These first four chapters are the pieces I wrote for the Countdown to Christmas Collaboration with breathoftwilight.

Countdown to Christmas Collaboration: http://www{dot}fanfiction{dot}net/s/5477548/36/

Collab Piece One

Canon Pairings, A/U (vamp).

Prompt: Preparations for Christmas at Forks High School


I walked into the gym on high alert as the scent of human blood wafted past my nose. Type A, O, B-. Anemic, diabetic, STD. I could smell them all. I've always been sensitive to blood, but this sensitivity didn't make me sick. It didn't make me want to pass out and reach for the heavens. This sensitivity made me hungry! I could feel the rabid desire start to course through my veins at the delightful aromas. Edward must have sensed my need because he squeezed my small hand wrapped in his larger one and brought it to his lips for a small kiss. The hunger for human blood now replaced with the hunger for him. With one small gesture, he could change my every thought.

I knew I didn't need to eat, we had just come back from hunting and I was definitely sated. Well, as sated as a vampire- especially a newborn vampire- could actually be. We pressed forward through the throngs of students and I watched as they hustled to and fro, fetching this decoration and that bauble. Putting the finishing touches on the Christmas decorations. It amazed me how we continued to walk in a straight line, hand in hand, and although there was a student or a teacher every two feet, we never bumped into one as we gracefully crossed the gym. As a human, I was never graceful. In fact, I was the exact opposite. Always tripping on air and imaginary pebbles. I used to wonder if Edward would hold onto my hand or my elbow because he just knew at any moment there was the potential for me to faceplant right in front of him. Now, as we walked hand in hand, I knew that he held onto me because he wanted to. Because he loved me.

I've seen the gym decorated before. A lot of these decorations were actually being reused from previous years at Forks High School. But that was to be expected. Being a small town and all, money wasn't just sitting around; especially for frivolous things like this. But the students were excited. I could tell because of how warm the scent of blood was in the air, like setting it on a hot plate. There was a group of boys in the corner in charge of blowing up the balloons with helium. I could hear their high pitched voices squeaking obscenities and whispering grotesque words about our classmates and teachers. They thought that no one could hear them. And probably no one else could, but their voices were clear as day to me and very damn annoying. I tried to block them out, but apparently, that was harder to do as a vampire. Maybe one day I'll learn.

The white and silver streamers hung from the walls and were scattered with silver, light blue and white confetti. Well, it's not really white. It's like opal I guess. It has a pearlescent sheen to it. Hung from the streamers and scattered at various points around the room were paper snowflakes. Some were bought at the party store and others were cut out by students. You could clearly see which ones were bought and which ones were made. One of the snowflakes even had a design in it in a phallic shape. I just knew that was cut by Mike Newton.

There were round tables strategically placed around the area that will be the dance floor and covered in white cloth. The same confetti on the streamers rested on the tables. The dance floor was edged out with fake snow. It smelled awful. Like turpentine or too many sharpies. I couldn't help but to wrinkle my nose at it. Off to the right of the stage a photo center had been setup. On the floor was the same fake snow that lined the dance floor. Several fake and potted evergreens lined the sides and there was a blue backdrop. I suppose it was meant to imitate a snowy field in the afternoon. It wasn't a bad job I suppose.

In the middle of the ceiling, some of the students and the gym teacher were high up on a platform trying to center the chandelier piece that will reflect prism shadows around the room. It was the same chandelier they used every year. Except this time it wasn't. At least not to me. I looked up at the chandelier and I could already see the prisms reflected around the room. How each drop of light provided by the theatre group will catch every angle of the perfectly chiseled pieces of glass and shine down beautiful sights for all to see.

I looked over to Edward and he smiled down at me with that crooked grin I loved so much.

"What?" I ask.

"It's your face, Bella. You look like you're seeing heaven for the first time."

"That's not possible, Edward. The first time I saw heaven was when I saw you. But yes, I am amazed at the sight of the chandelier."

"It's your heightened vamp senses. They allow you to see things clearer. More sharp than before."

I nodded at his statement, clearly seeing the evidence right before my eyes. I've seen little bits of it here and there, but seeing the chandelier in this light was only second to seeing Edward for the first time after I was changed. Saw him and his brilliant green eyes, his perfect skin, and that mega watt smile looking back at me with nothing but love and adoration. And okay, maybe some lust too.

We continued to cross the floor, making our way to the assembled stage where Alice was directing people on the proper way to hang Christmas lights on a tree.

"Edward! Bella! I knew you two would be here any second."

Edward just rolled his eyes. Of course Alice knew. Alice seemed to always know and her sixth sense had only improved since I was turned vamp.

"Well, come on. We don't want to be late for rehearsal," Alice called as she jumped down from the stage and made her way to the door.

"Tell me again why we're doing this, Edward?"

"Because we all need to appear as normal as possible. And Alice roped us into it. It was either this or the Easter musical. I most certainly am not playing Jesus and being nailed to a cross."

I laughed at Edward's obvious disgust with the other horrific option. As if they could actually nail him in the first place.

We left the gym and headed to the auditorium where several students were filing in for our last rehearsal before opening night. Miss Cassis was starting to line everyone up in their positions on the stage when she saw us come in.

"Ah, Edward," she said with a warm smile and Edward nodded to her, "please take your position with the tenors." Edward kissed my hand, but reluctantly let go. This was the first time we were separated since coming into the school this afternoon.

"Miss Swan," Miss Cassis barked, "to your spot."

A low growl erupted in my chest as I fought the urge to tear that woman's limbs from her body and revel in the carnage. Before I could act on my thoughts, both Jasper and Edward were at my sides and urging me to calm down. Feeling better, I told them so and Jasper dropped his hand from my shoulder as Edward walked me to my spot among the altos. He gave me a kiss on the lips that lingered longer than probably necessary, but not long enough. A kiss of a promise for more and then sauntered back to his position. From where I stood, I could get a clear sight of Edward. And as Miss Cassis droned on about the importance of posture, "arms at your sides, stomach pulled in, chest out," and reminders about footwear, "no more than three inch heels ladies," I just stared at my little piece of heaven while he smiled back at me.