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The week following his parents visit had been hell for House. All the memories of his childhood, he had forced himself to not think about, skillfully suppressed had now been stirred back up brining unwelcome emotion, stabbing at his conscious brain. He couldn't sleep, terrifying nightmares kept him up staring into the black of his room, watching shadows dance across his walls. He barley ate reminded him of punishment he would suffer over eating arrangements at his house. The pain that stayed long after the marks had gone, and not all of them had.

The tiered doctor leaned heavily against his cane rubbing hard at his red eyes.

"Differential diagnosis," He said in his normal intimidating voice that now shook his frail thin body. The team was quite in thought, staring intently at the white board as if willing it to give them the answer. Each had noticed their boss's poor appearance but didn't think much of it. House being his destructive self.

"Or we could just sit here like idiots and let the guy dye, I mean we do save people a lot it would be nice to spice things up a little, give the morgue a little action" House said in his usual sarcastic air.

"Lupus," Kutner suggested

The agitated doctor hung his head in frustration to tiered to come up with a come back

"Homey and big nose go run a full blood panel, 13 go get a dissent patent history, and elf lord go be stupid somewhere else."

They eyed him suspiciously, before slowly draining from the room.

House sighed in relief, leaning heavy against the smooth wood in his hand as his leg throbbed in protest to his standing. He needed soothing to keep his mind off things, so he decided to go do what he loved best, annoy Wilson.

House swung the door open to Wilson's office. Wilsons bent frame looked up from neatly stacked piles of paperwork,

"You know, there is such a thing as knocking"

"Ya but I'm not gay"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

House gave an exasperated sigh as if he were explaining this to a total idiot, "Unlike you I don't like "knocking" wood"

The oncologist sighed heavily before looking back down at his work, and then did a double take of House.

"You feeling ok," Wilson said his voice rigid with concern

"What's up with you and feelings, doesn't boy wonder ever take a break or you to busy rescuing cats from trees and bugging cripples!" The older doctor complained

Wilson continued ignoring the deflection, "Have you eaten anything recently?"

House had to think about that one. I think I had half a bagel yesterday morning.

"I'll take that as a no, come on I'll buy you lunch"

In all honesty House wasn't that hungry but he would suck it up for Wilson he didn't want anyone else fussing over him. The younger doctor stood with a groan, and arched his back, fists in the air trying to stretch out the kinks in his ageing body.

Houses eyes glazed over, his vision set on something far away, his legs turned to jell-o beneath him and he fell with a thud. He pulled his body into himself hand protectively cradling his pounding head.

"House…" Wilson said annoyed, He does the stupidest things to get a rise out of me

Wilson's worry rose like a tidal wave through him as house remained unresponsive rocking back and forth.

"House…" Wilson said while approaching his broken friend, as the distance between them shortened Houses breathing became more erratic.

"No…please…don't hit me, not again…I'm sorry, I'm sorry…please…dad" House whimpered, chest rising and falling raggedly.

Wilson surprised his surprise and jumped to action he had to snap his friend out of it before he started hyperventilating. Wilson set a gentle hand upon his shaking shoulder, he felt house flinch painfully at his touch.

"House its ok; you didn't do anything wrong, your safe, its ok" Houses body softened in reaction to his friends cooing.


House struggled to stand against his protesting leg; it felt as if fire was being shot through his veins. As he staggered to his feet he closed his eyes trying to block out the world, but instead was cursed with images of his past projected on the inside of his eyelids .


"Wilson," House said mocking his friends concern.

"What, what was, I mean why…" Wilson suddenly didn't know what to say normally so quick to latch on to neediness, he knew he wasn't going to get answers right away from House he'd have to approach it carefully.

House avoided his judging eyes, he felt ashamed. I should have better control than this he snared at himself angrily. The silence was thick and cold it covered the room like a blanket of snow.

"Well…sick people aren't going to cure them self's." House said while limping towards the door eager for escape.

"Wait House you have to talk about this," Wilson interjected forcefully


"No House you can't just deflect everything, you need…" Wilson continued before getting cut off

"Sense when the hell do you know what I need!" House blurted angrily, then composed himself and continued "Don't do this…just…just let it go" Pain flashed across his feature and settled in to the lines that had been so etched in to him, a familiar home of pain. Then he quickly covered it by his well practiced mask and walked out of a shocked Wilson's office.

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