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For You, I Would

Nat sat on the porch, hoping to avoid all company. He wasn't proud of the way he had fought Dan. But he had said what he thought he should at the time. Dan and Bess had been ganging up on Nan and he had felt the need to step in. If that had meant fighting Dan, then that's what he would have done. And would have gotten the upper hand if they hadn't been broken apart. Maybe Dan had more years of experience fighting, but Nat had been determined. A sudden noise alerted him to another's presence. Turning his head, he saw Nan walking around the house with a broken glass jar and a forlorn expression.

"Hey, Nan." He called out. She was the only one he thought he could be around right now.

"Hey." She said, glumly sitting next to him.

"You alright?" he asked, truly concerned

"Yeah. I will be. I can find more bugs. But I don't want to lose Bess as a friend. Even if she isn't much of a friend right now."

"Yeah. I know what you mean. Dan and I have been friends for years. I never wanted to have to fight him."

"You didn't have to fight him, you know." Nan stated

"Yes. I did." Nat said, "Bess was wrong for throwing your bugs out the window. And Dan knew that. Sometimes, arguments are the only way he will understand. This time just got a bit out of hand."

Nan turned to fully face him. "Thank you, for sticking up for me." She gave him a small smile, which he returned.

Suddenly, he stood. "Wait here!" he exclaimed, racing into the house.

Startled, Nan could only sit and wait, watching the sun move toward the horizon.

When Nat reappeared, he had his violin in his hands. "I've been working on a new piece. Want to hear it?" he asked eagerly

"Sure." She replied, smiling broadly as she placed the broken jar aside

Returning the smile, and sitting back on the porch, he cradled the violin. Soon, sweet music began to drift over the yard, seeming to almost touch the sunset. Nan noticed Dan across the yard, talking to Nick. Bess, she knew, was in the room. But it would all work out eventually. As Nat's music floated around her, she repeated "You don't have to fight for me, Nat. But it's nice that you did."

Smiling, and without ever breaking rhythm, he said "For you, I would."

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