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Draco stood silently in the doorway of one of the mansion's guest bedrooms. He looked at the sleeping figure once more before quietly shutting the door and going to the study. He took out his wand, the urge to break something now irresistible…

1 Year Earlier

Harry sat back on the couch in the green room. He could hear Draco singing, but he wasn't in the mood for the backstage crowd. He took a sip of his water as his husband's voice floated back to him.

"I have a smoke to try and send me to sleep, but things aren't all that they seem. The only time I seem to spend with you seems to be in my dreams," Draco sang.

Harry smiled, listening to Draco really get into the song. It was the last one of the night, and then they'd be home. As much as he liked traveling with the blonde, he was ready for the tour to be over.

He'd decided to stay in the room while Draco signed autographs, but an hour later he was wondering where his husband had wandered off to. "Nigel?" Harry asked, walking down the hall to where the crew was packing up. "Where's Draco?" he asked the drummer.

"I don't know mate," Nigel said, giving him a curious look. "He told me he was going to chill for a while. Thought he was with you."

"Not again," Harry said dejectedly.

Three weeks later, Harry paced the living room as Draco's manager watched from their couch. "He's never been gone this long before," Harry said, distractedly.

"Harry, listen, he's done this before and he always comes back!"

"He just got clean, Arnold!" Harry shouted. "What if he's relapsed? What if…" Harry trailed off, horrible visions of his husband unconscious in an alley somewhere clouding his mind.

"Harry," Arnold said, standing and taking The Boy Who Lived by the shoulders. "Listen to me. We have the whole band searching Draco's…er…old haunts. We've called Lucius, and he's on the lookout too. I'm going to look myself. You stay here and try to keep calm. Do you want me to send Ron by?"

"No," Harry said. "No, I'll just…stay and…" He sat down.

Arnold patted his shoulder before leaving.

Harry watched him Disapparate. He was still standing by the window when someone came out of the bushes. "DRACO!" he yelled, running to the door. He met the blonde in the front yard and pulled him into a hug. He knew Draco had been using again, but he was too relieved to see him to yell. "Come on, in the house," he said, half carrying his husband inside. When he deposited him on the couch, he got a good look at him.

Draco was still wearing his concert clothes, only they were ripped and dirty. His hair was disgusting, and his eyes were purple instead of grey. He'd definitely been using again.

"Draco?" Harry said softly.

"I'm sorry," Draco said, breaking down. "Please believe me. I didn't mean to. It just happened. I know I said I wouldn't anymore…" he broke off, shuddering. "I'm sorry."

"Come on," Harry said, pulling him up. "Let's get you into the bath."

"Do you want to know?" Draco whispered as they walked. "Do you want to know what happened?"

"I think I've got a good idea."

"I'm sorry."

"Quiet," Harry said gently, pointing his wand toward the bathtub. It filled with warm water. "You don't have to talk right now." He helped Draco undress and get into the tub.

"I'm sorry," Draco said again. His eyes were slowly returning to their normal color.

"I know."

Draco threw another glass ornament against the wall. He was pissed, yeah, but the anger had subsided mostly. Now he was starting to get scared. He'd have to tell Harry. He deserved to hear from Draco before he heard it from the Prophet.

"Draco?" Harry said, peeking into the study. "What the hell?"

"We need to talk," Draco said, panting.

Harry walked in, carefully avoiding the broken glass. "What's wrong?"

"I…er…remember last year? The big fight we had?" The big fight was their euphemism for Draco's disappearing act that had lasted about a month. The blonde had been on tour with his band when he'd suddenly taken off.

"Yeah…" Harry said.

"I er…well, I kind of lost my head. And I…"

"Cheated on me, I know. What about it?"

"She's had a kid. She thinks he's mine. I think she might be right. He looks a little like me."

"Oh fuck me," Harry said, sinking into a chair.

"If you'd like, but I figured you'd be withholding for a while," Draco said, trying to smile.

"How much does he look like you?" Harry asked.

"You know the baby picture Lucius had of me? The one on his desk at the Ministry?"


"Spitting image."

"Fucking hell. You didn't know anything about this kid?"

"Nothing, I swear!" Draco insisted. "I got an owl last week saying she wanted to meet me. When I went to see her, I found out that I had a son," he said weakly.

"It's a boy then," Harry said. "What's his name?"

"I don't know. She didn't tell me anything, just left me with him."

"Where is he now?"

"In the guest room down the hall. I conjured a cradle."

Harry walked toward him and gently took his hand. He led them down the hall and asked, "Which room?"

Draco opened the door and let his husband look in.

Harry went over to the cradle and looked at the baby. Draco hadn't been exaggerating, the kid was a carbon copy. Putting a hand around Draco's waist, he said, "You've been clean for a year. Today's the anniversary in fact."

"I know."

"We've been through everything," Harry said. "Parenting can't be that hard."

Draco turned to him, hardly daring to hope. "Do you…do you mean you want to…"

"I wouldn't leave you over this," Harry said. "I'm not trying to be noble or anything, it's just…you're mine, and he's yours, therefore however dysfunctional the history is, we're a family. I know you love him already; I can see it."

"This…isn't going to be easy."

"I believe we both said 'For better or worse'. And honestly, this can only get better, right?"

Draco wasn't sure of that, but Harry's confidence made him smile. He kissed him as Harry picked up the sleeping boy and rocked him.

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