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It was another dreadful morning; Sakura had woken up feeling disoriented and horrible at the same time. Her arm's and legs ached from the straps binding her down to the bed and her inner thighs ached the most because of the thick diaper she was wearing forced her legs apart.

It had been three days sense Futaba had kidnapped Sakura and held her hostage trying to get information from the hidden leaf village out of her, but Sakura was too stubborn and would not say anything despite the three days of torture she went through.

Futaba tried using her Hack Eye on Sakura to force the information out of her, but thanks to Sakura's strong will and the love for her village and master, Futaba's hack eyes was useless against Sakura. Futaba did not stop with just her hack eye, she tried spanking Sakura with the paddle again many times until her bottom side was bruised and battered, Futaba even tried force feeding Sakura horrible tasting food's that made her sick just by smelling it, and last she left Sakura to sit in a dirty diaper for hours on end and Sakura ending up having a nasty rash on her back side because of that. Futaba only made Sakura's rash worse by substituting baby powder for salt, pepper or itching powder making her go through more pain but Sakura still would not give in.

The whole three days Sakura was held captive she did not leave the room she was in. She was left in the dark and Futaba kept her strapped down inside the crib until she was ready to interrogate her again. Sakura was not allowed to talk and had a pacifier stuck to her mouth thanks to Futaba's jutsu. The only time Futaba took the pacifier out was to feed her, but if Sakura were to speak when not being asked to she would be punished severely. At that point Sakura though she was really going to die, she was getting close to her breaking point and though of provoking Futaba enough to want to kill her, but she remembered Naruto's words on never giving up and stuck through to survival.

Futaba was sitting in a room in a real frustrated mood. "It's been day's sense I brought that brat here and she still has not spoken one word about her village secrets." She slammed her fist on the table next to her destroying it. "What...what will it take for me to break her?" Futaba then started thinking about what Sakura said about vengeances and that it's not the way and only leads to more pain. Futaba was disgusted with her self for letting Sakura's word get to her but at the same time she was actually starting to have regrets about every she's done up until now, she knew her parents would not condone the methods she used on her youngest sister and a little girl, Futaba was confused and did not know what she should do any more.

Futaba got up and walked back to the nursery where Sakura was being kept, she opened the door and turned on the lights and smelled a horrible oder coming from the crib. Sakura felt Futaba's presents and opened her eyes and was blinded by the light. "I see you're not cursing me through the pacifier today; does that mean you're ready to talk?" Sakura gave Futaba a sickly look and did not raise her head. Futaba noticed that Sakura's eyes were red; her skin was pale and she and saw some discolored moisture around her mouth, this made her worry. "Hey are you ok... Hey!" Futaba yelled, but she got no response. Getting more worried, Futaba made some hand sighs and released the pacifier from Sakura's mouth, instantly Sakura released some vomit mixed with her own blood and threw up all over her self and the crib. "Shit!" Futaba hurriedly undid the arm and leg restraints on Sakura. Futaba lifted Sakura in her arms and rushed her over to the changing table and sat her down. Futaba felt the top of Sakura's forehead and placed her index and middle finger on Sakura's wrist. "Damn it you have a high fever and your pulse is low, what's...No don't tell me you-!" Futaba quickly untapped Sakura's diaper reviling nothing but watery stood and blood, there were traces of blood coming from both ends.

Sakura began breathing harder like she was gasping for air, her pulse and now her heart rate was rapidly slowing down. Futaba quickly reached under the changing table and pulled out a tin box with a red cross in the front. She took out a syringe and a bottle filled with a yellow colored liquid. Futaba stuck the needle into the bottle and pulled back the injector. Once the syringe was full Futaba rapped a rubber band around Sakura's arm purposely cutting off circulation, Futaba began tapping Sakura's wrist until the vain was visible, and Futaba then stuck the needle through the vain and injected the liquid into her body. After a few minuets' Sakura was breathing normally, her pulse and heart rate were beginning to stabilize. Futaba took a deep breath and whipped the sweat off her forehead and took another deep breath to calm her self down, she backed into the wall behind her and slid down on the floor. After a few minuets Futaba went on about changing Sakura into a fresh diaper using anti rash cream and baby powder, she then took Sakura into another room and laid her down on the bed and covered her up with many sheets to keep her warm.

Sakura woke up a few hours later, she gave off soft moans as her head was ringing, she could barely move because of one being restrained in a crib for three day's strait and two the medicine running through her veins. "What happened to me...?" She said softly. Sakura's suddenly broke her concentration when she heard foot steps. The door opened and Futaba walked through carrying a bottle, the two just stared each other down. "You can just kill me now..." Sakura spoke weakly "I won't tell you anything about my master of my village." Sakura began coughing violently.

"Shut up I don't remembering giving you permission to speak, you almost died just now and your body is extremely weak right now." Futaba yelled.

"What happened to me?" Sakura demanded.

