Title: Enmity To Amity

Author: Indigo Night

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Summary: Somewhere along the way Castiel and Sam became friends.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or the characters

Spoilers: For The Song Remains The Same sorta.

Pairing: SamxCastiel friendship

Warnings: Emotional spew

Author's Note: As a long time supporter of Sam and Castiel's relationshipI was deeply touched by Castiel's claiming Sam as a friend in the episode this week, so I just had to write this. Read, Review,


There was a time when I could have killed Sam Winchester without so much as a second thought. I would have, if anything, felt accomplished. I'd done my Father's work, saved His children from a terrible fate. Freed the world of another evil.

At first I hadn't done it because I hadn't been told to. We were on guard, yes. Ready to take action at a moment's notice, but there were no direct orders. As long as he could be useful to us he was to be kept around. That was how I thought of him. That was how I thought of most humans.

I loved them, yes. They are my Father's children, my brothers. But I had almost no experience with them. They were to me more like nice paintings, to be admired, taken care of, and protected while there was room for them. But when their beauty dimmed and they were no longer of value, to be discarded and not thought of again.

I don't think of humans that way anymore. Now they are people, individuals, with lives and hopes and dreams. I'm more one of them now, than I am an angel.

And it's all the Winchester boys' fault. It was because of them, for them, that I fell. Sometimes I still question if it was right or not, but either way, it's their side I chose.

It actually took me several months to realize that simply killing Sam and ending it all was no longer an option to me. It didn't occur to me that I no longer had to wait for the order to do it. I could simply make the decision at any moment. It would have been easy. He wouldn't have expected it, wouldn't have had time to defend himself.

I considered it once. I stood over his bed, watching him sleep. He looked so innocent, and so very young, even as nightmares tormented him. But I couldn't do it. I didn't even truly want to.

Sam had been a lot of things to me. A human, the demon boy, Dean's brother, a hunter, a believer, a lost and frightened soul, an addict, the man who released Lucifer. But somewhere along the line, and even now I'm not really sure when, he had become something else. He had become Sam Winchester.

He had become my friend.