Ball Practice

Chapter 1

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The clock read 11:45 pm as Coach Jack Bolton sat in his office, trying to get work done. But the problem was, he couldn't keep his mind on work. Jack found out he was gay a year ago. He was fine with

that, of course. The only reason he stayed with his wife was for his son's sake. But that soon became a problem. Crushes came and went, but Jack never acted on them. The only exception was Ryan.

They dated secretly for six months, but it eventually came to an end. Then a new crush developed. And it was on his own son. Jack was sickened with himself. But why did Troy have to be so damn hot!

All Jack could think about was Troy. Then he began to daydream. The dreams slowly began to escalate. First it a vision about troy shirtless. Then about him shirtless kissing his father's neck. Then

about a shirtless troy viciously kissing jack. Then both of them naked, locking lips ferociously. Then troy moving his lips onto his father's hard cock. Finally an image of the younger Bolton pounding away

into his father's tight hole. Suddenly jack felt his hard cock aching. He knew he wouldn't get any work done like this so he decided to relive himself. As he masturbated all the images of troy sucking his

cock filled his head that he found himself moaning troy's name. "Oh Troy." He moaned. "Oh oooooooooooh!" "Troy!" He found himself screaming. "TROY!" "What!?" Screamed a bewildered Troy at the

door way. "Uh, uh, son. This..This isn't what it looks like." "Oh really?" Troy asked, a hint of smugness in his voice. "That's a real shame then." Troy said, moving closer to jack. "Because if it wasn't what

it looked like, I wouldn't be able to do this!" He almost shouted as he planted his lips on his father's. The younger Bolton slipped his tong into this father's mouth. They both ran their fingers through

each other's hair as there tongs explored each craves of their mouths. They finally pulled out for air. Troy smiled at his father's bewildered yet happy expression. "You know, I could use a little relief."

Jack signaled toward his hard cock. Troy smiled and joked. "That's what I'm here for." Troy removed his father's slightly unbuttoned shirt as jack removed troy's own. Troy slid down his father's pants

and boxers and stared at a 14 inch cock around his size, but slightly thicker. He wiggled his eyebrows as he took it in. He began to suck and blow like a hover vacuum. Grinding the shaft with his teeth

as he tickled the balls with his tong. Jack thrust his head up and moaned loudly. He felt his father's cock get harder and harder in his mouth. He heard his moan's get louder and louder. Jack reached

his climax. Troy felt that and began to slide the cock out of his mouth. Jack finally came covering the chair, troy's chest, and filling part of troy's mouth with cum. Troy met jack's mouth and they shared

the cum. "That was great." Jack spoke, slightly out of breath. "Your turn." Troy stripped of every article of clothing he had while jack removed all the things he had on his desk so troy could sit on it.

Troy sat on the desk as jack stared at his 14 inch hard cock. It was slightly longer than his but not as thick. Jack gave his son/lover a quick smile then took in the cock. He did some of the maneuvers

troy did while orally pleasing him, but began by sucking his balls instead. The same amount of moans filled the room as before. Troy ran his fingers through his father's thick hair as he reached his

climax, covering the desk, jack chest and mouth with cum. "Wow." Troy breathed. Jack smiled and said. "I have an idea." "What?" "Bend over." A mischievous smile spread across troy's mouth. Troy

stood on all fours on his father's/lover's desk as jack climbed on it. Jack positioned himself and began fingering troy's tight hole. "What are you…? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Jack soon added three

more fingers. He was about to had a fourth when troy screamed. "JUST FUCK ME ALREADY!" Jack smiled and took all his fingers out. "Now if I hurt you just say…" "Damn it jack, just fuck me. I want to

have you in me so bad." Jack was slightly taken off guard by troy using his first name, but got over it quickly. "Is this your first time?" He asked, still concerned in his lover's well being. "Yes jack, but…"

"But nothing, baby. I can't just pound into you raw. We need lube." "Look. Please fuck me. I need you inside me. Plea…" Troy was cut off as jack entered him. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Troy

screamed. "HOLY FUCK JACK!" Troy screamed as jack hit his g-spot. Soon the room became full of there moans. Both Bolton where covered in sweat. "Shit, troy, I'm gona cum." "Then. Go. Ahead." Troy

spoke through closed teeth. Troy felt himself close to cuming to. Jack continued to pound away into his lover's asshole. Finally they both came, troy covering the desk completely while jack came inside

him. They both collapsed, jack still in and on him, all covered in sweat and cum. "That. Was. Amazing." They spoke in union both out of breath. Jack rolled of and out of troy and they shared one

passionate kiss then sooner or later, they both fell asleep.

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