My trust in you is broken.

Hey everyone. I´m here AGAIN with a new story that I hope you will enjoy and like because I did.

Like all my other stories, this is SLASH! That means boy/boy....which you probably already know.

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Koopa Highschool

It had gone years since the last battle with Mario and Bowser had always wondered what would happen to his children if he kept them losing against Mario. What would their future be like? He had decided to put them in koopa highschool, not all of them was old enough, some were going to junior high too. Bowser had let Kamek homeschool the kids and enough was enough. He had called a meeting with the kids and told them about this. Some of them was happy, like Ludwig, Iggy and Lemmy. Some were nervous, Larry and Morton and some were opposed to the whole thing, mainly Roy and Wendy. Junior was going to preschool and he was happy with that.

Ludwig and Lemmy were going to highschool and Lemmy was rolling on his ball.

" I don't think they allow circus balls in school Lemmy" Ludwig said annoyed as Lemmy rolled before him.

" Why not?" Lemmy said.

" Because they are annoying! Now stop rolling infront of me" Ludwig said and continued walking, he hoped that they had a piano in school.

They reached the school and they read their schedule, they weren't in the same class. Lemmy was in class 1B and Ludwig was in 2A. They said good-bye and walked away to their classes.

Ludwig knocked on the door and walked in. There were many other koopa students, guys and girls. Ludwig smiled, he loved school. The teacher introduced him and he was seated and immediately put into the lesson.

Lemmy had his ball with him, he held it under his arm as he knocked on the door and walked in fast, everyone was surprised as he stood there and suddenly said.

" Hi! I'm Lemmy! Nice to meet everyone" everyone looked at him as if he had another head as the teacher introduced himself and the class as Lemmy was practicly bouncing where he stood as he nodded to every word that the teacher was saying. The teacher told him to take a seat. Lemmy laughed and jumped over to an empty seat.

Ludwig was told by his teacher that he should go to the student council to collect his books. He did that and now his hands were full of books and he had gotten a key to his locker. He barely found his locker and he slowly put his books inside, he swore as he dropped a book on the floor. He put the book in the locker and right now he had a 30 minute break, maybe he should go to the library and find a book.....maybe about Ludwig van Beethoven?

He asked some students for direction and they told him which was to go, when he reached the door, it automaticly opened and hit him on his nose because he was standing so close to the door. Ludwig swore and blushed when he saw people looking at him and snickering, this wasn´t turning out to be a good day. He walked inside and went to the desk where a librarian was working. A guy koopa was sitting and typing something on the computer when Ludwig said.

" Excuse me, I need help" the other koopa looked at him and Ludwig blushed, the other koopa was really beautiful. He has bright red hair, green eyes and his teeth are perfect! Not like Ludwig´s where one tooth was stuck out a sore thumb. Ludwig has always been shy about his tooth but the other koopa just smiled and said.

" What kind of help?"

" Uhh....." Ludwig was still blushing, his voice was nice too....enough!! Ludwig cleared his throat " I need to find a book about Ludwig van Beethoven" the other koopa of which Ludwig didn´t know his name stood up and rounded the desk as he walked away, Ludwig followed him as they walked to the music section. The other koopa went through a few books when he took out one and said.

" Here, this is a great book about Ludwig" Ludwig liked the way the other koopa said Ludwig, it sounded sensual and sexy and....STOP IT!!! He scolded himself, stop thinking that. He gave the book to Ludwig who took it and slowly opened the book.

" I just noticed something.....You almost have the same hair as Beethoven" the other koopa said.

Ludwig blushed " It´s because.....It´s stupid" Ludwig´s face was red as a tomato.

" What?" the other koopa said.

" I´m a big fan of Beethoven and I made my hair like his as much as I could and my name is actually Ludwig too, so.....yeah....." he probably thought that Ludwig was the biggest nerd ever.

" That´s so cool!" Ludwig´s head shot up.

" What?" Ludwig stuttered.

" My parents named me Mozart after their favourite musician!" Mozart said. Ludwig blinked and swallowed heavily, his mouth was suddenly too dry, that smile was simply beautiful.

Mozart stretched forward his hand " I´m Mozart....It´s nice to meet you Ludwig" Ludwig smiled and took the outstretched hand and they shook hands. Ludwig borrowed the book and before he walked out of the library, his eye caught Mozart´s. Mozart smiled and waved, Ludwig´s heart thundered in his chest as he waved back and walked out with a goofy smile.

Lemmy was rolling on his ball in the school hallway as he knocked some people down making them scream and swear at him as he grinned. He rolled outside and was practicing his jumps on the ball when he saw someone sitting under a large oak tree, he rolled over there and the other koopa looked at him.

" Hi! I´m Lemmy, who are you?" the other koopa looked at him and said.

" I´m Caldin, who are you?" Lemmy grinned and said.

" I´m Lemmy.....Lemmy Koopa! Why are you sitting here Caldin?"

" Nobody likes me because I´m weird and odd looking"

" How so?"

" Don´t you see? I have black hair, black eyes and a black shell"

" So what?"

" But....I.....Why aren´t you weirded out?"

" Because....It´s normal. I think it´s cool that everyone looks different. I mean.....come on......Look at my hair!" Lemmy grinned as he ran a hand through his rainbow mohawk.

Caldin looked at him confused and gasped when Lemmy took his hand and said.

" Let me teach you how to balance on my ball" Lemmy hopped down from his ball and told Caldin what to do.

The other koopas were confused when they for the first time heard Caldin laughing out loud with Lemmy as he fell off the ball and Lemmy helped him up again. Caldin looked at Lemmy as he easily balanced ontop of the ball, Lemmy sure was weird but cool. Caldin realised something.

Friends were the best thing to have.


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