actions of the Continuum are always to create opportunities, ways to force cultures and species to look at the Universe in a new angle, to confront their own inhibitions and grow beyond their potential."

"Surely Q, that goal can be achieved through a safer, more diplomatic approach, which doesn't automatically necessitate violence or the mass loss of life?"

"On the contrary Jean-Luc, mortal beings always learn and change the most significantly only in those types of situations. Humanity itself is as prime example. But, unfortunately you have grown somewhat stagnate; therefore we are going on another adventure, Jean-Luc. I fear this time you shall need a little push and all the help you can get." Q stepped back from Jean-Luc. Jean-Luc looked away from Q to what was behind him and spotted something that stunned him. Will too was beyond words at the moment. B-4 was standing up holding Geordi's hands at the elbows and looking at him. Geordi was also in the same position. B-4 broke the silence:


Q turned back at Jean-Luc, smirked at him and snapped his fingers.

They arrived on the bridge. The night shift, seeing their method of arrival and the infamous Q himself, immediately called for intruder alert and security to the bridge. The commanding officer gave the bridge back to Captain Picard. Others around the bridge began securing their assigned systems and preparing the ship to emergency status. Geordi decided that reunions can wait. He relieved the officer at the engineering station and started reinforcing all key systems for whatever crazy thing Q was about to throw at them, remembering what he heard in the Cyber Laboratory. Riker moved behind the Captain to the official observational position. He nodded to the First Officer, Commander Worf, who just stepped onto the bridge. Surprisingly, B-4 asked the Captain if he could take the operations station. Picard looked at B-4, stunned once again, thinking how many bombs Q had hidden up his sleeve. He then looked at Q questioningly. Q merely raised an eyebrow, with a small smile on his face, back at him.

"Mr. B-4, relieve Commander Kadohata," stated Picard. As soon as B-4 logged into his station screen and prepared the system, Q snapped his fingers. The ship began to tremor slightly.

"Report," ordered Picard. B-4 began summarizing the data displayed on his console:

"There appears to be a singularity forming approximately fifty thousand kilometres off the port bow, Sir. It seems to be a wormhole. We are caught in its gravitational field."

"On screen," said Picard. A flat circle of pure black appeared on the screen. The only reason it was noticeable at all, was because it blocked out the stars behind it. It also had random flashes of colour around its event horizon due to interstellar particles accelerating as they fell deeper into its gravity well. It was also clearly getting closer.

"Captain, the singularity is interfering with our Warp field, we can't go to Warp. It is too strong for us to use the impulse to escape," Geordi pitched in.

"Mr. B-4 can you indentify the faze vector to find the other terminus of the singularity?" questioned Picard. Thinking every small detail could help.

"Yes, Sir, the terminus appears to be in the Entougra system, approximately half a million kilometres from Entougra II," said B-4 as he turned to Picard.

Picard looked at Q and thought; 'What is going on there? Well whatever it is, it can't be good because Q is involved.' He briefly considered asking Q for information, but thought better of it, since he wouldn't get a straight answer anyway. 'Well, it doesn't hurt to be prepared for the worst,' he decided.

"Battle stations," he ordered. His First Officer, Worf, was clearly in the same frame of mind as he further added:

"Medical bay, prepare for casualties! Engineering, full power to shields and inertial dampeners! All hands brace yourselves and prepare to fight and die with honour!"

The Enterprise seemingly calmly passed through the event horizon and disappeared in the veil of darkness. The singularity stayed open for a few seconds more, before it started shrinking. It got smaller more rapidly as the energy (or will) holding it diminished. It vanished with a small flash of white light and space reasserted itself to the normal calm of emptiness.

Inside the wormhole, it was another story entirely. A trip which should have lasted a few seconds was taking much longer than normal. Immediately after they entered the wormhole, everyone felt a slight stretching feeling, followed by dizziness. It lasted maybe two seconds, but after that, all was normal, well as normal as travelling through a wormhole could be. B-4 instantly started typing furiously on his console. Systems across the ship and the bridge on various console displays started flickering and beeping in alarm. Reports of primary systems being inaccessible through-out the ship were coming in on their respected stations on the bridge. Of course, Jean-Luc noticed B-4's odd behaviour at once, since he was keeping an eye on him.

"Mr. B-4, what are you doing?" Jean-Luc was now very unsettled. They already had an incident of a pre-programmed B-4 once, when Shinzon tried to take his revenge on Earth. He looked at Q; 'Is this history repeating itself?' He decided to get more information from more reliable sources, but Worf was already on it:


"Sir, all control of primary and secondary systems has been rerouted to the operations Station. We are locked of the main computer with some kind of fractal encryption algorithm," reported Geordi.

"Is it similar to the one he used during the First Contact incident?" asked Picard.

"Only the first layer Captain, beneath is something I can't even identify. I haven't seen anything even remotely similar to this in my life. It's a wonder the ship is still working, to me it seems like complete chaos." Geordi typed in a few more commands before continuing; "right now, B-4 has access to control, however, we still have preview to some basic operations, such as sensor data, and nearly all secondary operational commands. Looks like we can keep the ship running, but B-4 is the one in command."

Picard turned to Q, startled for a second that his eyes were closed and he seemed to be frowning, but he had to ask anyway:

"Q, what have you done?"

Q didn't look back, just straight on, with his eyes closed and answered with the strangest thing Jean-Luc has ever heard him say, not to mention it was completely out of character:

"Captain, it will take only a few minutes longer, please have patience and trust me. I will answer as much as I can in a moment."

