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My life belongs with you

5 years later

So much had happened in these 5 years. Some things expected and some things unexpected.

In news stands everywhere the news was about king Bowser's death and how Ludwig is the new king of koopaland. King Bowser had been killed by the Mario Bros. When they had assumed that he had raped princess Peach, she had told a lie so that she could take over koopaland but no one knew that Ludwig was so much more intelligent that his own father. He tricked the mushroom kingdom into a carefully planned trap and he had caught princess Peach and without any remorse he had brutally killed her while showing it to the whole mushroom kingdom.

Mario and Luigi had been taken to the dungeon where they had been tortured to death as well. A well deserved punishment in Ludwig's eyes, they had brutally murdered his father who hadn't done anything wrong in years when they suddenly attacked and murdered him.

News also stated that Ludwig was getting married to a certain Mozart. The whole koopaland had mixed feelings about their king being king but no one dared say a word. King Ludwig was a very vicious king who didn't let anyone speak badly about him and his family.

What happend of his family you ask?

Roy and Dave had become great friends, Roy had decided that he did not harbor feelings of love for the smaller koopa but feelings of protection and brothely love. Dave had accepted that and moved on with his life. He had studied to become a male nurse so he could help people, he found helping people gave him a nice feeling. He also found someone who needed love as much as he needed it.

Roy was still looking for that special someone.

Iggy was Ludwig's scientist and inventor. He built the greatest of machines and brewed the best potions, sometimes Ludwig even helped him, remembering the fun times they had.

Larry was Ludwig's trusted spy, even though he was very young. Larry had a great talent of spying and finding people who had been spying on Ludwig himself. Especially several Toad's had tried killing Ludwig as revenge for their precious princess but Larry had found them and reported back to Ludwig who had taken care of them as well.

Morton is...well...he is Morton. Mostly he hangs around Larry to help him with spying but he is not as good as Larry.

Bowser Jr had been furious at Ludwig for taking the crown and becoming king after his father. It was supposed to be him but Ludwig built him a large playroom after that and he hadn't complained anymore.

Wendy had traveled to another country due to not accepting Ludwig as the king of Koopaland. Who would spoil her now?

Who is left? Have we forgotten anyone? Ah yes, we forgot the quirky one Lemmy.

After they had spoke, Lemmy and Caldin had agreed to break up and remain friends. Lemmy wanted someone who didn't lie to him and Caldin had been rude to him when they broke up. Calling him clown and all those words that he didn't have to hear about.

After he went home sad and confused by Caldin's words. He walked slowly to his room thinking about everything that happened, he bumped into someone. He apologized, looked up and fell in love immediately due to the amazing eyes he was looking into. So beautiful, gentle and full of love.

That koopa was Dave who had been walking to Roy's room. He found Lemmy being very cute and petite, immediately getting feelings of protection. Not very long after that they began dating and fell in love. They are still together, living happily together in the castle.

Everyone was very close to eachother and they rarely fought. Only Ludwig's siblings knew how gentle and nice he was to the ones he loved. What the media wrote was completely wrong.

Ludwig was in his bedroom lying in bed waiting for Mozart to come. Since Bowser had died, Mozart had always checked on Bowser Jr who often cried over his father's death.

Ludwig loved Mozart with his heart and soul. He couldn't do anything without Mozart.

The door opened slowly and closed behind him as he tiptoed to the bed and lied down next to Ludwig who immediately pulled him close and inhaled deeply.

"How is he?" he mumbled into Mozart's hair.

"He's fine, he wasn't crying today so that is a good thing" Mozart whispered as he stroked Ludwig's arm around his waist.

"You have no idea how much I love you...How much you mean to me. I would leave this kingdom for you Mozart, you are the most important thing in my life now" Ludwig said while looking deeply into Mozart's bright green eyes while stroking a soft cheek. Mozart smiled gently and pulled Ludwig towards him for a well deserved kiss.

Ludwig moaned and immediately lied ontop of Mozart who spread his thighs asking for something that Ludwig knew immediately.

His fingers trailed down Mozart's stomach, down his thighs, to a slick trembling entrance where he pushed his finger inside.

Mozart moaned softly "I don't need preperation...I'm ready, just fuck me!"

Ludwig groaned, he loved how responsive Mozart was to his touches. He sat back on his knees, lined his cock to the moist entrance and immediately slammed inside. Mozart couldn't hold back the scream of pleasure as Ludwig immediately found his special spot.

Ludwig began a series of hard thrusts directly at Mozart's prostate. Mozart kept screaming out in pleasure, his hips moving back on Ludwig's on their own will.

Ludwig suddenly felt Mozart's entrance clench hard around his cock and warmth spilling between them. "I-I'm sorry, I couldn't..." Mozart mumbled with a blush before Ludwig put a finger on his snout to stop him from continuing.

"You should never be ashamed, on the contrary, I find it sexy that I made you come so fast" Ludwig smirked sexily as he resumed thrusting inside Mozart's slick hole.

Mozart smiled and pulled Ludwig down for a deep tongue kiss where he tasted each inch of Ludwig's delicious mouth. After a couple of hard thrusts, Ludwig stilled above him with a deep grunt as his hips jerked, he coated Mozart's insides with his warm cum. He pulled out and immediately spread Mozart's thighs to see the white cum burst out of his pink hole. He leaned forward and licked the small bubbles of cum that dribbled down Mozart's trembling buttocks. He loved hearing Mozart crying out as he cleaned him out. The entrance suddenly clenched around his tongue as Mozart came again with a hoarse cry of Ludwig's name. Ludwig smirked, he kissed the hole lovingly a last time before sitting up, seeing Mozart's panting form and a new puddle of cum on his stomach.

"Thank you love" Mozart giggled and slapped Ludwig on his head.

"You're welcome...I love you" he kissed Mozart and pulled him close while lying down to sleep.

"I love you too and remember, whatever happens...I will always be at your side"

Ludwig purred and suggled closer to the love of his life, feeling safe and loved.

He would run this kingdom and make it at its best for Mozart and his siblings.

Love was a strong reason for that and he loved them for after all...

He was the king of Koopaland!

The End!

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