The holding cells are filled to near-maximum capacity.

Shawn is spouting visions, but no one can hear him.

Lassiter is shouting.

O'Hara is frantically filling out paperwork and searching for her handcuffs simultaneously.

Buzz was last seen hiding out in the men's room.

Henry Spencer came to drop off something for Shawn and is now lecturing his son, who ignores him.

Gus stubs his toe and curses creatively.

Everyone is on a different road, going a million miles per hour. All is chaos.

And the Chief Karen Vick? Well, she just has a biting headache.

Her vacation is long overdue.

A/N: These have been ridiculously fun to write. Thank you to everyone who reviewed! Although I'm done with drabbles for now, I've got a lot of things waiting to be posted...including my longer version of "Try" (entitled Dating 101) and I'm pretty sure I'm going to put up my story entitled "Nobody Needs to Know" which has short chapters for each character. And both of those have sequels/companions...so yeah, look out for those if you're interested. Because, it's come to the point where I'm obviously too obsessed to stop writing. :P