"You caught a virus that is common around here called the noll virus, its a deadly illness that forces the body to expel blood through means of throwing up, peeing or pooping, for kids around your age it's epically easy to contract."

"Well whose fault is that?" Sakura asked smartly. "If you'd kelp a better eye on me instead of using child abuse on me just to get some information out of me you could have probably prevented me from getting sick in the first place."

"Shut up!" Futaba yelled again. "You obviously still don't know the position your in, I'm still holding you hostage, and I can kill you at any given moment if I wanted to." Futaba paused catching her breath then spoke again. "I don't have to take this crap from a smart ass little girl like you, I gave you the vaccine so you should be fine now, so what's to stop from leaving you locked up in this room for another three days when you can't move or do anything on your own, you're just like a newborn who needs everything done for them!"

Sakura glared at Futaba, and Futaba glared back at her. "Will you then, will you really leave me like this?" Sakura taunted." You won't, I can see it in your eyes." She smiled. "You really didn't want things to turn out the way they did. I can tell you're not really a bad person, you're just someone who is consumed by hatred and it's clouding your judgment, am I right?"

Futaba facial expressions soften up. "Don't push your luck you little brat." Futaba picked up Sakura and laid the girl across her lap, Futaba took the bottle she had and inserted the nipple into Sakura's mouth. Sakura was reluctant to drink from the bottle expecting to taste something horrible, but Futaba squeezed the bottle allowing some of the liquid to fall on Sakura's tongue, to her surprise the liquid tasted sweet and it was nice and cool. "Your body need nutrients right now, this stuff I'm bottle feeding you is going to help you get better quicker so drink up and don't give me any lip." Futaba demanded.

Sakura shook her head through the bottle and continued to drink. "Wank wu." She said softly through the bottle and closed her eyes and began to relax. Futaba blushed at that and turned her head away.

Ino, Hinata and Shizune's group had met up with the Inuzuka clan in just a day after Sakura was kidnapped; they were all shock to hear the bad news and began the search for her. Shizune immediately sent a carrier pigeon to Tsunade giving her an update on what was going on in East boarder town and a reply was sent back telling them to keep searching. Sosuke on the other hand was not too thrilled about more leaf village ninja showing up so close to the village hidden in the mist, he was starting to think that looking for Sakura could be a diversion while the leaf village launched a surprise attack on the village hidden in the mist. Sosuke reported what was going on to the Mizokage and was quickly sent word telling him how to handle the situation. The MizoKage's orders where to only let three leaf village ninja stay in East Boarder Town and send the other ninja back to their own village or wage war in between nations. In the end there was an agreement made that Ino, Hinata and Kiba world stay and Sosuke would look after them. Kyou and Lizzy offered to house the three teen ninja while they were still searching for Sakura.

A cold and wet nose was sniffing the ground, it belonged to Akamaru, and the large dog let out a whimper of defeat and sunk his head. "It ok boy, we'll try some other area ok." Kiba reassured giving Akamaru and scratch behind the ears.

"Did Akamaru find anything Kiba?" A meek voice asked.

"Sorry, no such luck Hinata?" Kiba said looking up at his teammate and sighing.

"Well you tried your best Kiba, that's all we can do at the moment." Hinata said sadly.

Kiba saw Hinata's sad expression and placed a reassuring hand on the girl's shoulder. "Cheer up Hinata we'll find Sakura I promise". Kiba said.

"Thank you so much Kiba, with you and Akamaru here I know we'll find her." Hinata said.

Later that night Ino, Kiba, Hinata, Lizzy, Kyou and Sosuke were eating a wonderful meal that Kyou had spent many hours' preparing. There was and silent atmosphere at the dinner table everyone was silent, the only sounds that could be heard was the sounds of silverware clinking against the glass plates they ate off of. Sosuke was the first person to strike up an unwanted conversation.

"So tell me about your sister Futaba who kidnapped this so called little girl, what is she like, what kind of jutsu does she use, and how powerful she?" The room was still silent Kyou nor did Lizzy wanted to answer him so they both remained quiet which made Sosuke mad. "Well aren't you going to answer me?" Sosuke asked getting inpatient.

"Futaba is our sister and our problem, it doesn't concern you." Lizzy said.

"What was that?" Sosuke stood up getting into a fighting pose. "I asked you a question and you damn sure better answer me right now before I-"

"Before you what?" Lizzy sneered. "This is a family matter and we can handle this on our own!"

"No it's not, I'm afraid you're wrong about that." Hinata said.

"Sakura is from our village and she was kidnapped by someone from your family, so this is our problem now." Ino said.

"I know!" Lizzy yelled. "I'm sorry that couldn't protect her, I wasn't strong enough, but your not the only one's who lost someone, Futaba still has Mieu, our little sister and she is still being controlled by Futaba's hack eye."

