The Deal

Rewrite of 3x02. Lucas wonders how he's going to get back on Nathan's good side, let alone get him to go to the beach party after he lost in a game of one on one. Luckily, Nathan offers a deal. M/M

I know I should write the next chapter of Bachelor Party but I wanted to write a new Lathan fic for a change. Set somewhere in early season 3where Nathan and Lucas are still at odds. This serves as a one shot but if there's interest, I could do a follow up.

On another note, I added another chapter to "Work Out," a Clay/Nathan pairing, so please check that out.

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. . . . . .

"You're back." Lucas called out as he approaches the River Court.

Nathan turns to look at him. "Maybe you're just high and seeing things."

Lucas rolls his eyes, he knew this wouldn't be easy. "So I guess you're still pissed at me. which, personally, I think is crap. But you tell me… are we friends?"

Nathan thinks about it for a second. "Tell you what, I'll play you for it. Game to eleven."

He throws the ball at Lucas. "Make it or take it. For our friendship." Nathan smirks.

Lucas frowns, hating his it's come to this but he sighs and walks onto the court. They pause as they get ready. Lucas waits before jumping and trying to shoot the ball but Nathan is too fast and jumps high and grabs it from him before the ball leave's Lucas' hands. Nathan takes a shot and scores. Nathan keeps up the pace, never stopping while Lucas' tries to even catch up with Nathan. Pretty soon the game is 10-3 and Nathan jumps to make the game winning shot.

"Game." Nathan declares as he leaves the ball and walks away. Lucas catches his breath for a second before yelling out. "We're you going?!"

"You lost. Guess that means we're still not friends." Nathan says with a teasing smile and continues to walk away.

Lucas couldn't believe what just happened. He knew he was a little out of shape due to the meds he was taking but he didn't expect Nathan to be that good. He couldn't believe that a year ago, he could care less for Nathan Scott but now things were different. He can't say he blamed his brother for being mad at him, both he and Haley had turned his world upside down but in the end, they only disappointed him.

Later on that evening, there was a beach pre-school party where everyone was hanging out. He knew he shouldn't even bother with Nathan. It felt like they were back to square one, hating each other, well at least Nathan hating him. He'd like to say he was doing this for Haley but that's only part of it. He was doing it for himself. Despite what might happen between him and Haley, he had hoped that he and Nathan could at least be brothers, friends, something. So he did, what he had to do. He left the party.

"How come you're not at the party?" Lucas asked as he stepped onto the River Court.

"How come you're not in the gym?" Nathan took a jab. "You know, that little one-on-one game, that was a joke. And you better get yourself in shape, otherwise you're gonna be completely worthless to me this season. Instead of mostly worthless like you are now. Nathan looked at him disgusted. He dribbled the ball and took another shot.

"I know why you're here, Nathan." Lucas pauses. "Haley's not going away, you know?"

"Dude, for once, could you just mind your own damn business?" He was so sick of Lucas butting in.

"As soon as you forgive her! And try to work things out."

Nathan scoffs.

"She loves you, Nate."

"And is that supposed to make everything OK?"

Lucas takes a second to reply. "Yeah, it is."

"You're an idiot."

Nathan chucks the ball again and makes another shot. Lucas was getting just as annoyed with Nathan. He takes the ball and hurls it at Nathan.

"You know something, Nathan?! I've tried with you! But sometimes, I wonder why I bother!"

"Then don't." Nathan quickly replied.

"Fine I won't." Lucas walks up to his him, mere inches from his face. "You wanna… be a coward? Fine. Stay here and hide! Don't go to the party." Lucas pauses to take a breath. "But if you think I'm gonna let you mistreat Haley, you're wrong. Don't try it for a second, because if you do, I'm gonna hurt ya."

Nathan looks away and shakes his head, knowing full well that Lucas was serious.

"Jackass." Lucas mutters as he starts to walk away.

Nathan watches him go but before Lucas steps completely off the court, "So you want me to go to the beach party huh?"

Lucas shakes his head and turns back to face his brother. "You know I do."

Nathan walks up to him, now it was his turn to be up on his face. "Make me."

"What, you want me to drag you there?" Lucas replies sarcastically. He knew he just threatened Nathan just now but that didn't mean he could go through with his promises. It was clear Nathan spent the summer training and working out and filled out quite a bit. Nathan was already lean before the summer but now it looked like Nathan was still lean but even more cut than before, probably adding 10 pounds of muscle to him. Lucas could try but he knew Nathan would probably kick his ass and then some.

