Ball Practice

Chapter 3

"Bolton?!" The Coach called out. "Yeah?" Troy asked. "Don't you need to, you know, stay behind and work on some stuff?" Troy smiled as he realized what his father was talking about. "Yeah. I do. I'll

catch up with you guys latter." He said, turning to the team. They walked in the shower room and began to strip. Jack pushed a naked troy into the shower and viciously kissed his neck, leavening a

purple burse. Jack moved his mouth to troy's ear and began sucking his ear lope. Troy sucked in a moan. Jack whispered into troy's ear. "I'll be right back." Then he walked out naked, but not before

turning on the shower. Jack locked the door which only had three other keys. The janitors, the principles, and the spare he kept home. That was how troy was able to find him. How happy they both

where that troy found the spare. Jack walked into his office and opened the drawer to take out lube and condoms. Meanwhile, troy was getting harder that he was, if that was even possible!, just by

touching the purple mark on his neck. "I'm back." Jack said, pecking his head through the curtains. " 'Bout time." Troy joked. Jack gently kissed troy's lips. He kissed down his neck and collar bone. Troy

moaned and his face showed pure joy. "Oh Jaaaack!" Troy screamed as Jack entered him with his fingers. Jack got a mischievous smile a chuckled smugly. Jack pulled his fingers out and lubed himself

up. The two began to fuck and moans filled the room. They became covered in sweat and cum. The two made love for hour on end until Troy finally had enough. He was still panting while Jack gently

kissed him. "Are we ever gonna do this again?" He asked. "I'm not sure. It's hard to find time. I mean, you're my son. I can get arrested. You'll get taken away from your mom and me." Troy

disappointedly nodded. "Wait. Your mom's going out of town on Friday and coming back on Monday. We got three days to do all we want!" Troy's face lit up when jack said that. "On Friday, we could

have our first date?" He suggested. "Really?" Jack asked. "We could drive to the next town where no one knows us. Then we could go to a motel. Maybe have some fun?" "Yeah." Jack smiled. "How

about Saturday we have some fun at home with, I don't know, ice cream?" Jack nodded the smile on his face growing bigger and bigger. "Then on Sunday we could go to Vegas? Which one you think

we should do?" "All of them."

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