This is a re-post as I realised for Vala and Sam to be in a story together it has to be season 10. Makes no other difference as no SG1 stories are mentioned. Therefore set a couple of episodes into season 10.

Author's Note: Here is the first chapter in my first cross-over story. Just for info - no matter how NCIS/Stargate fit in our world I have set this in Season 10 SG1 and Season 2 NCIS. The story is finished, just having final touches put to it by my beta. Hope you enjoy, I don't own either show or any of the characters.

General Jack O'Neill had been enjoying his Friday. One of those days when he'd finished all relevant paperwork and was simply looking forward to the weekend. A rare weekend when his - could he call her his girlfriend - would be coming to stay. However, he realised that his plans for a perfect weekend would have to be put on hold when his desk phone, work cell and personal, only-Sam-Cassie-and-Daniel-have-the-number cell all rang at the same time.


"O'Neill," he said, hitting the button on the desk phone while trying to fish the other two out of his jacket pocket.

"Sir, General Landry is on the line and Colonel Carter said she would call your cell when she heard he was on the phone."

Double Crap. It had to be bad if Sam was waiting to reduce his blood pressure on another line.

"Ok, give me a second to put Carter on hold then put me through to Landry." He picked up his personal cell with the photo of Sam smiling at him on the screen; Cassie had set it up the last time he'd been in Colorado. "Sam, I know this is serious, but I'd better speak to Hank. Hold on, will you?" He didn't even wait to hear her response before he took a deep breath and then hit the Line 1 button on the phone.

"What's going on, Hank? I know it's bad because Carter called the emergency line." He was resigned to the fact that his day was about to get much more complicated.

Hank allowed himself a small smile - he should have known Colonel Carter would be ahead of him. He took a deep breath. "Jack, there's no easy way to say this, but we lost SG-7 this morning."

"What? All of them?" Jack asked incredulously.

"Yeah, it was bad…"

"Wait a minute, they weren't due off-world this week," Jack interrupted.

"That's part of the problem, Jack. It happened here, on their doorsteps, some with family looking on."

"Oh God."

"It was done simultaneously by a team."

"Crap. I don't imagine we'll be able to keep this under wraps?"

"No. But fortunately one of the families called us before they called the police. We've been in touch with the local LEO's and they're happy to hand it over to us but…"

"SG-7 were Marines," Jack finished for him.


"Are NCIS on their way?"

"Local office is Camp Pendleton. No need for Navy cops in the middle of continental USA..." Hank started to explain.

"No, but we need to control this more," Jack stated.

"That's what I was thinking."

"Gibbs," Jack said.

"Gibbs," Hank agreed.

"Ok, Hank, you deal with the families. They're gonna need a whole lot of support to get through this. I'll brief Gibbs and his team and send them out to you."

"Are we talking full disclosure, Jack?"

"I think we have to, don't you? A whole SG team in one hit? This has to have something to do with the programme."

"How's the President going to feel about you bringing in another agency?"

"It's been coming for a while. It's only been luck and some fancy political footwork that's kept NCIS out of investigating incidents with Marines at the SGC before."

"Ok, Jack, I'll let you get on. Sorry to ruin your weekend."

"There'll be other weekends." Jack paused. "Keep in touch, Hank. Any whispers around the base, I want to hear about it. No one takes out our people and gets away with it. NCIS may be investigating but that doesn't stop us from digging around ourselves."

"Understood. I'll put SG1 on it."

"I'll give Carter the news now, if you want. She's waiting for me to get back to her."

"Yeah, thanks, Jack." Hank sighed and hung up.

Jack took a deep breath and reached for the cell phone. Now he understood why Sam had called. What a total nightmare.

"Hi, Sam," Jack said quietly, as he picked up the cell.

"Hi. Did Landry fill you in?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry about Stacy. I know you two had gotten close, what with working on your doohickeys together over the last few years."

"Yeah. It's weird. I'm used to losing people in the field - after Janet I almost didn't react to it anymore - but this, this is different. They were at home, Jack. Alastair was there. He saw it happen."

"Damn, how long had they been married again?"

"3 months give or take a few days. Colonel Milton had kids; they were in the house at the time, too."

"Crap." Jack was putting on his jacket and switching off his computer as he spoke to her. "I'm off to brief NCIS now. Landry wants you guys to do a little investigating yourselves."

"Are you going to tell them everything?"

"Yeah, I think its best. If we want them to catch the shooters, they'll need to know what the Marines were up to."

"Ok, Jack. Obviously I won't be out there this weekend."

"I know, but if there's a bright side to this, the Head of Homeworld Security is definitely coming to Colorado to oversee things. I'll get a beam to the Mountain after I see Gibbs."

"Ok, see you later. I'm glad you're coming," Sam added quietly.

"Yeah, me, too, Sam. I'll see you later. Bye."

Jack walked out of his office. "Sergeant, call the director of NCIS and tell him I need to speak to Special Agent Gibbs ASAP and that I'll be arriving in 30 minutes. Get in touch with whichever ship is up there. I'm gonna need a beam to the mountain."

"Yes, Sir."

"Oh, and call the car. Sergeant Martin is probably eating cake in the mess." Jack was just about to walk out the door, when he turned back to the sergeant. "Crap, call the President and ask for a minute. Put him through to the car. I knew I'd forgotten something."

"Yes, Sir." His assistant smiled. It always amazed him how the General could deal with a universe in crisis so expertly, while giving the impression that he didn't have everything under control. It was an excellent disguise.