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Hello my name is Isabella Marie Swan, but everyone calls me Bella. This is the story of how I found my one true love Edward Anthony Cullen. I would not exactly call it love at first sight. Let's just say we were working at opposing law firms When we first met I was working at Johnson and Johnson law firm while he was working at Smith and Timber law firm. I had heard of him before but all I knew was that he was supposed to be one of the best lawyers in New York State if you wanted to get divorce.

Now you might be thinking that I had met him in court but actually you would be very wrong. I actually met him at my sister Madeline's wedding. I was her maid of honor while he was one groom's best men. He and Jacob had met in law school and they were still pretty close. Not that this matters how they met since eventually Edward and I probably would have met considering we are both lawyers. I'm just glad that I did meet him and I know I haven't known him long really but I can already tell that we will be together forever.

AN: I hope you like it! If u don't well then I'm sorry you don't. Please review. Also I will probably change the name but this was the best I could come up with. If you have a better name please let me know. THANKS!!!!!