Yukki-I had a dream about a part of this, (and yeah I don't think I'll put it in this chap) except I don't think it was Ayano and kazuma. It was more me and HIM.

This chap is gonna be a lot lemon.

It was finally lunch time and guys in the class swarmed to her desk.

"hello Ayano-chan~" rang all around her until she felt herself being pulled into Kazuma's lap.( she just had the luck to be placed next to him) Struggling to break free he only help onto her tighter then Kikyo and her gang came up and was like

"Ayano you are my new apprentice." She said this with obvious jealousy and her intention to keep Ayano away from kazuma was clear

" Sorry Kikyo, but I don't want to and I don't have the time."

Cutting in kazuma said," besides she already is mine" Kikyo sniffed in a stuck up way and stomped away.(kikyo's pov) that bitch was definitely paying for taking away my man!!

Normal pov

It was after school and she just finished with track. kazuma was long done with soccer and had gone to the cafeteria to practice his break dancing. Packing her bag she was all set to go home, but found herself walking toward the front gate instead of the trail.

"Oh, the job" She didn't have a choice and when passing by the cafeteria, she saw the swarm of girls watching Kazuma practice she thoughtthey never give up do they. Sighing she walked to gate and instead of heading down the road, she walked up to a car. The window rolled down and

"Hello Ayano-chan!" It was keita. " I've come to pick you up for your first day of work. Did you inform your parents of the job yet?"


"Okay good! Before you start working in the bars today, I need to test the medicines on you."


"Yes, other than the one that makes you a virgin, we have boob enhancers, smaller vj's enhancers, and stuff like that."

" So lets go up to find an empty room."

" wait so are YOU boiking me?"

"today yes"

"don't worry I'll be gentle." Why does it have to be me! Of all people I got singled out alongside these other girls

Up in the room there was a tray with bottles, the size of nail polish jars, on a tray.

" How about we do this the right way"

" what do you me—" before she got the chance to finish the rest of the question, he had pushed her onto the bed

" In order to test these potions the best thing to do it play out what will really happen in the room." He said in between kisses. undressing her he told her

" when customers come in they get a chart of what potions we have and what each of them do. They check off what they want their girl to have and the girl takes those potions. Each bottle it good for one use and we sell them in the lobby as well." He had started lavishing her body with his tongue.

" here's the first one it should make your cleavage larger" She drank and watched as her boobs became a size larger. She naturally was a large girl but now they were perky, round and bigger.

"Check. Now this one."

Downing it, she watched her tits become harder and swore that they stood like army men at attention. His tongue immediately went to them and she felt her back arch and heard herself moan uncontrollably." The potion not only gives pleasure to the man, but increases the pleasure for the women too. Now this one"

She drank and felt her vj shrink and she saw him take a swig of something."what was that?" but her question was answered as she saw his dick become larger and harder.
" Owww. Damn it hurts. I haven't gotten this aroused by any woman even with potions. Alright, open up…owwww… now this might hurt a little so be prepared"

She braced for the pain of being virgin. Felling him enter her slowly and feeling something rip, she started screaming with pain. He didn't move until he felt her relax a bit and stopped scream then started moving in and out a began picking up the pace. She moaned in ecstasy and started grinding along with him. She felt herself climaxing. "Unghhh you're so big! Unhhh i- I think."

"hurry drink this"She drank and he took a drink of the same thing

"this should make you keep going for longer" She felt herself wanting to cum and it just got worse and worse she wanted to so bad and telling by Keita's face he wanted to too, but they just kept grinding and it just kept getting more wonderful. Until finally they both came so hard that she felt him shoot into her like a baking soda rockets shoot into the air and her juices oozed out onto the sheets."here drink this" She drank"we'll have to see if that works, but first lets get clean. I'll be teaching you bathroom techniques and stuff like that." They entered the shower and he started filling the tub. He handed her a washing bucket and soap.

" You need to please the customer and give them a show. In the washing part, you have to kneel and mix the soap. While mixing the soap you will squeeze your bust together and the movement of you arms mixing the soap will make you boobs bounce. Yes, just like that." As he had been telling her how to she'd been follwing his instructions. "okay now rub it all over your body. Seductively" yes that right. Owww!" His member had risen again to an amazing size." Yes-s-s. If this is happening to me, your doing it exactly right. Owww!" He breathed labored breaths." Now you ask to wash the man and he says yes. Then you hug him from behind and wrap your legs around him. Yes that's right. Now you start rubbing yourself up and down on him using your boobs as a sponge. Yes. UNgh that right it feels so good. You do that all over his body" HE turned around on her and started kissing her."it'll sometimes lead to this" Then he stuck two fingers up her normal sized hole. He started hitting her g spot and she moaned at the pleasure. " okay bathroom lesson is done. Rinse off" She did. Back in the bed room again he said now you'll learn your hand and mouth." For your mouth you'll be giving him a blow job." She looked down at his manlyhood and it was still erect from the shower. Lying down on the bed he said" First you'll have to arouse the man. Then you start licking along his dick and slowly suck on it. Lavish the tip with your tongue and put it into your mouth. Then you can start deep throating it. You have to stretch this out to make it feel good. Try it now" She did and he moaned."damn it Ayano you're a natural. Onto hands now. You basically make a hole with your hands and put it aound his thing. Then start pushing and releasing. That will make a sensation like when he is in you. You can make it a tight hole then when he's about to climax to put your finger on his hole and keep going. When your finger can't stay anymore, you move you hand and the cum will jet out of his member. You will catch some of that in your mouth then start kissing him. Then stuff will go from there. Try it" Yup she did it perfectly." You wont have to do this every session because each one is one hour long and lets see if the virgin renewal potion worked." He jammed into her and she screamed " yup it works. Here hurry and drink it again it'll ease the pain and you'll become virgin again. Anyways now you can work down in the bar until 7" Just like that he left he had thrown his clothes on and gone. Stupid woman user. Thinking as she put her clothes on, after cleaning herself, she realized she hadn't felt dirty, she only felt pleasure. What the hell? She went down to serve the bars and left at 7. She had gotten $500 in the 2 hours of serving. She'd be up in that room for 2 and a half hours!! Crap now I have to go home and do hw.