Sakura's little break

Chapter 1

It was 5:00 in the morning when an alarm clock went off, a pink haired girl reached over to turn it off. She got out of bed looked and looked out the window it was still dark out. Sakura Haruno yawed while stretching at the same time. "Time to get to work." Sakura said while clenching her fist.

Sakura jumped from building to building in the Hidden Leaf Village, to get to the Hokage building where she would start another day of training to become a medic ninja. Sakura let her self into the Hokage building and walked into her master's office.

"Sakura what on earth are you doing here so early in the morning?" A short haired woman holding her pet pig asked.

"Oh good morning Shizune, how are you this morning."

"I'm fine but what are you doing here at 5:30 in the morning? I thought your training with Lady Tsunade did not start until 7:00am?"

"I know but Master still has some paper work that needs to be turned in this morning. I thought I'd come in early this morning and finish the rest for her that's all."

Shizune sighed "Sakura how many times have I told you that need you beauty rest. You are a growing girl and if you want your body to function right during the day then you need to take better care of your self."

"I know I'm only 14 years old. Its been a year sense Naruto left with Master Jiraiya to train. He'll be back after I turn 15 next year. I want to show Naruto that I can handle my self and that he's not alone trying to bring Sasuke back. That's why I have to try my hardest every day until we get Sasuke away from Orochimaru."

"Listen I know its important to you that you and Naruto bring Sasuke back to the village, but theirs no point in trying if your too tired to fight. The day you two meet sasuke again you'll need to be at your best"

"Yeah your right Shizune maybe I should take it easy for a little while, but look at all the paper work master did not finish last night, do you think you can finish all this all by yourself?"

Shizune sighed heavily in defeat." Fine you win this time but for now on, no more 5:30 shifts under stand? I'm going to wake Lady Tsunade now and tell your here " Shizune said walking towards the door.

"I'm already woke!!!"

"Lady Tsunade"


"You two are so loud the whole Village can here you" Both Sakura and Shizune flinched.

"Sakura I'm glad you're dedicated to your training but Shizune is right. I have been over working you with training, sending you on errands and doing my paper work. I think it's time I gave you a little time off it is almost spring break.

"No Ma'am I-"

"SAKURA!!!!!" Tsunade yelled causing the whole building to shake."Do you dare speak back to your master?"

"N-No ma'am" Sakura said shaking.

"My word is final got it, after today you are not to train or step foot in this building for an entire week under stand."

"Y-Yes Ma'am"

"Now get my paper work finished and I'll meet you out side."

"Yes Ma'am" Sakura said running out the room.

"That girl is going to run her self rag-got; I don't want her looking my age when she turns 20" Tsunade said sighing.

Shizune whispered "Even if you say that, without the jutsu activated you look like your 70 even tho you're in you early 50's Lady Tsunade.

Tsunade punched through her desk." I heard that, get down stairs and get me another desk, and than get your butt to work now!!!"

"Y-Yes M-Lady" Shizune said running out the room.

"Honestly both of them are going to make me have a heart attack" Tsunade said angrily. "Hmmm what's this?" Tsunade said picking up a small packet from the remains of what use to be her desk." This is that bath powder I ordered a while ago, it's said to make a person look ten years younger. Maybe I'll give it to sakura after she's done training." Tsunade said slipping the packet into her pocket.

Earlier that morning both Tsunade and Sakura were on the training ground behind the hokage building.

"Ok Sakura where putting off medic training today and focusing on combat today, now gets ready." Tsunade instructed.

"Right" sakura yelled.

Tsunade charged at Sakura. Sakura stood her ground waiting for the best time to dodge the attack, knowing if she dodges too early she'd end up getting hit by her master devastating punches. Tsunade was with in two feet of Sakura when she seen Sakura throw a smoke bomb to the ground. Tsunade stopped charging and stood still, she then dodged a fury of Kunai that was thrown at her from all directions.

"Now bad, but now good either" Tsunade yelled as she punched Sakura in the gut through the smoke. Tsunade looked closer and saw a log where Sakura should be lying and something sparking from it.

"Damn a replacement jutsu with a paper bomb attached to it" Tsunade said jumping into the air to avoid the blast.

Sakura came from behind to deliver a hard punch to Tsunade's chest when her fist was caught. Sakura knew she was in trouble now when Tsunade punched her in the stomage sending her flying into a tree knocking it over.

"Maybe I went a little too far that time" Tsunade said walking over to her student who was still lying on the ground. Tsunade then stepped on a trip wire causing many kunai to come raining down from the sky. Tsunade dodge the kunai and stepped on another wire this time four giant boulders came rolling towards Tsunade.

"I know she's an expert at making traps but this is just crazy." Tsunade said.

Tsunade had enough and smashed the first Boulder into the second, she kicked the third one into the air, and smashed the forth one. The Boulder Tsunade tossed into the air came falling back on to the ground, when she kicked into a near by tree where sakura was hiding.

Sakura jumped out the way, the boulder smashed the tree knocking it over.

"Wow Master is really trying to kill me today." Sakura said while still on the ground shaking.

Sakura felt her self being lifted off the ground and into her masters arms cradle style.

"If you survive this you free for the day" Tsunade said as she threw Saukura in the air and arm thruster her into a muddy lake.

Tsuande walked over to the lake and pulled Sakura out holding her by her arm with her feet off the ground.

"So are you ready to take your spring vacation or do you want some more?"Tsunade asked laughingly.

"N-No Ma'am I'll take my spring break " Sakura said panting heavily.

"Hahaha you did real good Sakura, you really do deserve some time off" Tsunade said ruffling Sakura's hair.

"Thank you so much master" Sakura said catching her breath.

"Look your clothes are dirty, why don't you go and take a bath Sakura?. No student of mine is walking around town with mud all over them. Oh yeah here use this bath powder it's suppose to be great for the skin" Tsunade said handing the packet to Sakura.

"Thank you Ma'am" Sakura said then running off the Bathroom.

After Tsunade was done with Sakura she sat back in her office chair drinking sake when Shizune walked in.

"Lady Tsunade don't you think you may have pushed Sakura too much today."

"What are you talking about now Shizune." Tsunade sighed.

"I don't think the village elders would appreciate you throwing your student into the air, rocks, trees, and the lake Lady Tsunade"

"She's training under the Hokage, I have to be hard on her. When she is out there on the battle field, the enemies won't go easy on her. Sakura needs to learn to defend her self as well as learning medical ninjutsu. It's harder for her sense she has no special talents and is not from and special clan. Once the enemies gets a hold on that information she will be their first target."

"Yeah your right, my family specializes in different poisons, so it is harder for her. Oh yeah Lady Tsuande have you seen that bath powder I left in your desk before you smashed it?"

"Oh I gave it to Sakura to take her bath with" Tsunade said while taking a sip on sake.

''W-What Lady Tsunade that's for adult use only, if anyone under 18 uses it then-'

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" both Tsunade and Shizune heard Sakura scream and ran down thought the hallway to see what was wrong.