Let's Get Alphabetical

Summary: Twenty-six themes. 100 words each. Friendships and humor galore, with the occasional dose of angst and Shules content. Spoilers and warnings will be at the beginning of each chapter.

A/N: I didn't feel like doing a real challenge, but I did feel like doing some drabbles, so I wrote this. The themes came pretty much off the top of my head, give or take a few words, but once I settled on a theme for each letter, I stuck with it. Feel free to come up with your own version using my themes, if you are so inclined. I'd love to see what other people come up with. :)

Spoilers: Tuesday The 17th.


It was over.

It was finally, officially – legally – over.

The papers signed, the goodbyes said and done.

And God, it hurt.

His saving grace is the thought of tomorrow, the possibility of a happy ending sometime in the future – a moment beyond this night.

Because tonight, he's letting himself feel the pain and loss he had been trying to numb with unrealistic dreams of reconciliation and second chances.

He lies in bed and stretches his arm out to fill her place.

The place she used to have beside him, so long ago.

Tonight, for once, he lets himself miss her.

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