A/N--Does anybody remember the old Folgers House commercials with the romantic couple? The last thing I remember of them, she had just introduced him to her son. I'm trying to take of after that. Disclaimer-I do not own Folgers coffee nor the commercial ,I'm just getting a story out of my head.

The phone rings at a secretary's desk at a advertising company, the pretty secretary sits down to answer it and on the other end of the line is another pretty woman and the secretary says:

"Folgers House, how may I direct your call?"

There is a slight hesitation in the woman's voice and she asks:

"Um, I don't know, the person in charge of public relations?"

The young secretary tells her without a moment's hesitation:

"He is in a meeting, may I take a message?"

The woman on the end of the phone says:

"Well, my name is Beth Farmers, my number is 555-525-4983 and well, I would like to request a 100 lbs. of Folgers House Coffee for my wedding"

The secretary stops her writing on the pad and looks confused then asks:

"For your wedding? Why?"

The woman chuckles then says:

"Well,. That's a long story…"

The secretary drops everything she is doing and listens to the Folgers saga.

At that same time in a town in the middle of New England, a lovely young woman with red hair and blue eyes and stylish clothes on, sits down with a steaming cup of hot coffee next to her equally charming and handsome fiancée and she says:

"I think we may get all the coffee for the wedding"

He blows on the coffee to make it not so hot then softly says:

"It really wouldn't bother me if we didn't get it, just as long as we get married"

She smiles and takes a sip of her coffee.