Everybody who had time to hear him was stunned and baffled. They looked at Q with their mouths open. B-4 was oblivious to everything and kept on tapping his console at a pace too fast for the human eye to see. The Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Choudhury, was the first to get out of shock by a warning sound from his console.

"Captain! B-4 is modifying the shields somehow. He's collapsing them tightly around the ship." He stated.

Before anyone could say anything, Geordi added;

"He's modifying our Warp field, I don't know how, but it's also collapsing and is now just above the shield. I'm getting reports of new components appearing all over the ship."

Picard looked at Q once more and again he was shocked to find him in an even more odd position. His face was scrunched up in concentration and he had his hands in fists, pressed against his temples. Geordi continued;

"He's tying our subspace field into the shields somehow. Wow. I have never seen anything like this-"

His console sounded an alarm. Geordi had now only time to read the reports he was getting from the whole ship and issue a general command to not touch anything to his engineering teams. He wanted them just look and analyze, not tamper or disable anything.

"-Captain! All fusion generators are now online and running at two hundred percent capacity. Something just appeared attached next to the warp core in main engineering. It has a very strong energy signature. A secondary subspace field is being generated by new hardware appearing through-out the ship; it has a highly specialized quantum and subspace signature and properties, not unlike this wormhole. It has stabilized outside the outer edge of the now modified Warp field. More hardware is popping up all over the ship! I can't believe this! Tertiary shielding, of similar subspace and quantum configuration, is activating on the warp nacelles, all plasma conduits, EPS systems, PTC systems and all primary systems, including shields, weapons, communication and sensors. Hull integrity systems are at five hundred percent of standard operational capacity. The extra component next to the warp core must be an additional power source! All systems will most likely still be fully operational once we exit the wormhole, including Warp Drive even with the modified warp field."

Jean-Luc was now very worried and he could see that all of his bridge crew were too. Q was actually giving them extra protection. He could tell that everyone was thinking along the same lines as he was; 'Where ever we are going and whatever we will face, it is something really bad if Q is actively helping us!' He couldn't say anything as the ship suddenly gave a shudder.

The wormhole finally ended. They came out in what appeared to be a void in space. There were no nearby stars visible; however, the Galaxy was shining all around them, akin to as it is seen from Earth. Will straightened up, recognizing this area of space, but he didn't have time to tell anyone. The view screen was now filled with colourful lights streaming past them coming from a point directly in front the ship. Everyone sat stunned beyond belief at what they were witnessing.

The stream of lights was getting faster and faster. Then suddenly everyone felt a slight shift and was pushed back. People in seats were pushed into them. Others who were standing had to hold on to anything they could reach. The point in front of them exploded in light on the view screen and was just as quickly replaced by what appeared to be the inside walls of a circular tunnel of colours swirling by them. Lieutenant Dina Elfiki, senior science officer, gave her opinion of what they were seeing.

"Captain, I believe we have entered a form of quantum slip-stream. It looks similar to what was on the reports of this drive from Voyager." She checked her station's display and tapped a few commands. "All systems are fully functional and appear to be operating above their theoretical efficiency."

Picard looked at Q, he was still very concentrated. Then he glanced at B-4. The android was still typing onto his console, but at least at a detectable rate to the human eye. Jean-Luc still wanted to know at least something, but hesitated at interrupting either of them. Instead, he asked Worf for a ship-wide status report.

"All decks reporting in Sir. No injuries, no damage, reports agree with Commander La Forge's assessment. Cargo bay one and two has been filled to maximum capacity with new hardware, possibly the same which has been appearing all over the ship."

"Very well, tell everyone to leave the new systems alone for now, we are going to go along with this. But I want everyone to be ready to take them offline and secure the original ones if necessary." To Lieutenant Choudhury, he added; "Mr. Choudhury, every person should have a phaser by now, but I want additional security details near critical systems."

"Aye Sir."

Will now added his small nugget of information.

"When we exited the wormhole, I recognized where we were. It was nowhere near Entougra II, but rather in the region of space the Titan is." In his thoughts he added; 'We may be on our way to the ship right now.' Then he realized something more distressful; 'they are defenceless to whatever has spooked Q so much.'

"Helm, can you get our location?" asked Picard.

"Yes Sir, based on the sensor data gathered when we exited the wormhole, we are between two density Bubbles in the far reaches of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy."

Everyone was silent for a while to digest this. Then Lieutenant Chen spoke again:

"Sir, the slip-stream appears to be destabilizing."

B-4 stopped typing on his console with one hand to tap his com badge;

"All hands, brace for impact!"

Everyone grabbed hold onto something and fixed their footing. The bridge crew just looked at B-4 as if he were crazy. The tunnel of colours on the view screen was slowing down. It flashed white then the stars were visible once more intermixed with streams of colours. Nobody had time to notice more as the Enterprise came to a sudden and very quick full stop. The inertial dampeners compensated as much as they could, even in their upgraded capacity, but still didn't stop anyone from falling to the ground from their chairs, their stations or in the corridors. A few consoles and EPS systems blew on the bridge. Some officers had minor burns. The lights flickered a bit, but stayed online. The red alert was still on. Only B-4 and Q remained unmoved and unharmed. B-4 just continued typing onto his console unfazed by anything. Q walked into the centre of the bridge while everyone was returning to their stations or helping injured colleagues, thrust his hands in the air as if in victory and shouted in his typical dramatic fashion:

"Finally some privacy!"

A/N: I realize the difference between the entries of the two star ships into the 'field of influence'. There is a reason for both being what they are. The obvious one now is the different means of space travel. A second one may come to mind, but I'm not giving up that one. More will come later.

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