"Please understand we know what our sister did was wrong, she crossed the line this time and we know that she must pay for her crimes and we plan on making sure that happens, but Futaba's hack eye is really dangerous, once you're caught in it theirs no escape." Kyou said. "Fortunately Lizzy nor my self can be affected by Futaba's hack eye so that's why we must be the ones to stop her.

"Even without the use of her hack eye Futaba still had the strength of a jonin level ninja, her Jutsu are really powerful and kids such as your selves stand no change against her." Lizzy added.

"Well we'll just have to see about that." Sosuke said."If she is as powerful as you say then I'd like to test her strength."

"Shut up you bastard this isn't a game, lives are at stake here!" Lizzy yelled at Sosuke.

"What you want to make something of it!" He taunted.

Lizzy jumped over the table and lunged at Sosuke with a Kunai at hand, Sosuke stopped the blade with his steel plated gloves and counted by swing his foot in the air attempting to kick Lizzy, she jumped back avoiding the kick and threw the Kunai at Sosuke, he blocked it with his own Kunai and ran at Lizzy swinging the Kunai wildly missing it's target with every swing. Lizzy came in close and head butted Sosuke in the face and delivered a powerful kick to his face. Sosuke wiped the blood off his lip like nothing was wrong, Lizzy prepared to use one of her Jutsu but Sosuke reached out and grabbed Lizzy by the throat and threw her across the room knocking over the dinner table. Lizzy quickly got to her feet was about to run at Sosuke again when she was stopped and held down by Ino and Hinata, Sosuke was being blocked by Kiba and Kyou.

"That's enough from both of you, stop it now!" Kyou Shouted. Sosuke tried to push his way past Kyou and Kiba but was blinded by a bright light and found himself on the ground a few seconds later thank to an unknown power Kyou just used. "Mr. Sosuke right? I appreciate you wanting to help us, but if you ever lay a hand on my sister again you will be sorry understand!" She threatened. Kyou then walked back over to Lizzy while she was still held by Hinata and Ino and slapped her across the face. "Lizzy don't ever make me have to use force on you again understand?" Kyou asked. Lizzy looked into her sister eyes, she just nodded without saying a word. Afterwards Kyou left the room.

Futaba was back in the nursery where Sakura was being kept, Sakura was currently sleeping soundly in the crib again but this time there were no bars surrounding her and there were no restraints holding her down. Futaba stood over the crib looking down at Sakura still thinking about what she said to her earlier. Futaba was still questioning herself and what she was doing. Her thoughts were soon broke when she felt someone's presents standing right behind her. She turned around and greeted the person.

"Welcome back did you have any problems?" Futaba asked the person standing behind her.

"Yeah, do you know that your sister bites people in her sleep?" The person asked nursing the bite mark on her arm.

"Sorry Shana I though I warned you about that." Futaba laughed at the girl.

The girl Shana looked no older than fourteen years old; she had long black hair that went down pass her shoulders and had brown eyes. She wore a black dress that went down to her knees and wore a purple ninja's vest and finger less gloves on her hands, hanging from the ninja tool pouch in her belt was a short sword with a pink hilt with markings carved on it. Last on her forehead was a black head band with squiggly lines going left to right, but had a giant X carved in front.

"So is that the little girl from the hidden leaf village you kidnapped from your sisters? She's cute." Shana commented.

"Well don't let her cuteness fool you, that girl has a mouth on her like someone else I know."

Shana walked up to Futaba and wrapped her arms around the older woman's waist hugging her. "So we're still are going through with our plan's to take down the leaf village elders aren't we?"

Futaba put her arm over Shana's shoulder and patted her head. "Or course we will, but the Hokage is no push over, we need more information on her and the village if we want to succeed with our plans, I can count on you for that right?"

"Who do you think you're talking to, I was part the legendary wind fang clan, the clan known through out the whole ninja world to have the strongest wind style jutsu, theirs no one who can take me down!"

"Oh you sure about that?" Futaba playfully tighten her hold on the girl."

"Just know Futaba theirs nothing I won't do for you, you gave me a reason to live after the leaf village elders ordered the destruction of my clan. I was the only survivor when you found me burred under a pile of rubble badly injured, you took care of me and comforted me when I needed it, and you also play that game with me also..." Shana blushed.

"Yes I know sweetie." Futaba said softly. "Don't worry, we will got out revenge, for my parents and for your clan, the Hidden leaf took both of them away from us, we well make them pay." Futaba said. "Speaking of that game we play, I think it's time I gave you your reward for working so hard, so you have two hours."

"Really?" Shana was glowing.

Fubata reached under the changing table and took out an adult size diaper, some powder and lotion and walked towards Shana. "You'd better hurry up; you know time out before you know it." Futaba said lightly smacking Shana on her bottom.

"Thank you Futaba err... Mommy Shana said happily."

Authors Notes: I decided to add my OC character Shana to this story for a twist to let my readers know that Futaba is not completely evil, I really want to being out her gentle side sense it will help keep the story going.