Nathan licks his lips. "Something like that."

"What the hell are you getting at?"

"Why are you here Luke, is it for Haley?" Nathan asked and then thought back to their earlier one on one game. "Or is this for you?"

Lucas takes a second to reply. "Both I guess."

"Well you can leave Haley out of this because it's between me and her. Got that?"

"Fair enough. But Haley's still my best friend and I won't let anyone hurt her, even you."

"Fair enough." Nathan replied back. As much as it annoyed him that Lucas was up on his business, he was at least grateful that he could be there for Haley when he knew he couldn't be there for her, at least now.

"And how serious are you about us being friends again?"

Lucas rolls his eyes. "I know it's probably useless, but yes Nathan I am serious. I want us to be friends."

Nathan smirked. "Ok, prove it."

"Huh?" Lucas was confused. "How?"

"On your knees." Nathan ordered.


"I said on your knees." Nathan grabbed Lucas arm and led them off to the grassy area off the court. He forced Lucas on his knees and supported himself against the picnic table.

"What the hell, Nate?" Lucas protested.

"Open up." Nathan barked as he started to unbutton his shorts and pull down his fly.

"Wait, whoa!" Lucas was about to get up but Nathan forced him back down.

"You said you want us to be friends, well this can be a start.. you know .. friends with benefits and right now I need some benefiting."

"You're fucking insane."

"Or I can bang some freshmen chick? They're a pretty easy lay."

Lucas winced at his words.

"Oh wait no I can't cuz I'm still married and your best friend ruined me for any one else so I need to get my rocks off and your nosey ass is gonna help me." Nathan stated.

Lucas kneeled there, not really believing this was happening.

"Tell you what, after this we can go to beach party." Nathan suggested. "The choice is yours."

Lucas was trying to process everything in. This was wrong, he told himself. Nathan really went off the deep end here but then Nathan leaned over and whispered into his ear. "Come on Luke, don't act like you're not considering it. You know want to." Nathan pulled down his shorts and boxers and his growing cock sprung free.

Lucas gasped, it was still a little limp but it was huge. It was practically the size of his own when he was fully hard. Lucas didn't have time to think as Nathan grabbed the back of his head and forced the giant cock down his throat.

"Yeah, Luke that's it!" Nathan moaned, holding Lucas' head in place as he swayed his hips.

This couldn't be happening, this was wrong, Lucas thought to himself. But he couldn't stop and kept going. He let Nathan hold his face in place while his cock fucked his mouth. Pretty soon, Nathan let go of his grip and Lucas found himself bobbing his head up and down the massive cock.

"Yeah!" Nathan moaned, thankful to have something get him off except his right hand. Seeing Lucas' luscious lips going down on his cock made him even harder. He knew all that Lucas' big mouth was good for something. Nathan knew he was taking a risk but he had a feeling that Lucas would have no problem in complying to his wishes. He'd seen the way Lucas would watch him in the locker room, it was more than just the friendly glance. He was used to people checking him out, girls, guys. In the past he used women, loved the feeling of having some sort of control and power. When Lucas came onto the court earlier, it made him feel good that he still had some power over Lucas. For so long, it was he who felt powerless.

Lucas' breathing was ragged but he couldn't pull his lips away from the giant cock, only able to get a few inches in his mouth. Nathan felt his balls tighten and he started swaying his hips faster while Lucas bobbed his head faster and faster. Lucas grabbed onto Nathan's firm ass for support, squeezing hard on the smooth muscle. Lucas was hard as a rock as well and it only fueled him to keep sucking harder.

"Oh yeah.. that's it.. ahh! Ahhh!" Nathan started to cum, hot spurts started to shoot into the back of Lucas' throat. Lucas' first reaction was to pull away but Nathan's hands kept Lucas' head in place as he shot load after load into the hot mouth. Lucas gagged a bit and swallowed as much as he could, tasting the bitter and warm taste of Nathan's seed.

Finally, Nathan released his grasp and Lucas immediately gasped for air. Nathan too was catching his breath. He pulled his shorts back up and tucked his cock back inside his boxers and started to fasten his belt. Lucas was still kneeling on the ground and he wiped the excess cum of his lips and chin.

Nathan stretched his neck and cracked his fingers.

"Aite, come on, let's go to the party."

Lucas kneeled there, stunned and exhausted. Licking his lips, he could still taste Nathan on him. This might not be so bad, he thought to himself as he got up and followed Nathan.